Compton & Shawford Defibrillators

Community Defibrillators 

Compton and Shawford Parish Council have provided three community defibrillators in our local area. They are accessible 24/7 and can be found in the following locations, which have also been shared with the south-central ambulance service. 

Compton - Martins Fields - Red Phone Box

Located next to the Scout Hut on the same side of the road. 

Shawford - Shawford Road - Red Phone Box

Located just under the railway bridge opposite Bridge Lane. 

Shepherds Lane - Jubilee Pavilion Sports Club 

Wall mounted device just outside the main entrance to the pavilion.

Please see the map below for precise locations.

Public access defibrillators are there to be used for someone in cardiac arrest.

It is well worth knowing the nearest location of a public access defibrillator. It may save valuable seconds when ringing the emergency services to report a suspected cardiac arrest. 

In case of an emergency please dial 999. If you do not know where the closest defibrillator is, the ambulance service will be able to direct you, 

For more information, please go to the British Heart Foundation link below.

Locations of defibrillators in Compton & Shawford using Ordnance Survey maps

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Addresses and map references

AddressMap RefWhat3Words
Phone box, Scout Hut,
Martins Fields, Compton,
Winchester SO21 2AZ
Phone box, The Mission Hall,
Station Terrace, Shawford Road,
Shawford, SO21 2BN
Jubilee Sports Pavilion,
Shepherds Lane,
Compton, SO21 2AB

Information leaflets from the Community Heartbeat Trust

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