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September 2011

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Highways & Byways

Following Councillor Broomfield’s request to stand down temporarily from the role, it was agreed that Councillor Southgate would take over as Highways Convenor.

Councillor Bell expressed disappointment that Hampshire County Council (HCC) did not have any immediate plans to install a traffic island in Otterbourne Road to enable pedestrians to cross the road safely to, and from, the bus stop near the junction with Shawford Road. The clerk noted that the cost of repairing the bus shelter in Otterbourne Road, which had been vandalised, amounted to £565.40 (not including VAT). A claim for £315.40 had been submitted to the council’s insurers: there being a £250 excess on the policy. He also noted that the resurfacing of Compton Street has been deferred until the week commencing 24 October 2011 (half term). It will take place overnight between the hours of 7.00pm to 7.00am.

Councillor Southgate reported that he had met several residents of Pearson Lane and most seemed willing to accept the WCC suggestion, of double yellow lines along one side of the road, as the best compromise to the problem of congested parking in Shawford. There is now a problem with parking on the road to The Malms, for which HCC is considering several options. He also noted that HCC has advised that, as of 1 October 2011, the price of unmetered energy for street lighting will increase to approximately 9.25 pence per kilowatt/hour. The precise charge (inclusive of the Climate Change Levy) will be announced in due course. This is an increase of 2.012p (22%) over what the Parish Council has been paying for the previous 6 months: prior to that the charge had been 8.344p.

July 2011

Highways & Byways

County Councillor Bailey reported that traffic engineers would prefer the resurfacing of Compton Street to be undertaken at night because that will permit longer shifts [11 hours overnight, 7 hours during the day] and reduce the overall inconvenience to the residents of Compton. The chairman confirmed that Peter Eade, Highways Manager, HCC, had informed her that the work was scheduled to begin on 23 August 2011 and that it will be conducted in three shifts. However, should residents prefer the work to take place during the day, it may need to be extended into a fourth day/shift. The first shift will be particularly noisy, while the old surface is being planed off. Thereafter, there will be bleeping noises, as the surfacing machine reverses along the road. Consultation with local village associations had indicated that the residents were split equally over their preference for day or night time operations. Following discussion, it was agreed that, since they would result in a shorter period of disruption, that night time shifts would be the council’s preferred option. The chairman confirmed that, during the resurfacing of Compton Street, the Parochial Church Council had kindly agreed to the use of Church Field as a temporary car park and that HCC will ensure that emergency vehicles have access at all times. Councillor Southgate undertook to consult the school to see if its car park could also be made available for parking. [The school has subsequently agreed to do so.]

County Councillor Bailey acknowledged the council’s concern about the poor condition of Pearson Lane and agreed to relay its request for kerb stones to be installed along the entire length of the road. She added that, with regard to the proposed reduction in the speed limit along Otterbourne Road, all representations are currently being evaluated by HCC but she could not say how long this process would take. [HCC have subsequently confirmed that a decision is unlikely to be made before the end of July.]

Councillor Southgate reported that, following discussions with the WCC Traffic Manager, it had become clear that the city council would be reluctant to install a Resident’s Parking Scheme in Shawford village. “The area is very rural and very small and these schemes are for larger and more urbanised areas, where the cost of administrating the scheme is covered by the cost of the permits.” WCC would also like to change the white lines around various bends, outside the chapel etc. into legally enforceable double yellows and to create 4/5 bays outside the shops with a parking restriction 10am to 4pm: parking limited to three hours and no return within six. This will form part of a WCC consultation exercise with local residents. Councillor Southgate added that he had conveyed the WCC views to Mark Hegan, chairman, Shawford Village Association and was awaiting a response.

June 2011

Concerns about vandalism at the Compton Street Playing Fields; the proposed closure of Compton Street to enable resurfacing to take place and the posting of legal notices, inviting representations about the proposed 30 mph extension along Otterbourne Road, were the subject of considerable discussion at this month’s meeting.

Highways & Transport

The council discussed Hampshire County Council (HCC)’s proposals to close Compton Street for two to three days in August, to enable the road to be resurfaced during school holidays. It was agreed that County Councillor Bailey should request that HCC Highways make available the option of a continuous working programme (including overnight), since such a programme should help to reduce the period of closure. A meeting has also been arranged for the chairman of the parish council to meet the head of the Hampshire Council Highways Department, to try to alleviate the difficulties that will be caused by the resurfacing programme.

Following a discussion on HCC’s proposed traffic order to extend the existing 30 mph limit in Otterbourne Road, the council adopted the following resolution:

The Parish Council remains concerned about road safety along Otterbourne Road. It is not entirely clear that the proposed speed limit would necessarily produce a better outcome than other safety measures. A fuller study would be welcome.

Councillor Southgate briefed the council on transport issues raised at the Shawford Residents’ Association meeting on 6 June 2011. Most people attending the meeting had been in favour of a residents’ parking system. It was agreed that he should liaise closely with Sara Kendall, Traffic and Transport Engineer, Winchester City Council (WCC), who had recently produced a draft plan, intended to alleviate parking problems in Shawford village.

Councillor Southgate also agreed to seek the views of those attending the forthcoming meeting of the Compton Tenants’ Association on the possible installation of additional street lights in Compton Street and Attwoods Drove. But he added that, following the publication of last month’s parish magazine, he had already received a number of comments from residents opposing such a move.

May 2011

Highways & Transport

Councillor Broomfield advised the council that he would shortly be submitting his parish highways work sheet (providing information on highway related work within the parish requiring attention) to the Hampshire County Council Highways Department. He hoped that, eventually, it could be made available to parishioners, via the council’s web site. Councillor Southgate reported that, following the discussion on parking at the Annual Parish Meeting (APM), he had been invited to attend the Shawford Residents’ Association AGM in early June. He added that he was still pursuing the possibility of installing more street lights in Compton Street and, following a request from a parishioner, additionally in Otterbourne Road. The council agreed that Councillor Southgate should seek the views of residents in both areas (which will be treated as separate entities) through an article in the parish magazine.

April 2011

There was good news for road users at this month’s meeting of the parish council. County Councillor Charlotte Bailey reported that resurfacing of the roads in Martins Fields and Attwoods Drove should begin in April and that Compton Street should be resurfaced, within the first quarter of this financial year. She added that she had made a request that the latter should take place during school holidays.

While this news was very welcome, several councillors expressed concern about the quality of the tarmac used in resurfacing of Otterbourne Road last year. As a consequence, the clerk was tasked with writing to the head of Hampshire County Council Highways Department requesting that a much higher quality tarmac should be applied to Compton Street. [A reply has yet to be received.]


Some concern was expressed by local residents about the construction of the parking area in Attwoods Drove. While the additional parking slots will be much appreciated, the excavated area bears little resemblance to the original plans. District Councillors George Beckett and Eleanor Bell remarked that the contractors will be confined by permanent structures, such as telegraph and lighting poles. As a consequence there might be some minor changes to the original plans.

March 2011


Following a request from a member of the public, Andrew Witt, for improved street lighting in Compton Street, it was agreed that Councillor Southgate would seek the views of the Compton Village and Compton Tenants’ Associations and report back at the next meeting. Mr Witt also wondered whether marked parking bays could be introduced in Attwoods Drove. The council decided that, since construction of more parking spaces in Martins Fields and Attwoods Drove was scheduled to commence before Easter, it would defer any decision until after it had been able to assess the impact of increased parking in the area. [Winchester City Council has since advised me that the work should start in the week commencing 21st March 2011.]

