PC Meeting Report 6 March 2018

CSPC logo for PC Meeting Report 6 March 2018PC Meeting Report 6 March 2018

Report of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 6 March 2018 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.

County & District Councillors’ Reports

County Councillor Jan Warwick reported that she would be inviting members of the parish and representatives from Compton and Shawford, Otterbourne and Hursley Parish Councils to join a committee that she would be chairing to monitor activity at the Biomass plant. District Councillor Brian Laming noted that Alfred Homes had submitted an appeal against the WCC planning committee’s decision to reject a planning application concerning the development at Smallwood. Since the Parish Council had objected to the application, he hoped that it would be consistent and submit a further objection during the appeal process. In response to question from Councillor Bell, Councillor Warwick advised that the concrete security blocks in Winchester would be replaced by “something more aesthetically pleasing”.

Telephone Kiosks

Councillor Webster reported that, with the assistance of the Shawford Village Residents’ Association (SVRA), the Shawford kiosk had been extensively cleaned. The renovation of the Compton kiosk was also complete. The installation of the defibrillators in both kiosks is expected shortly, following which will begin the final tasks of public awareness, handover and signage.

Highways and Public Transport

During the public session, members of the Shawford Village Residents’ Association (SVRA) expressed concern that the Parish Council had seemed to object to the proposal to introduce parking restrictions in Shawford Lane, Twyford. Councillor Bell, supported by the chairman, Councillor Goulding, explained that the council had not ‘objected’ to the proposal. It had ‘not been supported’ because, to have done so, would have been inconsistent with the council’s policy of seeking a complete solution to the parking problems in Shawford: one that included rail users. It was hoped that discussions between South Western Railways and Walcon would result in increased parking at the station, but much would depend upon the commercial viability of the project.

Councillor Bell was pleased to say that, after considerable effort, Hampshire County Council (HCC) had cleaned out the drains adjacent to the southbound bus shelter in Otterbourne Road by Place Lane. Flooding was no longer a problem. An unpleasant mess in the same bus shelter had also been removed by a WCC contractor. (Again, after considerable effort.)

The council noted Councillor Hunt’s briefing paper on the proposed improvements to the M3, including the junction with the A34. To ensure that parishioners are kept aware of developments, it was agreed that links to the Highways England website should be available on the parish website.

Playing Fields Management

Councillor Wilkinson reported that the November play equipment inspection report had highlighted a ‘moderate risk’ to some items of play equipment. Repairs to the multi-play unit at the MPF had now been completed, at a cost of £765, and new swing seats and chains had been purchased and installed at the QEII Field, at a cost of £1258.76. Both projects had been considered essential, on public safety grounds. When added to the cost of replacing the AstroTurf at the QEII Field, the repairs had resulted in the playing field and play equipment maintenance budget totalling £10,000, in the current financial year.

Trimming the vegetation around the MPF has been completed and mould on the safety surfaces will be removed before the Easter holidays begin. Work to improve the MPF car park drainage should begin in April. The council noted that, once the grant towards the improvements to the MPF car park drainage had been completed, the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) allocation would be fully spent.

The council discussed the amount of the Sports Club’s annual contribution for the next five years, (2018 -2022). It was noted that the council had spent £9091.59 on maintaining the pavilion over the past five years, which, when divided by five, produced an annual contribution figure of £1818.32, to which the cost of servicing the outdoor gymnasium (£220 pa) needed to be added, i.e. a total of £2038.32. The Sports Club had expressed concern about the size of the increase, from the current figure of £1420, but had offered to pay £2000 pa to include the cost of servicing the outdoor gymnasium. Following discussion, the council agreed to accept the Sports Club offer of £2000 pa for the next five years.

Footpaths and Environment

Shrub Clearance on Shawford Down
Shrub Clearance on Shawford Down

The council discussed Councillor Wilkinson’s draft notice, concerning litter at Compton Lock, which was approved with very minor modifications. Councillor Wilkinson reported that scrub clearance and maintenance on Shawford Down, by the Countryside Rangers, was continuing and that the Lengthsman had done an excellent job of clearing vegetation away from the tarmac footpath, from Southdown to the base of Shawford Down.

Finance and Administration

The council noted the financial statement, dated 28 February 2018, and accepted that the budget for the current financial year was likely to be exceeded by around £6000. This was mainly because of essential playing field and play area maintenance. Council reserves were sufficient to meet the sum allocated to the structural, maintenance and play equipment sinking fund and other essential expenditure.

The council discussed the request for a grant, received from Twyford Meads and Berry Meadow Management Committee (TMBMMC). It was noted that the organisation had not fully met the conditions attached to the grant announced at the previous meeting. The chairman undertook to explain to the TMBMMC that the council needed more information on the number of potential funding companies that had been approached, before it could proceed with the proposed grant of £500 towards the restoration of Compton Lock.

The chairman agreed to produce this year’s annual report on the council’s activities and invited councillors to produce contributions by 31 March 2018. The Annual Parish Meeting will take place in Shawford parish hall on Thursday 17 May 2018 at 7.30pm.


Councillor Jordan announced that he had made an appointment with a WCC official to see what support and guidance could be obtained from the city council to assist with updating the Village Design Statement.

It was also agreed that the council should object to the Alfred Homes appeal against the WCC planning committee’s decision to oppose the company’s second Smallwood planning application (17/01964/FUL).

The council discussed the terms of reference for the planning team, led by Councillor Jordan. The chairman asked the team to produce a paper to be circulated to all councillors within two weeks.


The council noted that CASCA’s chairman and treasurer are due to retire in November. It was agreed that this would be a good time to re-assess the relationship between the Parish Council and CASCA. Councillors Southgate and Wilkinson subsequently agreed to liaise with the CASCA committee and to report back with their recommendations at the next meeting on 1 May 2018. The council also agreed that it would be helpful if CASCA published guidance on how to arrange hall bookings on the parish website. Councillor Wilkinson agreed to convey the message to the CASCA committee.

Date and Venue of Next Meeting

7.30pm Tuesday 1 May 2018, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.



David Drake, Clerk

PC Meeting Report 6 March 2018