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Compton Lock and Twyford Meads Project presents:

A Talk by Dr Kathy Stearne

The Myth and Magic of

the Drowner Water Meadows

and their place in the Wessex Landscape

Twyford Parish Hall

on 20th April 2018 at 7.00pm

This talk is part of Twyford Parish Council’s Meads Restoration Project; Kathy is advising on the works and looking further into who built our water meadows and how they were managed.

Kathy is an ecologist as well as a historian; she knows the Twyford meadows well from her time with Natural England.

She has made a special study about the origins and management of water meadows.

She is an experienced lecturer, for instance on Cruise ships.

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For more information about Twyford Meads, see http://twyfordhants.org.uk/village-information/the-meads/
More about Dr. Kathy Stearne : https://www.lecturers.cruises/kathy-stearne