Councillor Southgate advised the council that he was in discussion with householders and the chairman of the Shawford Village Association, with regard to parking problems in Shawford village. He was pleased to announce that a solution had been found to the problem of the station floodlights: the two lights closest to the house are now shaded and these lights, plus two others, are turned off at 9.00pm.

Councillor Broomfield noted that Hampshire County Council (HCC) had agreed to his proposals for a parish works schedule and advised that a senior official, Chris Wilson, had informed him that the installation of kerb stones in Pearson lane had a “reasonably high priority” but funding for such projects was tight! The clerk added that he had met a representative of the Highways Department to discuss the construction of traffic islands to assist pedestrians crossing in Otterbourne Road and had been advised that each one was likely to cost around £20,000.

Councillor Wilkinson wondered whether it would be possible to relocate the grit bin that will be installed on the corner of Pearson Lane and Shawford Road to outside the village hall and another one provided for the corner of Bridge Lane and Shawford Road. Following discussion it was agreed that she should approach the supplier, HCC, direct.

February 2011

Highways, Byways, M3 and Environment Committee

Councillor Broomfield advised the council that he was engaged in producing a parish works schedule and that he would be chasing HCC about the need to install kerb stones in Pearson Lane. He would also be consulting the other parishes about the reliability of the flashing speed light batteries, which seemed to last just 2-3 days. Councillor Evans advised the council that construction of extra parking places in Attwoods Drove and Martins Fields should commence in April.

January 2011

Highways, Byways, M3 and Environment Committee

Councillor Broomfield reported that the meeting with HCC highways officials, Chris Wilson and Neil Broadbent, had gone reasonably well. There was currently no system for submitting a list of local priorities but he hoped that, having now opened up lines of communication, it might be possible to marry HCC and parish priorities. Councillor Broomfield added that his task would be helped by having recently received a map showing the roads for which HCC had responsibility.

Councillor Evans advised the council that agreement had been reached with the residents of Martins Fields and Attwoods Drove for the construction of extra parking places. Construction, which should commence shortly, will be funded jointly by HCC and WCC.

December 2010


The clerk reported the result of the Otterbourne Road survey. 637 survey forms had been delivered of which 392 (62%) had been returned. 406 votes (59%) had been cast in favour of a reduction in the speed limit to 30 mph along Otterbourne Road with 278 (41%) against. The majority in favour of a reduction in the speed limit, from just north of Southdown Road to Poles Lane, was 128. It was agreed that the chairman should advise Hampshire County Council (HCC) accordingly.

County Councillor Bailey expressed disappointment that the promised grit bins had not yet been installed and recommended that the clerk should contact Neville Crisp about replacing the one stolen from Hurdle Way. The meeting with Hampshire County Council highways officials was scheduled for 17 December and, in the preparation for the meeting, she asked Councillor Broomfield to produce a list of “problems”. She added that HCC would fund the provision of extra parking places in Martins Fields and Winchester City Council (WCC) Estates Department those in Attwoods Drove.

During the period when the meeting was suspended to receive comments from the public, Mrs Caffyn drew councillors� attention to the problems encountered by pedestrians, when trying to cross Otterbourne Road. She hoped councillors would pursue her request for traffic islands near Hurdle Way and Shawford Road. In later discussion, the council agreed that the clerk should write to Andy Hickman, Head of Access and Infrastructure, WCC and that Councillor Broomfield, who had earlier accepted the position of Highways convenor, should raise the issue with HCC highways officials at the meeting on 17 December 2010.

November 2010

Highways & Byways

The clerk advised the council that, as at 2 November, 328 households had submitted responses to the Otterbourne Road survey (637 leaflets were distributed). The final count was due on 15 November 2010. The chairman, Councillor Stevens, noted Mrs Caffyn�s comments that, should HCC agree to reduce the speed limit along Otterbourne Road, from just north of Southdown Road to Poles Lane, there would be a potential increase in risk to road users and pedestrians on the approaches to Shepherds Lane and Shawford Road. Councillor Broomfield announced that, when he meets HCC highways engineers in December, he intended to discuss the possibility of using existing road signs as potential sites for the speed light: the next deployment of which will commence on 17 December 2010. Councillor Evans confirmed that WCC had acknowledged the legitimacy of the request for additional parking at Attwoods Drove and Martins Fields. It was now being considered along with similar requests from other parishes.

Councillor Southgate advised the council that South West Trains expects to begin work on the extra parking spaces at Shawford station in November. He requested a �steer� from the council on parking in Shawford and it was agreed that he should consider the option of parking restrictions in the bays outside the shops.

Councillor Campbell-White reported that John Wilkinson, who was continuing to walk the parish footpaths, had expressed concern about �Footpath 3�, which crosses the South East corner of Four Dell Farm. The field has been ploughed and sown recently and, in the process, the footpath route had become hidden. It was agreed that the chairman should write to HCC Rights of Way Department requesting that the issue be investigated. Councillor Campbell-White also announced that he had agreed that Mr Wilkinson should accept an invitation to become a member of the Countryside Access Plan (CAP) Working Group for the Test and Itchen area.

October 2010


The council discussed the proposed draft of the Otterbourne Road speed limit questionnaire (which by the time of the parish magazine�s publication every household on the electoral roll should have received). The chairman, Councillor Una Stevens confirmed that she had received an assurance from Hampshire County Council (HCC) that no action would be taken on the county council�s proposal to reduce the current speed limit of 40mph to 30mph on Otterbourne Road, between Waterworks Road and a point just north of Southdown Road, until the parish council had undertaken a survey of parishioners. To ensure a positive response from electors, it was agreed that each questionnaire, which will be delivered by hand, should be accompanied by a stamped addressed letter with a request that it should be returned by 15 November 2010.

Councillor Walmsley expressed concern about the quality of the resurfacing of Otterbourne Road. Councillor Broomfield agreed. The road was uneven, white lining had not been completed and the use of large stones meant that there were cracks where water could enter and potentially lead to a risk of damage by frost. County Councillor Charlotte Bailey took note and added that she was also aware that HCC had a poor record for cutting back overgrown vegetation along the parish roads and verges. She was very willing to approach County Councillor Kendall about these problems and asked Councillor Broomfield to provide her with a detailed list of those problems. He readily agreed.

Councillor Evans advised the council that she had submitted applications to Winchester City Council (WCC) for the funding of additional parking spaces at Martins Fields and Attwoods Drove. Councillor Bailey advised that the county council was also considering ways to improve parking at both locations and had asked county and district officials to liaise on this matter. She believed that HCC had estimated the cost of improvements at Martins Fields to be �6000 and at Attwoods Drove, �14000. Councillor Beckett suggested that, should it transpire that the cost of the projects was an issue, the parish council could consider allocating some of its capital reserves towards them. The chairman noted that HCC had approved the installation of additional grit boxes in Martins Fields and Attwoods Drove and thanked Councillor Bailey for her efforts in ensuring a successful outcome.

Councillor Southgate reported that, shortly before the meeting, he had received an email from WCC, which indicated that the Principal Planning Officer was no longer raising objections to the South West Trains proposal for additional parking at Shawford station.

