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Asset Register 202182 KB307
Casual Vacancy and Co-option Process77 KB3445
Code Of Conduct129 KB156
Complaints Procedure39 KB726
CSPC Publication Scheme254 KB759
Data Protection Policy26 KB635
Employers Liability Certificate 2018123 KB135
Financial Regulations144 KB300
Media Policy19 KB652
Planning Portfolio Holder Terms of Reference76 KB193
Register of Members' Interests104 KB718
Risk Assessment 2018.19 V1227 KB149
Standing Orders191 KB317
Annual Parish Meeting
APM 2018 Report34 KB201
APM1995 Minutes34 KB788
APM1996 Minutes33 KB836
APM1997 Minutes37 KB655
APM1998 Report15 KB427
APM1999 Minutes33 KB507
APM2000 Minutes20 KB579
APM2001 Minutes50 KB889
APM2002 Minutes32 KB699
APM2003 Minutes35 KB743
APM2004 Minutes110 KB1030
APM2005 Minutes55 KB632
APM2006 Minutes85 KB582
APM2006ChairmansReport43 KB438
APM2007 Minutes41 KB1279
APM2008 Minutes58 KB797
APM2009 Report31 KB576
APM2010 Report80 KB707
APM2011 Report68 KB528
APM2012 Report33 KB696
APM2013 Report31 KB556
APM2014 Report36 KB482
APM2015 Report25 KB544
APM2016 Report55 KB494
APM2017 County Councillor Report29 KB283
APM2017 District Councillor Report50 KB404
APM2017 Report26 KB223
APM2019 Draft Report184 KB163
Parish Plan & VDS
April2007ParishMagWrite Up397 KB293
Compton & Shawford Parish Plan 20082.1 MB1609
Compton & Shawford Parish Plan and VDS questionnaire 188 KB849
Compton & Shawford VDS 20117.0 MB2354
ComptonVillageAppraisalDraft262 KB1071
CS Parish Plan and VDS Committee Minutes461 KB780
CSPC Parish Plan Constitution 2006 10 0983 KB416
CSPCDefraGrantApplication152 KB514
CSPPChildProtectionPolicy19 KB654
Open Day Poster298 KB491
VDS Open Day Agenda14 KB257
Village Design Statement For Compton And Shawford Parish 2019689 KB334
Horticultural Society
2015 Summer Show Letter And Schedules180 KB444
Show Letter And Schedules 2013137 KB602
Show Letter And Schedules 2014117 KB304
Show Letter And Schedules 2016200 KB239
Show Letter And Schedules 2017207 KB227
Show Letter And Schedules 2017YoungPersons99 KB162
Show Letter And Schedules 2018212 KB147
Show Letter And Schedules 2018 Young Persons Section115 KB128
Show Letter And Schedules 2019Main261 KB139
Show Letter And Schedules 2019YoungPersonSection128 KB110
Young Persons' Section82 KB291
Young Persons' Section96 KB556
Young Persons' Section 201695 KB212
Annual archive of earlier minutes
CSPCMinutes2001766 KB920
CSPCMinutes2002748 KB715
CSPCMinutes2003719 KB1083
CSPCMinutes2004725 KB875
CSPCMinutes2005709 KB1204
CSPCMinutes2006646 KB697
CSPCMinutes2007450 KB706
CSPCMinutes2008387 KB1073
CSPCMinutes2009482 KB835
CSPCMinutes2010651 KB798
CSPCMinutes2011359 KB926
CSPCMinutes2012130 KB661
CSPCMinutes2013137 KB690
CSPCMinutes2014131 KB197
CSPCMinutes2015114 KB154
Current Year PC minutes
Minutes 2016-01-1247 KB599
Minutes 2016-03-0152 KB675
Minutes 2016-05-1026 KB357
Minutes 2016-07-0536 KB324
Minutes 2016-09-0629 KB350
Minutes 2016-11-0134 KB274
Minutes 2017-01-1030 KB469
Minutes 2017-03-0732 KB280
Minutes 2017-05-0238 KB378
Minutes 2017-07-1133 KB268
Minutes 2017-09-0539 KB235
Minutes 2017-11-0733 KB228
Minutes 2018-01-0948 KB234
Minutes 2018-03-0641 KB258
Minutes 2018-05-0126 KB199
Minutes 2018-07-0347 KB181
Minutes 2018-09-0426 KB158
Minutes 2018-11-0693 KB184
Minutes 2019-01-08174 KB223
Minutes 2019-03-05100 KB193
Minutes 2019-05-07191 KB178
Minutes 2019-07-0297 KB185
Minutes 2019-09-03121 KB155
Minutes 2019-11-12129 KB162
Minutes 2020-01-07111 KB168
Minutes 2020-03-03250 KB169
Minutes 2020-07-07179 KB143
Minutes 2020-09-01144 KB134
Minutes 2020-11-03142 KB103
Minutes 2021-01-05177 KB132
Minutes 2021-03-02 Draft242 KB131
Minutes 2021-05-18 Draft1.4 MB172
Annual Reports
APM 1998 Annual Report222 KB754
APM 1999 Annual Report205 KB947
APM 2000 Annual Report247 KB779
APM 2002 Annual Report739 KB880
APM 2003 Annual Report2.1 MB839
APM 2004 Annual Report1.1 MB838
APM 2005 Chairmans Report14 KB523
APM 2006 Annual Report1.0 MB655
APM 2007 Annual Report823 KB839
APM 2008 Annual Report1.4 MB718
APM 2009 Annual Report1.2 MB862
APM 2010 Annual Report1.6 MB606
APM 2011 Annual Report1.3 MB901
APM 2012 Annual Report1.6 MB1243
APM 2013 Annual Report1.7 MB1465
APM 2015 Annual Report606 KB885
APM 2017 Annual Report1.3 MB609
APM 2019 Annual Report604 KB249
APM2014 Chair's Letter296 KB794
APM2016 Chair's Report79 KB487
APM2018 Annual Report356 KB233
