Governance Documents

Governance Documents from 2021-22

Earlier documents

(all pdfs unless otherwise noted)

Note: Standing Orders (section 2 k) require that most governance documents be reviewed at the Annual PC Meeting in May each year. This review will not necessarily be noted here if little or no change is made)

Asset Register 2021Spreadsheet - Approved 31 March 202182 KB207
Casual Vacancy and Co-option ProcessPaper approved by the Council on 5 March 2013, contents reordered February 201477 KB3397
Code Of ConductCode Of Conduct 2012 (PARISH), Updated March 2017129 KB118
Complaints Procedureapproved 2 July 2013,
with a typo correction approved 2 September 2013
re-approved 1 May 2018, 7 May 2019
39 KB701
CSPC Publication Schemeupdated version approved 3 September 2019254 KB705
Data Protection Policyapproved 8 May 2012,
re-approved with minor amendments 7 May 2013,
re-approved 1 May 2018, 7 May 2019
26 KB607
Employers Liability Certificate 2018Certificate of Employers’ Liability Insurance for 12 months ended 30 September 2019123 KB103
Financial RegulationsApproved 2 May 2017, 1 May 2018, 7 May 2019144 KB275
Media Policyapproved October 2010,
re-approved 8 May 2012, 7 May 2013, 1 May 2018 and 7 May 2019
19 KB628
Planning Portfolio Holder Terms of ReferenceAgreed 4 September 201876 KB158
Register of Members' InterestsPointer to master copy on the Winchester CC website
This link is currently unavailable (last tested 3 May 2019)
104 KB657
Risk Assessment 2018.19 V1Risk assessment and management reviewed and adopted on 5 March 2019227 KB115
Standing OrdersAmended to make the contract value limit in Standing Order 18(c) consistent with Financial Regulations 12.1.b. Approved 2 May 2017, re-approved 1 May 2018, 7 May 2019191 KB285

Audit Documents

Annual Internal Audit 2012approved at PC meeting 4 December 201234 KB438
Annual Internal Audit 2013Performed at the Finance & Admin Committee Meeting 25 November 201330 KB268
Annual Internal Audit 2014Performed at the Finance & Admin Committee Meeting 1 December 201474 KB626
AGAR Accounting Statements 2018.05.01157 KB126
AGAR Annual Governance Statement 2018.05.01175 KB121
Public Rights Notice 2017-18 CSPC28 KB141
Audit Closure Notice.201819 KB117
AGAR Section 3.2018.08.29 HA0068 S3 Redacted74 KB124
AGAR Internal Audit.2018.04.16 (page 3)Redacted247 KB112
AGAR Section 3.2018.08.29 HA0068 S3 Redacted148 KB106
Annual Internal Audit 2019Performed at the Finance & Admin Committee Meeting 5 March 2019191 KB145
Internal Audit Report 2019.04.18Annual Internal Audit Report for the year ended 31 March 2019. Signed by the internal auditor 18 April 2019252 KB110
AGAR Section 2 Accounting Statements 2018-19Approved and signed by the Council 7 May 2019237 KB117
AGAR Section 1 Annual Governance Statement 2018-19Approved and signed by the Council 7 May 2019238 KB115
Agar Section 3 External Auditor HA0068 S3 2019.07.31Certificate signed by the External Auditor 30 July 201989 KB96
Audit Closure Notice 2019Published on 2 August 2019 as required by Sections 20(2) and 25 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 201420 KB98
CSPC Notice Of Public Rights.2020Dated 17 July 202043 KB80
2019-20 AGAR Sec 1&2Annual Governance Statement 2019/20 and Annual Finance Statement 2019/20319 KB77
AGAR Sect 2 Accounting Statements 2019.20Annual Accounting Statement 2019/20 signed and dated 7 July 2020136 KB77
AGAR Sect 1 Annual Governance Statement 2019.20Annual Governance Statement 2019/20 signed and dated 7 July 2020141 KB77
Audit Closure Notice.2020Annual Governance & Accountability Return for the year ended 31 March 2020 Dated 30 November 2020 Published as required by Sections 20(2) and 25 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 201434 KB230
AGAR Sect 3 External Auditor HA0068 29.11.2020External Auditor Report and Certificate for 2019/20. Signed and dated 23 November 2020177 KB70
CSPC AGAR 2020-21Annual Internal Audit Report 2020/21, Annual Governance Statement 2020/21 and Annual Finance Statement 2020/21476 KB65
Exercise Of Public RightsDate of announcement: Wednesday 23rd June 202141 KB70
HA0068 AGAR 2020/21Annual Governance Statement 2020/21 and Annual Finance Statement 2020/21276 KB67
HA0068 S3 External Audit 2020/21External Auditor Report and Certificate for 2020/21. Signed and dated 29 September 2021 162 KB73
Notice Of Conclusion Of Audit 2021Official Notice of conclusion of audit for y/e 31 March 2021. Dated 30 September 202199 KB210

Other Documents

  • Constitution of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Committee (approved 6 March 2012)  as a web page and a pdf
  • Register of Members' Interests: Under the newly adopted Code of Conduct we are required to publish the Register of Members' Interests on our website via a link to the City Council's website. The City Council advised us on 23 January 2012 that the Register of Members Interest forms can be found at
  • Code of Conduct (from 1 July 2012)
    • As reported by NALC,

New laws governing the conduct of elected members in local government came into effect on 1 July 2012: with local (parish and town) councils required to have their own local codes of conduct for their 80,000 councillors.

The code of conduct for local councils must be based on the seven Nolan principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

Internal Audit Notes

Paragraph 2.73 of the March 2014 edition of  Governance & Accountability in Local Councils: A Practitioner’s Guide states that the work of internal audit should be subject to an engagement letter on first appointment by the Council, setting out the terms of the appointment. Engagement terms may include:

  •  Roles and responsibilities
  •  Audit planning
  •  Reporting requirements
  •  Assurance around independence and competence
  •  Access to information, members and officers
  •  Period of engagement
  •  Remuneration and
  •  Any other matters required for the management of the engagement by the council.