September 2010

Otterbourne Road Speed Limit

Following a short discussion, the council agreed upon the following motion:

“Compton and Shawford PC does not consider that a case has been made to reduce to 30mph the current 40mph limit on Otterbourne Road.”

The voting was seven in favour, with one abstention. It was subsequently agreed that the Highways Committee should now consider the options for consulting all parishioners on the proposed reduction in the speed limit along Otterbourne Road, as a matter of some urgency. Councillor Campbell-White agreed to convene a meeting within ten days.

Parking in Martins Fields and Attwoods Drove

Councillor Campbell-White informed the council that Councillor Evans was currently attending a Winchester City Council (WCC) meeting with Compton Tenants Association on proposals to improve parking in Martins Fields and Attwoods Drove. It was hoped that some of the additional £80,000 that had been made available by WCC, for improvements to council property across the District, could be allocated to alleviating parking problems in both locations.

Shawford Station & Concessionary Bus Fares

Councillor Southgate advised the council that South West Trains intended to begin the construction of an extra 15 parking places at Shawford station, shortly. Discussions had also take place with Network Rail about using the garden for further parking but the cost of installing a retaining wall could be prohibitive. He added that Roger Lowman had attended the recent meeting on concessionary bus fares. Hampshire County Council (HCC) will assume responsibility for such fares with effect from 1 April 2011 and there are concerns that the current start time of 0900 may be delayed until 0930.

Discussions between WCC and HCC continue.

Councillor Southgate added that Mr Lowman had suggested that he (Councillor Southgate) should assume the role of the council’s Transport Representative. Mr Lowman would, however continue to provide him with support, when necessary. The council accepted this suggestion and the chairman agreed to write to Mr Lowman thanking him for his past, and continued, support to the parish on transport matters.

Road Maintenance

Councillor Campbell-White expressed disappointment with the performance of the HCC road contractors, Amey. Despite persistent chasing by Councillor Broomfield, overhanging vegetation on the parish’s footpaths and roads, which the Highways Division agreed needed to be trimmed and for which quotes have been obtained, has still not been cut back. He intended to contact Colin Wilson, HCC Highways, to complain. Should he not receive a satisfactory response, he was prepared to write directly to the chairman of HCC, Ken Thornber.

July 2010


Councillor Bailey reported that the resurfacing of Otterbourne Road should begin in September. She understood that engineers would use a ‘smaller type of stone’, which should reduce traffic noise. She also reported that Hampshire County Council had completed its traffic survey of Otterbourne Road and was in the process of drawing up plans to lower the speed limit between Southdown Road and the boundary with Otterbourne, where a 30 mph speed limit is currently in force. The chairman expressed surprise at this announcement because the survey undertaken by Mrs Caffyn, in the autumn of last year, had indicated a majority of parishioners (albeit a small one) in favour of retaining the current speed limit. The council had received assurances that the traffic data would be shared with the Parish Council, which would be allowed to comment before any decisions were taken on the speed limit. The clerk confirmed that this was correct. Following discussion, it was agreed that the clerk should contact HCC Highways Department to request that the traffic data, collected during the review of the speed limit along Otterbourne Road, should be made available to the Parish Council and that it should be allowed to comment, before the detailed consultation process begins.

Councillor Broomfield advised the council that he had encountered considerable problems in activating the flashing speed lights. One socket was in the wrong location, posts were missing and batteries had failed! However he was optimistic that these problems would soon be resolved. He had agreed that the council should meet 1/5th of the cost of the new batteries [�36.20]. (The speed lights are shared with Hursley, Otterbourne, Colden Common and Sparsholt.) Councillor Campbell-White informed the council that, because HCC had installed one of the sockets in the wrong location, he had negotiated a discount of 1/3rd on the cost of the installation. He also commented on Bill Goodyear’s excellent renovation work on the parish notice boards and the BT telephone kiosk: the gold crown on the latter was most impressive.

Councillor Southgate reported that he had had discussions with Councillor Bailey and HCC representatives about the positioning of a recycling bin, and free parking for those parents collecting their children from Compton school, at the South Winchester Park and Ride facility. He had also had discussions with Neil Broadbent, HCC, about widening, and cutting back vegetation on, the footpath from the Park and Ride to Compton.

June 2010

Compton School

Compton School was very high on the agenda for this month�s meeting. It was agreed that, as chairman of the Parish Council, Councillor Stevens would chair the public meeting on Thursday 17 June and that it should begin with a presentation from Hampshire County Council traffic engineers on the proposed road safety measures. The school and representatives of the Compton Village association would then be invited to comment, followed by a general invitation to members of the public. It was accepted that the meeting could be no more than an �airing of views� and that no decisions could be expected, on the night.

Highways and Byways

Councillor Campbell-White announced that Councillor John Broomfield had taken over responsibility for the deployment of the flashing speed lights, which should shortly appear in the parish. The council also agreed that Councillor Mike Southgate would represent the Parish Council in matters concerning the Sparrowgrove & Oakwood Copse Conservation Trust.

John Wilkinson�s first footpath�s report was much appreciated by councillors. The clerk was asked to remind him that, in order to ensure retention of the rights of way, all footpaths within the parish need to be walked within a twelve month period and that each time a path is walked it should be noted in the monthly report.

Councillor Campbell-White also reported that several parishioners had expressed concern about the low level of water in the Itchen Navigation System. The clerk had contacted the Environment Agency and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. Both organisations had responded, indicating that �the Agency�s ecologists are happy with the lower levels but faster flows�.

May 2010

Compton School

Councillor Evans noted that, in her email to Councillor Campbell-White, Councillor Bailey had apologised for not keeping the Parish Council informed about Hampshire County Council�s plans to introduce road safety measures outside the school in Compton Street. It was agreed that the Parish Council should organise, and chair, the public meeting planned for 17 June 2010 to discuss the HCC proposals. The preferred venue was the school hall. The clerk subsequently contacted the headmistress, Allison Driver, who willingly agreed to the use of the hall. The meeting will commence at 7.30pm and Nick Sackley, Highways Engineer, and Karen Walton, Safer Routes to School, will be in attendance and prepared to answer questions. All are most welcome to attend.

Highways and Byways

Councillor Campbell-White confirmed that John Wilkinson was content to assume responsibility for footpaths within the parish. John had agreed to produce reports in advance of each council meeting. Should there be any contentious issues, he will attend the meeting to advise the council accordingly. The clerk mentioned that recently collected data on traffic speeds along Otterbourne Road was being evaluated by traffic engineers: a decision is expected during the summer months. Councillor Campbell-White noted that the installations required for the introduction of flashing speed lights along Otterbourne Road should be installed within the next few days. It is hoped that they will be in operation during the month of June.

April 2010

Compton School: Proposed Safety Measures

The chairman reported that, unfortunately, an HCC traffic engineer had been unable to attend the meeting but, given local concerns, no work on the proposed safety measures outside Compton school would be undertaken until after a public meeting had been arranged. As soon as the date had been agreed, details would be circulated to everyone attending tonight�s meeting.

