Police Support

Police Support

Details of our local Police Community Support Team.

To contact the police:

Hampshire Alerts – Instant crime alerts via text and/or email

www.hampshirealert.co.uk  is a community messaging system which enables you to ask to be sent messages about incidents  in your area.

It’s a free web based system which you can sign up to and choose what information you want to receive and in what format – email, text or phone message – so the ‘alert’ is personal to you.

The alert system is straightforward and you can still receive all the relevant information you require, plus additional information on topics of interest which has previously been unavailable to you.

By using Hampshire Alert you will be one step ahead. You will be notified of relevant information/warning/crime much more quickly, and you won’t miss out on important updates on incidents occurring in your locality.

Hampshire Alert is nothing like Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site. All the information is kept secure and private; you do not need to set up a social page or add pictures.

Once registered, you only need to log into the system to update your details or preferences. Alerts will be sent to your chosen email or phone number.


Anyone can visit the Hampshire Constabulary Facebook page.

Registered Facebook users can “Like” our page and share information for appeals nationwide/ worldwide for incidents/ missing people etc.


@WinchesterCops  is used by your local Neighbourhood Policing Team to let you know what’s happening in your area; Police Beat Surgeries, Police Operations and Community events to name a few.

If you would like help registering for Hampshire Alerts please let me know and I will be more than happy to help.

Kind Regards


PCSO 15075 Michelle Wilkinson