Shawford Down War Memorial Inscription477 KB1240
Shawford War Memorial IMI Completion report 2014110 KB781
Shawford Wayside Cross IMI Completion report 2014102 KB404
Wayside Cross Rededication Service Sheet November 1994120 KB792
Jubilee Pavilion Sinking Fund Recommendations 2007208 KB541
Notice Of Conclusion Of Audit 2017.08.03178 KB289
Shawford Parish Hall Sinking Fund Recommendations 2006998 KB287
Twyford PPG
Invitation To Dementia Awareness Event 25 June 20141.3 MB517
PPGT Minutes 12 January 201562 KB365
PPGT Minutes 2 March 201562 KB338
PC Meeting Papers
2014-09-02 District Councillors Report34 KB405
2019-07 District Councillors Report55 KB142
2019-07 Hampshire County Council Report June47 KB105
2019-09 District Councillors Report23 KB86
2019-09 Hampshire County Council Report54 KB72
2019-09 Hampshire County Council Report54 KB118
2019-09 Parish Charter Proposal42 KB97
2019-11 District Councillors Report74 KB114
2020-01 County Councillor Report68 KB121
2020-01 District Councillors' Report37 KB137
Sludgeletter1999-09-1340 KB215
SOCCT 2019 AGM Chair's Report44 KB118
CASCA Parish Hall Lease 1999-01-01 (Redacted)276 KB436
Lease Field Plan 2003-04-01699 KB203
Sports Club Lease with Attachments (Redacted)636 KB821
Tennis Club Lease with Attachments (Redacted)56 KB1382
Compton And Shawford FP 12390 KB156
Countryside Landowner Deposits - Briefing Note112 KB242
Ditch Maintenance Poster 2018365 KB158
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Devolution Newsletter November 2015345 KB654
HIOW Devolution Newsletter 10213 KB506
A5 Parish Mag Template 201433 KB728
CoC Mini Guide200782 KB662
Good Councilllor's Guide 2017950 KB318
Good Councillor's Guide 2018818 KB119
Parish Toolkit April 2009508 KB1737
The Code Of Conduct Guide For Members - May 2007138 KB933
The Essential Clerk1.7 MB1170
Shawford Down
Parish Mag Dec 2006 - Shawford Down Conservation199 KB287
Parish Mag Jan 2006 - Shawford Down Proposals215 KB550
Shawford Down Task Programme 2014-5395 KB600
Boundary Commission
CSPC Boundary Review Initial Comments227 KB487
CSPC Parliamentary Constituency Review Final.201676 KB362
CSPC Response To BCE Revised Proposals For The South East Region.2017301 KB184
CSPC response to LGBCE draft recommendations87 KB645
District Ward changes 199924 KB416
Environment Agency
Ground Source Protection Briefing Note December 2015242 KB386
Pavilion Project
Pavilion Information leaflet June 1999145 KB208
Pavilion News Update April 2001172 KB265
Pavilion Planning Permission 1997-10-3085 KB530
Guidance for Parish Council Candidates171 KB425
Nomination pack 2021 parish council election215 KB65
Notice Of Uncontested Election - Compton & Shawford - 202164 KB76
Sport & Leisure
Compton Easter 2017 Football Coaching Application Form 992 KB377
Compton Half Term Flyer and booking form361 KB385
River Itchen Weedcutting 2016226 KB435
SDSGolfDayInfo+InviteForm2017128 KB241
Twyford Waterworks Family Events 2016306 KB216
Parish History
Church History Booklet192 KB1041
Annual Internal Audit 201234 KB466
Annual Internal Audit 201330 KB293
Annual Internal Audit 201474 KB656
Audit 2016
AR2016 RFO Statement Public Rights.2016.05.19 For Web58 KB253
AR2016 Section1.2016.05.19 For Web154 KB228
AR2016 Section2.2016.05.19 For Web219 KB227
Audit Notice (Appendix 5) 201625 KB204
Traffic and Transport
A34 Winnall Rbt Closure184 KB446
Boomtown 2017 Public Information Sheet247 KB344
PC Shawford Parking policy letter13 KB397
Shawford Parking Proposal Site Notice103 KB232
TRO Proposal Shawford Road Plan259 KB242
Audit 2017
2017 Accounting Statement 2017.05.02 Pdf Final Redacted207 KB298
2017 Annual Governance Statement 2017.05.02 Pdf Final Redacted173 KB198
2017 Annual Internal Audit Report.2017.05.10 Final Redacted168 KB154
2017 Annual Return RFO Declaration.207.06.05 Redacted58 KB176
2017 Audit Notice (Appendix 5) 201725 KB153
Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing comment sheet94 KB731
Affordable Rural Housing: A practical guide for parish councils5.8 MB265
CSPC and HARAH Meeting 18 June 201348 KB592
HARAH Compton And Shawford Affordable Housing Report1.4 MB914
Hyde Group Review of Shortlisted Exception Sites in Compton & Shawford April 2013297 KB519
Map of possible sites in Compton472 KB676
Review of the Rural Affordable Housing Study in Compton & Shawford Nov 2012 to Sep 2013118 KB692
Additional Sites Evaluated
Compton Possibly Suitable New Sites429 KB495