The chairman�s message about the postponement of the proposed works was well received by many of the people attending. Most recognised that, while the safety of children attending the school was extremely important, so was the protection of the fabric of the village, which was located in a conservation area. Several parishioners, including the chairman, expressed disappointment at the failure of the county council to consult villagers about the proposed works. Examples of the dangers facing children by inconsiderate drivers were voiced but there was also criticism of the behaviour of some parents who, while waiting to collect their children, appeared to park with little regard to traffic restrictions and other road users. The chairman added that this behaviour had been noted by PC Smith in his letter of 5 March 2010 to all parents and carers of children attending the school. (The letter was published in the April edition of the parish magazine.)


The chairman announced that the PFI Lighting initiative commenced on 1 April 2010. Under the terms of the initiative, there would be a programme to replace all the streetlights within the parish but the timescale was uncertain.

Following a request from Mrs Harding, it was agreed that, since it was home to 40 people over sixty and two disabled persons, consideration should be given to the provision of a grit box in Martins Fields. Councillor Evans agreed to produce a map and consult residents over its possible location. A request from Bryan Moss, on behalf of the 17 owners of flats in the Malms, for the provision a grit box was also considered. But, since HCC does not have responsibility for the road, the council believed that, even if one were to be purchased, it was unlikely that the county council would agree to replenish it.

Councillor Stevens reported that the Hampshire Chronicle would be carrying an article on �noise action plans� that require the Highways Agency and the county council to address the issue of road noise more speedily. She intended to use the current election period to maintain pressure on the Highways Agency to resurface the M3, where it passes through the parish. Both parliamentary candidates, Steve Brine and Martin Tod, had expressed support for her initiative.

March 2010

Highways & Byways

Hampshire County Council has given assurances that work to repair the badly damaged edges of some roads in Shawford will begin in April. Councillor Bailey noted that progress towards the installation of flashing speed lights had been delayed because, over the winter months, priority had been given to ‘gritting’ and ‘pothole repairs’. The clerk noted that the Itchen Navigation footpath will be closed for repairs from 13 March 2010 for a period of two months, or until completion of the work, whichever is the sooner. (A detailed map can be found on the parish notice board, opposite Shawford railway station.) The chairman informed the council that Mr John Wilkinson had indicated a willingness to take on responsibility for overseeing the condition of footpaths within the parish.

February 2010

Grit Bins

In the period allowed for members of the public to raise any issues, Mrs Down, Compton Tenants Association, expressed concern about �icy� pavements during recent bouts of ice and snow. The elderly and infirm had encountered severe difficulties when walking. She asked for a grit box to be installed in the area of Godwins Field and Attwoods Drove. The council agreed that those areas that contained a significant number of elderly persons should be given priority in the allocation of grit boxes. However, since these cost �250 a time, parishioners should be aware that not every request for a grit box would be successful. Councillor Beckett also undertook to speak to WCC officials about the provision of grit boxes for the old people�s bungalows. Councillor Caffyn emphasised that the council needed to agree on clear criteria for the provision of grit bins. She believed that such criteria should give priority to those areas of the parish that have a number of elderly and infirm residents. County Councillor Bailey reminded councillors that she was also able to fund some grit boxes from her HCC Devolved Budget grant.

Car Parking at Shawford

Having been invited by the chairman, Councillor Campbell-White, Mr Southgate, Shawford Rail Users Group (SRUG), briefed the council on his recent meeting with Network Rail officials. He had been much encouraged by the response of the officials to parishioners� concerns about the number of cars parked in the vicinity of the station. But any changes to increase parking implemented by either Network Rail or South West Trains would require the imposition of parking restrictions on nearby roads, otherwise the problem will move from the station�s designated car park to adjacent roads.

PC Smith mentioned that the police were very aware of the problem and had recently issued a number of parking tickets. He encouraged people to report incidents of inconsiderate and dangerous parking to the police by using the 101 or 0845 045 45 telephone numbers.

Councillor Beckett added that if a parking permit regime were to be introduced, WCC would be prepared to introduce a traffic management system, which would involve random checks by a traffic warden. But such a system would need to include all car parks, including that at the base of the downs, and be funded from parking charges.

Village Spring Clean

Councillor Caffyn said that it was also time to consider the annual spring clean. She recommended that the council should �Womble� a target, i.e. the downs, the canal and main road, every three months. All agreed. Should you be interested in the position of footpath representative or participating in the Womble�, please let me know.

January 2010


Councillor Charlotte Bailey reports that gritting lorries have been out nearly every day since 17 December and, up to 5 January, had used over 8,000 tonnes of salt, at a cost of �1million. When specifically asked for, some salt bins have been refilled but mostly with either grit or sand, which does not melt ice but gives grip. Following several requests from parishioners, the parish council is looking actively at the provision of more grit boxes in locations that will be satisfactory to all those living in the area. However, before any decision on the siting of these boxes is taken, the local residents’ associations will be consulted.

St Cross Rail Bridge works

As many of you will be aware, Network Rail is upgrading the track from Southampton to Nuneaton to take larger freight container trains. Traffic and through bus routes have been diverted via Bar End or Badger Farm Rd /Romsey Rd. Councillor Eleanor Bell reports that communication before the event from Network Rail was dire and both HCC and WCC could have been more forthcoming. The works compound is on Itchen Farm land next to the bridge and the WCC Environment Team is working closely with the contractors, Carillion, to limit noise nuisance.

Shawford Railway Station

The parish council continues to be concerned about the problems caused by inconsiderate parking in the vicinity of the station and has been in discussion with the Shawford Railway Users Group (SRUG), Network Rail and South West Trains in order to find a long term solution to this problem. In the meantime the parish council and SRUG will shortly be embarking on a leaflet campaign requesting that people parking in the area do so with consideration to other road users.

December 2009

Highways and Byways

Councillor Caffyn noted from Councillor Bailey’s report that she had raised the poor state of the Park View footway with the Highways Department. Councillor Caffyn added that she too had raised this issue with the department, emphasising that it now constituted a health and safety risk.

M3 Resurfacing

Councillor Stevens reported that she had recently received a very disappointing letter from the Highways Agency about the resurfacing of the M3. The Agency maintained that motorway maintenance had nothing to do with noise mitigation. She would be contacting the two main parliamentary candidates in the hope that the prospect of an election might encourage them to provide assistance. She would also be contacting the Hampshire Chronicle to see if the paper would be prepared to run another article. However she had noted the concerns of the Shepherds Down headmistress and would not include a reference to the school in any future articles about the M3.

November 2009

Otterbourne Road Speed Limits and Flashing Signs

Mr Whitford referred to the paper he had submitted to the Council in early October, requesting that the speed limit along Otterbourne Road from Otterbourne to Southdown Road should be reduced to 30 mph. He hoped that the council would support his proposal. Mrs Sylvester raised concerns about the safety of pedestrians, especially children, using Otterbourne Road (from Southdown Road to Compton Street). County Councillor Bailey urged the council to support the proposed HCC review of the speed limit along Otterbourne Road, which is scheduled to take place within this financial year.

Councillor Caffyn noted that, from the leaflets returned and emails received, opinions within the parish were almost equally divided at 51 in favour and 48 against. But there was a significant ‘silent’ majority that had not expressed any opinion. (There are approximately 1300 adults on the electoral roll.) She also noted that, while Mr Whitford had requested a change in the speed limit, his concern related to the stretch of road from Otterbourne to Southdown Road: Mrs Sylvester was concerned about the stretch of road from Southdown Road to Compton Street. In the subsequent discussion, it was agreed that the Parish Council should establish close contact with the Hampshire County Council traffic engineers, who will undertake the scheduled review of the speed limit along Otterbourne Road, and that a request should be made for the review to be undertaken as soon as possible.

