2021 District Council Election Results

2021 District Council Election Results

Jan Warwick has been re-elected to Winchester City Council as one of the three councillors for Badger Farm and Oliver’s Battery Ward.

This ward includes the parishes of Compton & Shawford, Otterbourne and Hursley, as well as Oliver’s Battery and Badger Farm.

As a reminder, our local elections run on a four-year cycle. Our three District Councillors have staggered terms, with one of them coming up for election in three successive years. The fourth year of the cycle there are County Council elections but no District elections.

Because of Covid, the 2020 Elections were postponed until 2021 and held together with the elections that would have been held in 2021 anyway.

So Jan was re-elected to her seat on the County Council for another four-year term.

But since the City Council elections should have been held in 2020, her term on the City Council runs until 2024 so will be three years.

This also applies to the Parish Council elections. Since they should have been held in 2020, our recently-elected councillors have terms which will expire in 2024.

Official Notice of District Council Election results