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Recycling Centre Vehicle Registration

Recycling Centre Vehicle RegistrationRecycling Centre Vehicle Registration

Hampshire residents will soon have to register their vehicles before visiting one of Hampshire’s Waste Recycling Centres.

This new system will be introduced some time in 2020, although the date is not yet announced.

How Recycling Centre Vehicle Registration works

  1. If you’re a Hampshire Resident, you’ll need to register your vehicle to be able to use the Hampshire Waste Recycling Centres without charge.
  2. Just visit www.hants.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling/recyclingcentres/vehicle-registration and enter your name, address and vehicle registration. You can do this now.
  3. Then when you visit the Recycling Centre, Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology will tell the centre staff that you are a Hampshire Resident.
  4. You can register up to three vehicles at your address.
  5. When you change your car or move house, you have to re-register.

Questions and Answers

  • I can’t get to the Recycling Centre myself, but my friend (who doesn’t live in Hampshire) takes my waste to the tip for me. Will they have to pay?
  • You can register their vehicle to your address and then they won’t have to pay.


  • I’m not on the internet, so how can I register my vehicle?
  • I couldn’t find out from the online system whether there’s a paper alternative. But the online form is very simple and you may be able to ask a friend or neighbour to fill it in for you.


  • Why are they doing this?
  • Hampshire’s Waste Recycling Centres are funded by its Council Tax payers. The County Council has no obligation to provide a free service to non-residents and this system will allow them to identify and charge non-residents. They are saying that the charge will be £5.


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