Following the meeting, Councillor Caffyn wrote to Hampshire County Council Highways Department and was informed that a speed limit investigation for Otterbourne Road is included in the 2009/2010 fixed annual traffic management programme. Speed limits are set in accordance with County Council policy and Department for Transport criteria, which takes into account many factors that affect a drivers speed choice, such as, the road character, the level of roadside development, the accident history, road safety issues, current traffic speeds, the frequency of junctions and private entrances, and the presence of amenities that attract both motorised and non-motorised highway users. Recommendations for speed limit changes resulting from investigations will require the making of a Traffic Order prior to implementation. This is the legal procedure for changing the way in which drivers may behave on the public highway, and enables enforcement to be carried out. It can be a lengthy legal process and requires consultation to be carried out with local elected representatives, including the Parish Council, and the Police and the public.

The clerk reported that agreement had been reached on a form of words that was acceptable to both HCC and the Council’s insurers, with regard to contract for the flashing speed lights that will be employed along Otterbourne Road in the new year. However, since the initial cost of equipment (�1401.60) was in excess of the budgeted figure of �1000, it was agreed that the excess should be debited to the contingency fund. Councillor Caffyn hoped that, when in place, the signs would help to encourage motorists to maintain the current speed limit.

M3 Resurfacing

On another transport matter, Councillor Stevens reported that she had been in correspondence with the Highways Agency about the resurfacing of the M3 between junctions 10 & 12. In this regard there had been a brief mention of the Council’s endeavours in the Hampshire Chronicle of 29 October. A more extensive article could be expected in the 5th November edition. She was grateful to the parliamentary candidate, Steve Brine, for his active support in the Council’s campaign to obtain a quieter surface for the M3.

Compton Tenants’ Association

District Councillor E Bell reported that she had met members of the Compton Tenants Association in the afternoon. Issues raised included blocked gulleys and rainwater runoff from the Attwoods Drove farm track; complaints by bus drivers over access to the close; damage by turning cars to the lane entrance next to Lane House and dogs in the Play Area. Councillor Caffyn indicated that she would investigate the highways issues and Councillor Millar added that consideration was already being given to posting a notice about the need for dog owners to collect and remove dog waste from the play area.

October 2009

Speed Limits

Councillor Bailey drew councillors’ attention to Mr Whitford’s request for a reduction in the speed limit along Otterbourne Road. HCC would be undertaking a review of the speed limit at some stage in the next few months and she hoped that the Parish Council would be prepared to support a reduction from 40 mph to 30 mph. In the subsequent discussion, opinions were divided. Some parish councillors were in favour of extending the speed limit all the way to Compton Street but others were concerned upon possibility of a negative impact on planning policy, i.e. a lower speed limit resulting in increased development on Compton Down. It was agreed that a decision should be deferred until representatives of the parish’s residents’ associations had been consulted.

M3 Noise

Councillor Stevens informed the Council that she was engaged in correspondence with the Highways Agency, Department for Transport and Mark Oaten MP on the need for the M3 surface to be renewed as a matter of urgency. Recent repairs had resulted in a marked reduction in the level of noise but it was imperative that the entire road system was resurfaced as a matter of urgency. Neither the Highways Agency nor the DfT seemed interested in accelerating the current resurfacing programme. She intended to raise the issue with prospective parliamentary candidates, Steve Brine and Martin Tod, to ensure that M3 resurfacing becomes an ‘election issue’.

Highways and Byways

Councillor Caffyn informed the Council that the terms offered in the HCC Private Finance Initiative Street Lighting agreement were particularly attractive and should result in a reduction in costs on the use and maintenance of the parish’s street lights. It was agreed that the Parish Council should accept the terms offered under the agreement. Councillor Caffyn also reported that essential maintenance on the bus shelters and notice boards was in hand but there was a problem with the lease proposed by HCC for the operation of flashing speed lights within the village. The council’s insurers were not prepared to provide indemnity for the County Council, as the current policy covers the Parish Council’s responsibility, only. The clerk had written to HCC’s legal department highlighting this problem but had not yet received a reply.

September 2009

Highways and Byways

Although not present, Councillor Caffyn had noted in her report that the Rangers are considering several ways of dealing with the increase of Ragwort on Shawford Down. They are testing a spray, but its efficacy is not yet proven. It is likely that the area of the Down most affected will be mown before the return of the cattle. But she has been reliably informed by the Rangers that, contrary to inherited opinion, animals have to eat a considerable amount of the sprayed grass/ragwort before feeling any ill effects.

Discussions have also been taking place with HCC about the construction of a bund on the lower area of Shawford Down opposite the car park. Consideration is being given to leaving enough room between the bund and the road to the Malms for more parking. The chairman, Councillor Campbell-White, indicated that the Parish Council might support this financially but such support would be dependant on the possibility of a small play area being created. HCC seemed very supportive of this suggestion.

Councillor Caffyn also reported that 160 leaflets have been delivered by Steve Whitford, who lives in Grove Road, to houses on Otterbourne Road, Highways, Tilden and Grove roads requesting opinions on the possibility of reducing the speed limit in Otterbourne Road to 30mph.


Speed limits

Councillor Caffyn reported that she had received a request from a resident in Otterbourne Road for the Parish Council to support a campaign to continue the 30 mph limit from Otterbourne into Shawford. Initial inquiries with residents from other areas in the parish had produce mixed results. Based upon previous experience, Councillor Beckett believed that the police would be reluctant to support such a campaign, since the lower speed limit would be difficult to enforce. He suggested that it might be better to ask the police to enforce the current speed limit of 40mph. It was agreed that the Council should be willing in principle to support the campaign to reduce the speed limit but that further evidence of support from local residents should be obtained. In parallel the Clerk should write to Sgt E Port, Twyford Police Station, seeking the co-operation of the police in enforcing the current speed limit. Anyone wishing to join the debate should send their comments to me at clerk(at)comptonshawford-pc.gov.uk or contact Councillor Caffyn direct.

Street Lighting

Councillor Caffyn noted that the Council had received an email about the proposed HCC Street Lighting PFI contract. The project provides that, in general, any lights currently more than 15 years old will be replaced during the first five years of the project. This should ensure that they last for the 25 years of the contract and for at least five years after the end of the contract i.e. until 2039. There should be no direct cost to the Council, if lamps or columns are replaced, as this should be met from a government grant. The annual maintenance cost for each column, included in the project, is estimated at �35-�40, plus the cost of the energy used. The Clerk reported that the cost was very similar to the current budget. Following discussion, it was agreed that the Council should continue to pursue the PFI initiative.

June 2009

Traffic and footpaths

Councillor Caffyn reported that speed light application forms had been submitted to Hampshire County Council and the chairman that the new footpath between the top of the M.P.F. was almost complete.

