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Shawford Down New Public Path

Shawford Down - Proposal for a BridlewayShawford Down New Public Path

As we reported in August 2019 in Shawford Down Bridleway Proposal, parts of the pathway from Southdown Road to Shawford station had no official status.

With the support of our County Councillor, Jan Warwick, this has now been rectified.

Hampshire County Council has now formally recognised the path and taken responsibility for its maintenance.

The Hampshire (Winchester City no. 22) (Parish of Compton and Shawford) Public Path Creation Order 2019 explanatory statement says:

Part of the route is recorded as a public footpath (Compton and Shawford Footpath 32, running between section A-B). The remaining section provides a link between Shawford Down and Southdown Road (B-C), and has been used by the public for many years. However, it is not currently recorded as a public right of way, and as a result nobody has been responsible for maintaining it.

Hampshire County Council has now confirmed an Order to record the entire route between A-C as a public bridleway, which will create a right of way for cyclists and horse-riders between Shawford road and Southdown Road. The order will also enable the County Council to record the route on the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way, and to take on the responsibility for its maintenance.

It is proposed that in due course, the surface of the route will be upgraded so it is suitable for use by cyclists and horses.


The formal notice is shown below. The map is on the last page.

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