Parish Magazine

The parish magazine is the best way for you to keep up to date with what’s happening in and around the village – times of Church Services, meetings of all the various village clubs and societies, Fêtes, the Christmas Party, and special events such as the jubilee celebrations.

The Parish Council uses the magazine to tell you about local matters that affect us all – waste recycling changes for example.

An excellent investment at just £10 a calendar year. Make sure you are registered for your copy by contacting the distributor (Christine Schapira), and the magazine will be delivered to your home at the beginning of each month by a splendid group of volunteers spread throughout the village.

There is an introductory offer to new residents to receive a free copy for the remainder of the calendar year during which they move in.

Magazine covers

The front cover pages have been printed in colour since November 2020. Selected Parish Magazine covers above show (left to right)

September 2011 – the annual Compton v Shawford cricket match

August 2021- Marbled White butterfly in a pyramidal orchid at the Yew Hill Nature Reserve

February 2004 – Sports Club chairman Paul Murray accepts a large cheque from the Sport England lottery fund towards the new Jubilee Pavilion

December 2020 – The War Memorial on  Shawford Down on a late autumn afternoon just before Remembrance Sunday

February 2007 – the finale of the biennial Shawford Panto, Puss in Boots. After defeating the OGRE, thanks to Puss, Jack’s decision to use his belt, instead of a ring, has unfortunate consequences during his marriage to the princess.

April 2021 – Spring sunlight on daffodils outside All Saints’ Church, Compton

July 2010 – a visitor to the churchyard