March 2009

Traffic and Parking

Councillors also discussed the project to provide speed lights within Compton and Shawford and the neighbouring parishes and the recent survey of rail users at Shawford station. It was agreed that temporary speed signs should be sited near the junction with Compton Street, half way down Otterbourne Road, and the approach to Shepherds Lane (by the Wayside Cross). These can be altered, as required. Councillor Caffyn reported that the recent survey of rail users at Shawford railway station had indicated that around 120 passenger journeys are made on week days between 0530 and 0930, a considerable percentage of which are from Colden Common and Twyford. Discussions with Shawford residents had indicated that every one believed the station provided a valuable service to the community and most would prefer the �status quo� to any plans for a large station car park. Following discussion, it was agreed that the railway station is a considerable asset to the parish and that no action should be taken to undermine the facility.

January 2009

Rail User Survey

Councillor Caffyn reported on plans to undertake a survey of rail users and particularly those that park in the vicinity of the railway station. The chairman believed that such a survey would help the Council to have a greater understanding of who used Shawford railway station, and whether parked cars were from the Parish, Twyford, or further afield.

Flashing Speed Signs

Councillor Caffyn also briefed the Council on her meeting with representatives of Twyford, Colden Common, Otterbourne and Hursley Parish Councils on plans to introduce �flashing speed signs� within the five parishes. Decisions upon where the signs should be located needed to be made by early February. Councillors were asked to provide her with suggestions by 28 January.

December 2008

Speed Flashing Light

Councillor Bailey reported that parishes will soon be invited to submit bids for Flashing Speed Signs, which are designed to encourage drivers to keep to the local speed limit. Five parishes, including Compton & Shawford, had expressed an interest in obtaining the lights. It was agreed that Councillor Caffyn would invite representatives of the five parishes to a meeting in early January to decide upon the extent of cooperation and to reach agreement upon where the signs should be situated.

November 2008

Highways and byways

Councillor Caffyn reported that five local parishes had expressed an interest in combining to share a flashing speed light, viz. Otterbourne, Hursley, Twyford, Compton & Shawford and Sparsholt. The main aim of the light will be to encourage drivers to check their speed, when driving on those parish roads subjected to speed limits. It was agreed that the Parish Council should join the other parishes, subject to initial costs not exceeding �1000. Councillor Caffyn added that the chairman, Nick Campbell-White and Councillor George Beckett will be joining her at a meeting with HCC�s Corinne Philips (Road Planning) on 19 November to discuss potential solutions to the parking problems in Shawford. Councillor Caffyn also reported that, accompanied by County Councillor Bailey, she had met Chris Wilson, Hampshire County Council, to discuss the problem of overgrown vegetation within the parish. She was optimistic that those footpaths and pavements affected by overgrown vegetation would soon be cleared.

July 2008

Parking in Shawford

Councillor Caffyn also reported that, because parked cars, mainly left by train users for long periods, were causing a hazard to other road users, serious consideration was being giving to painting white & yellow lines on the road in Pearson Lane, up to the junction with Shawford Road. She had noted that police had recently towed away a vehicle from this area, which had been causing a dangerous obstruction. This comment led to a discussion on police priorities within the parish and it was agreed that ‘inconsiderate parking’ and ‘speeding’ should be given the highest consideration.

April 2008

Spring Clean Week

Councillor Patricia Caffyn reported upon the Village Spring Clean to be held during the week commencing 21st April 2008. Within the Parish Plan Questionnaire, approximately one hundred respondents thought that a Village Spring Clean was a good idea. Accordingly, it is anticipated that this year, at least one hundred people will volunteer to be involved with undertaking the Village Spring Clean. Black sacks, and possibly gloves, will be provided and the collection points will be the Parish Hall, outside the Play Area in Compton Street and just inside the entrance to the Jubilee Pavilion, Shepherds Lane. Posters advertising this event will be put up shortly.

March 2008

Car Parking in Shawford

David Ball HCC Countryside Services reported that car parking at the bottom of the Down by people using Shawford Railway Station continues to be a problem. Cars are being parked on the grass and are causing significant damage to the ground surface. Accordingly, �Dragons Teeth� have been installed to prevent such Car Parking. However, it is appreciated that this will only serve to exasperate the growing Car Parking problem in Shawford Village.

Public Session

During the session open to the Public, there was considerable discussion on the issue of Car Parking in Shawford village. With the improvement of Rail services into and out of Shawford Railway Station, together with the free car parking availability in Shawford, people are being encouraged to drive to Shawford to catch trains, rather than travel to Winchester and incur expensive Car Parking charges. It was considered now to be appropriate for the Parish Council to pursue the possibility of acquiring some of the Land between the road to the Malms and the Railway Station. The purpose of acquiring this land being to construct a Car Park and reduce if not eliminate the Car Parking problem in Shawford Village. It is understood that if such Car Parking has acceptable capacity, then there may be some financial assistance forthcoming from South West Trains. However, it was also noted that if such Car Parking continues to be free of charge, the problem will only re-emerge as more people take advantage of the free Car Parking. The question of managing and charging for this proposed Car Park will have to be addressed in detail before any commitment is made.

Highways and Byways

During the session concerning Highways and Byways, the issue of resurfacing Shepherds Lane was raised. Whilst at the Parish Council meeting held on the 8th January 2008, it was agreed that the Parish Council would not contribute to such resurfacing work as it would create a precedent, the subject was considered again from a different perspective. The decision made on the 8th January was made from the point of view that the Parish Council is not a Highways Authority and is therefore not responsible for roads within the Parish. However, the Parish Council is a property owner, owning property that up until recently fronted that part of Shepherds Lane that is being considered for resurfacing. On this basis, it was considered that the Parish Council could consider contributing �300 towards the resurfacing of Shepherds Lane, in the same manner that other property owners fronting Shepherds Lane are being requested to contribute. On the basis of this distinction, the Parish Council agreed on this occasion to make a contribution of �300 on the clear understanding that such a contribution would not be used as a precedent in future on similar issues.

February 2008

Annual Spring Clean

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn raised the matter of the “Annual Spring Clean”. Feedback from the “Parish Plan Questionnaires” indicates that there is significant interest by Parishioners in continuing this annual event and that there would be many more volunteers than in previous years. Accordingly, Cllr. Caffyn will undertake the arranging of the Annual Spring Clean, to take place during the week commencing 21st April 2008.

January 2008

Highways and Byways

Under the item concerning Highways and Byways, the suggested Parish Council contribution towards the resurfacing of Shepherds Lane was discussed. Shepherds Lane is a private road and it was concluded that the Parish Council could not contribute towards such resurfacing work, as such a contribution would set a precedent should similar work be required on other private roads.

Councillor Patricia Caffyn reported that yet more black sacks of Dog Faeces have been left by the Dog Bins at the bottom of Shawford Down. This continuing problem is of great concern and if the culprits can be identified, action will be taken.

December 2007

Car Parking in Shawford

Considerable discussion on the question of Car Parking in Shawford Village was prompted by an e-mail to the Parish Council from Mr. John Griffith, Chairman of CASCA. With the continuing success of Shawford Railway Station and Shawford Parish Hall, significant problems have been encountered by Residents in respect of Car Parking. Currently the local Residents are deciding whether they want Yellow Lines in order to restrict Car Parking or not. The Parish Council awaits their decision on this matter before taking the matter further.

Closure of Shawford Road

The Parish Council has been advised that Shawford Road will be closed for approximately 12 weeks sometime during the summer of 2008. This is because Shawford Mill Bridge needs rebuilding, and the contractors have therefore been asked to give as much notice of the road closure as is possible.

