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Shawford Down Bridleway Proposal

Shawford Down - Proposal for a BridlewayShawford Down Bridleway Proposal

Your comments, please, by Monday 2 September.

Following a request from Compton and Shawford Parish Council in 2011 to protect an existing, much used but unregistered, footpath that runs from Southdown Road to Shawford Down, the Council has received a proposal from Hampshire County Council’s Countryside Service about the creation of a bridleway at the base of Shawford Down.

Shawford Down is owned by the Hampshire County Council, but there is no registered owner of the section between Shawford Down and Southdown Road. It is proposed that an order should be made by the County Council under Section 26 of the Highways Act 1980 to create bridleway rights over the whole route, as shown as a green dotted line on the attached plan.

The route, which is not currently recorded on the county’s definitive footpath map, has links to other footpaths within the parish. It is variously comprised of a wide gravel track (at the northern end) and an unsurfaced earth path (over the southern part of Shawford Down and running alongside the railway). The proposed bridleway will be of sufficient width to allow the possibility of an upgrade, in the future, for inclusion into a cycle route. (The Countryside Service’s Projects Team is currently exploring options for surface improvements, as part of a wider review of cycling access in the area.)

The Parish Council would welcome parishioners’ views and would be grateful if comments could be submitted to the Clerk () by Monday 2nd September 2019.

David Drake

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