Parish Paths Map

Public Rights of Way, permissive paths and unclassified paths in and near Compton and Shawford

These maps use data – downloaded in August 2021 – from Hampshire County Council’s Public Rights of Way data released under the UK Open Government Licence.

  1.  The definitive description of footpaths in our parish can be downloaded from The County Council’s Definitive map and statement page
    •  as at 19 August 2021 the definitive description has not yet been updated to include the new bridleway Compton and Shawford 506, though it is shown on the definitive map.
  2. You can view the the definitive map of footpaths on the same page.
  3. You cannot rely on the routes on this online map to be absolutely precisely accurate, especially if you zoom in to a high magnification.
  4. if you download the KML files below, you should be able to display them interactively by opening them in Google Earth.
  5. This map shows some Rights of Way in neighbouring parishes which residents might like to explore.
  6. Hover the mouse over or click (accurately) on each path to display information about it.
  7. For more details on the surrounding area, see our Local Rights of Way page which, thanks to, gives the names and details of each right of way in the county.

The following colours are used for the coloured lines:

  • fp = footpath: solid cyan line
  • bw = bridleway: solid magenta line
  • rb = restricted byway: solid green line
  • boat = Byway Open to All Traffic: solid cayenne-coloured line

Click below the map to display

  • permissive bridleways: solid yellow line(not shown on the definitive map because they are permissive and not statutory rights of way)
  • Parish boundary: outlined in red

See Wikipedia Rights of Way for a readable explanation of the differences between footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and permissive paths.

Parish Paths map – Ordnance Survey

Parish Paths Map – using Open Street Maps

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Rights of Way
Permissive Bridleways
Parish Boundary

KML files for download:

CS+Neighbours2021 (313 KB)
Permissive Bridleways Etc (5 KB)