November 2007

Highways and Byways: Horses

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn continues to pursue the issue of Horses using the Footpaths within the Parish, as Bridleways. To this end, maps of the Parish identifying the Footpaths and Bridleways have been produced and these have been sent to the three Livery Stables in Compton requesting that Horse Riders observe the restrictions on horses. Footpaths can only be used by pedestrians and not horses. In addition, it has been suggested that meetings between the Livery Stables and the Parish Council be arranged where this troublesome matter can be discussed and resolutions determined.

Dog Faeces

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn also advised that yet again, more large black sacks of Dog Faeces have been left by the Dog Bins at the bottom of Shawford Down. It is understood that the quantity is far greater than that expected of a Dog Walker on the Down. This matter is becoming a problem and Mr. David Ball of Countryside Services, Hampshire County Council, will be putting up notices in an endeavour to stop this practice.

October 2007


During the session open for members of the Public to make statement, observations or raise questions, Mrs Clay of Martins Fields raised the matter of Horses and Horse Riders using the Footpaths within the Parish. It is apparent that these Horse Riders are using Footpaths illegally as the Footpaths are not designated as Bridleways and should only be used by pedestrians. In some instances, wire fencing has been cut to enable horses to access the Footpath. Additionally, complaints have been made about significant amounts of Horse Droppings being deposited on the Footpaths together with a degree of intimidation by the horses towards pedestrians. It is understood that there are a number of stables keeping horses within the Parish, from which the offending horses originate.

It was determined that there are two issues that need to be considered in respect of this issue. Firstly, it should be determined whether the stables from which the horses originate have the requisite Planning Permission from Winchester City Council to operate as a “Livery Stable”. Secondly, the matter should be referred to Hampshire County Council as it is their responsibility to manage the Footpath/Bridleway question. Cllr. Patricia Caffyn is currently undertaking investigations into these matters and is expected to report back to the next Parish Council meeting.

Dog Faeces

A request for the provision of Dog Bins in Compton Street had been received. The Clerk was charged with investigating this matter with the Dog Warden, Winchester City Council.

It was reported that the Dog Warden has imposed a �50-00 penalty on the owner of two dogs which have been allowed to run free on Memorial Playing Fields in recent months.

September 2007

Highways and Byways

Councilor Patricia Caffyn reported on various issues, most notably the issue of vandalism within the wooden Bus Shelters. Again, one of the glass panels has been broken. This is an ongoing problem in that the Parish Council keeps having to replace the glass. It was concluded that it would be better not to replace the glass, thereby preventing the vandals from breaking it. Should there be significant complaints from residents over this, then the Parish Council will re-assess the matter

June 2007


A new Notice Board will be ordered for installation opposite the Church in Compton Street. This will allow for the dilapidated Notice Board at the entrance to Compton Street to be removed.


The complaint from a Parishioner concerning the overgrown hedgerows along Compton Street, opposite the Church, had been addressed by Hampshire County Council and the offending hedgerow has now been cut back.

February 2007

Highways and Byways

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn reported on various matters. The refurbishment Project to refurbish the Victorian Jubilee Memorial, which has now been completed, now moves on to the landscaping of the land upon which the memorial stands. Local residents have indicated that only a general cleaning and tidying up of the area is required. Accordingly, this will be pursued with a re-assessment taking place in six months time.

January 2007

Shepherds Lane potholes

District Councillor George Beckett reported on his investigations into the ownership of and responsibility for the eastern end of Shepherds Lane. From the eastern end of Shepherds Lane as far as Croesor and the previous access to the Playing Field (which coincides with the line of Field Way prior to 1969) the properties used to be council houses and as such, it is possible that the council and its successor, the HCC Highways Department, would have been responsible for the maintenance of the road serving those properties. This is still to be established. From the old access to the Playing Field to the junction of Shepherds Lane with the current line of Field Way, the properties were never council-owned. Therefore this stretch of road, where the potholes are the worst, will always have been a private road. The council has neither the responsibility nor the authority to maintain it.

Victorian Jubilee Memorial

Councillor Patricia Caffyn reported on the successful completion of the Victorian Jubilee Memorial in Sawford Village. This project has taken a very long time to complete and Councillor Caffyn was thanked and congratulated for seeing the project through to this point. The issue of landscaping the area around the Memorial is to be addressed at a meeting with local Residents.

Village Spring Clean

The Council agreed that the annual Village Spring Clean Week is a Good Idea: Councillor Caffyn is contacting other organisations and hopes to organise this year’s spring clean in March or early April. Details will be announced in the Parish Magazine.

December 2006

Road signage:

Questions were raised over who is responsible for road signage on Private Roads within the Parish. A recent incident when an ambulance was unable to find an address in a Private Road raised concerns over this matter. Councillor Patricia Caffyn undertook to investigate this matter and report back to the next Parish Council meeting. The question is whether the residents on a Private Road are responsible for erecting the appropriate road signs or not.

November 2006

Highways and Byways

Councillor Patricia Caffyn reported upon Highways and Byways issues, most notably the restoration of the Victorian Jubilee Memorial in Shawford Village. Despite assurances that the work would be commenced last month, the contractor has still not started. Discussions on whether the Parish Council should seek an alternative contractor were discounted due to the belief that the chosen contractor is the best for the job in question. As this project has been going on for a very long time, it was concluded to maintain pressure on the chosen contractor in the hope that work will start very shortly.

Councillor Caffyn advised that she would be obtaining six signs covering the issue of Dog Faeces and the cleaning thereof, which would be made available to any Residents Association which had a need for them.

The Stone War Memorial has again been vandalised by the pulling off and breaking of one of the stone plinths with the inscriptions on. This is considered to be most unfortunate at this time of year, just before Remembrance Sunday. The Clerk was charged with initiating the process of repair.

October 2006

Road works in Otterbourne Road

County Councillor Charlotte Bailey, in addition to her report on the proposed South Winchester Park and Ride facility, reported on the Roadwork’s in Otterbourne Road, the possible installation of a temporary “Speed Indicator” on the Main Road between the Motorway Bridge and entrance to Compton Street, The Itchen Navigation Newsletter and the reorganisation of Hampshire County Council involving the introduction of “Hampshire Action Teams” in replacement of some Committees.

Itchen Navigation

Cllr Tom Threlfall reported upon matters relating to the Itchen Navigation and advised that the Water Voles living there had disappeared due to being killed off by Mink which had been released into the wild.

Bench Seats

The long outstanding issue of refurbishing and repairing the bench seats within the Parish was brought to a conclusion by Cllr. Mary Shaw being requested to get the outstanding works finished as soon as possible.

Victorian Jubilee memorial

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn reported that the refurbishing of the Victorian Jubilee Memorial had still not commenced. Even though the chosen Contractor promised to start this work in the last week of September, no such activity has been in evidence. Further telephone calls to the Contractor have resulted in further assurances. It was concluded that this whole situation has gone on for long enough and if work is not commenced within the next couple of weeks, the whole project will have to be reviewed.

Dog Bins

The requests for Dog Bins along the Itchen Navigation was discussed. Whilst the land upon which such Dog Bins could be located is not owned by the Parish Council, it was concluded that the Parish Council would not want to see the proliferation of such Dog Bins in an area which is a rural environment. Accordingly, the Parish Council would not support the request for Dog Bins along the Itchen Navigation.

