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M27 Overnight Closures and Diversions May 2019

M27 Slip Road Closures Jan-Feb 2019M27 Junction 4-11 Smart Motorway Programme

e-Bulletin – 26 April 2019

M27 Overnight Closures and Diversions May 2019

Emergency Area and Gantry Preparation

We’ll be carrying out foliage removal along the verges next to the M27 between junctions 4 and 8, to create space for new emergency areas, as well as the installation of new gantries. Clearance activities will only be required for one to two nights in each location, and will remove foliage to a maximum distance of 10 meters from the carriageway, which should not interfere with the visual screening of the motorway from any residential property.

As the work may be noisy at times, we have informed the local residents along the route in advance, and will do our best to mitigate disturbance to residents who might be adversely affected.

The work will take place overnight from Wednesday 1 May 2019 until Friday 31 May 2019, between the hours of 9.00pm and 4.30am the next day.

Completing this work safely will require a number of overnight slip road, and link road closures, as detailed below. Diversion routes will be in place during this time, as detailed below.

There will also be a requirement for occasional overnight carriageway lane closures, but at least one lane will be kept open in both directions throughout when possible. We’ll also keep the motorway fully open throughout the day during the works, although there will be a requirement for some hard shoulder closures during this time, as the work proceeds along the route.

Carriageway and Hard Shoulder Preparations

We will also be carrying out works in the carriageway, hard shoulder, and verges, in preparation for the installation of the temporary traffic management between junction 11 and junction 9 of the westbound carriageway.

Some of the hard shoulder preparation works will need to be undertaken during night time lane closures because of their proximity to the carriageway.

Whilst these works may be noisy at times, they will not exceed normal traffic noise levels and we will put in place mitigation measures to protect residents and neighbours who may be adversely affected.

In order to complete this work safely, a full overnight closure of the westbound carriageway will be required on the following date: Tuesday 30 April 2019, M27 junction 11 to junction 9 westbound

Details of the affected junctions and dates are in the bulletin reproduced below:


The dates shown may be subject to change owing to operational requirements, or adverse weather conditions.

Therefore, we would advise road users to plan their journeys in advance by visiting our Traffic England website: www.trafficengland.com or by following our Twitter feed: @HighwaysSEAST.

For more information on the M27 junction 4 to 11 upgrade to smart motorway project, visit the scheme webpage at https://highwaysengland.co.uk/projects/m27-junctions-4-to-11-smart-motorway/

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