September 2006

Road Works on Otterbourne Road

During the session open to the Public for questions and submissions, Mr David Thomas raised the issue of disruption to Residents due to continual Road Works on Otterbourne Road. He enquired as to whether the Parish Council had any influence on the Management of these numerous and disruptive occurrences of digging up the road.

It was pointed out that the Highways Authority at Hampshire County Council give the necessary permissions to the various service providers for such Road Works. Hampshire County Council are not in a position to co-ordinate the activities of these various Service Providers and the Service Providers themselves do not appear to co-ordinate their activities which require the road to be dug up. Unfortunately, Otterbourne Road being the main road, has all the services buried beneath it. Hampshire County Council have to be guided by the Service Provider when granting permission, as to how long a specific piece of work will take. The fact that on occasion there are minimal numbers of workmen undertaking a specific task, and such work appears to cease at 3.30pm each weekday and no work takes place at weekends, seems to be part of the plans submitted to Hampshire County Council when permission is sought to dig up the road. The resultant disruption to Residents appears greater than need be and a greater degree of managing the process appears to be necessary. To this end, County Councillor Charlotte Bailey was requested to relay the views of Residents and the Parish Council to the appropriate Authority within Hampshire County Council. It was noted that the current round of road works is now extended to 9th October 2006, due to technical difficulties encountered.

Parking in Attwoods Drove

During the same open session, Mr. and Mrs. Rickaby raised the matter of Car Parking in Attwoods Drove. Congestion is increasing to such an extent that due to parked cars, emergency vehicles are finding it difficult to access dwellings in the area.

It was considered that part of the problem is caused by the design of the housing where some dwellings do not have a road frontage. Unfortunately, it was conceded that the Parish Council has no power to improve the situation. The installation of “While Lines” will have minimal effect as they are not enforceable. Installation of “Yellow Lines” preventing parking may well make the situation more difficult for the Residents in the Area. Councillor George Beckett, in his capacity as District Councillor, will raise the matter with the Housing Officer at Winchester City Council, but he is not optimistic about a satisfactory outcome.

Itchen navigation

Councillor Tom Threlfall reported on the refurbishment of the “banks” of the Navigation. It is understood that a grant has been obtained and it is also understood that such refurbishment work will extend along the Navigation to Eastleigh.


Councillor Patricia Caffyn reported on numerous issues, but most importantly upon the Parish Council notice boards. It is proposed that the Notice Board at the junction of Shepherds Lane and Field Way will be removed and discarded. The Notice Board at the entrance to Compton Street will be re-sited to a location nearer the Church and School. All other Notice Boards have been refurbished.

Horse Droppings on footpaths

Councillor Caffyn also reported upon the excessive deposits of horse manure which have again appeared on the Footpath between Hurdle Way and Compton Street. Hampshire County Council have again been contacted to clean this Footpath. However, it is now decided that notices will be put up at the beginning and end of the Footpath, advising Horse Riders that if their horses are seen fouling the Footpath, the riders will risk being reported to Hampshire County Council who may take further action.

June 2006

Highways and Byways

Complaints concerning the broken bench seats in Compton street have resulted in the Parish Council in initiating repairs. Whilst not all of these bench seats are owned by the Parish Council, it was agreed that on this occasion the Parish Council would arrange for the repairs for the sake of Public Amenity.

The question was again raised concerning the deposit of horse manure on the footpaths in the Parish. There is very little effective action that the Parish Council can take in respect of this matter. The installation of yet more signs requesting horse riders to clear up after their horses seemed to be inappropriate. Accordingly, it was deemed appropriate to publish another article in the Parish Magazine in order to bring this problem to the attention of horse riders.

May 2006

Victoria Jubilee Memorial

The issue of refurbishing the Victorian Jubilee Memorial in Shawford village continues. Certain problems have arisen over the question of who owns the land upon which the Memorial stands. This is being researched further before any commitment to refurbish can be finalised. An on-site meeting with all interested parties is being held on the 4th May 2006 to discuss the scheme in detail.

March 2006

Village Spring Clean

Councillor Patricia Caffyn reported upon Highways and Byways issues, together with the forthcoming Village Spring Clean. Plastic Bags etc., have been received and it is hoped that there will be a good turn-out for this activity.

February 2006

Refuse Collection changes

District Councillor George Beckett advised that the alternate weekly refuse and recycling collections will be implemented in the whole Parish this Summer.

January 2006

Annual Spring Clean

The annual Spring Clean is planned for March this year. Tricia Caffyn will provide details through the Parish Magazine.

Victoria Jubilee Fountain refurbishment

Due to the significant delay in repairing and refurbishing the Victoria Jubilee Memorial in Shawford Village, it was agreed that the repairs and refurbishment to the structure will proceed starting in May. The cost of this will be funded by surplus funds allocated but not used for this purpose during the current financial year; together with funds budgeted for in the new financial year. The remaining issue of landscaping around the Victorian Jubilee Memorial will progress when grants have been obtained.

December 2005


Cllr. Patricia Caffyn has been disappointed by recent occurrences of Graffiti appearing yet again in the underpass under the M3 motorway. The cleaning of such Graffiti costs the Parish Council significant amounts of money. Cllr. Caffyn is writing an article for the Parish Magazine to detail the course of action that the Parish Council will pursue in future.

November 2005

Parking in Shawford

White lines on the road in Shawford Village to discourage Car Parking have been installed. However, the contractors undertaking this work installed them in the wrong place. This will be corrected shortly. It was noted that the police have recently issued parking tickets on cars parked on the bend of Shawford Road.

October 2005

Victoria Jubilee Memorial

Councillor Patricia Caffyn reported on her difficulty in obtaining the required number of quotations for the refurbishment of the Victorian Jubilee Memorial in Shawford Village. On this one occasion, it was deemed necessary to suspend the Parish Council Financial Regulations, which dictate the need for three quotations. This to facilitate the long overdue refurbishment work at the earliest possible opportunity.

M3 Noise: Shepherds Down School

Councillor Patricia Caffyn advised the meeting that the recent development at Tilden Road has resulted in intolerable noise from the M3 Motorway being reflected back across the motorway and into Shepherds Down School. The issue is being raised with the local Member of Parliament, Mr. Mark Oaten.

September 2005

Traffic: emergency Access

It was reported that problems were recently experienced by the Ambulance Service in accessing a residence off of Attwoods Drove. Some dwellings there are only accessed by footpaths from Attwoods Drove; such entrances to these footpaths being obstructed by closely parked cars. This is obviously a danger to residents and accordingly the Parish Council will raise the matter with the appropriate Highways Authority.

Victoria Jubilee Memorial Fountain

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn reported that it has proven to be impossible to obtain a third quotation, in conformance with financial regulations, for the refurbishment of the Victorian Memorial in Shawford Village. The Finance and Administration Committee will review the situation with a view to suspending the financial regulations on this one occasion in order that this important work may proceed.

July 2005

Parking in Shawford

Councillor P.Caffyn raised various matters in respect of Car Parking in Shawford Village, which will be referred to the appropriate Highways Authority.

June 2005

Highways & Byways

Cllr Patricia Caffyn reported upon the response that had been received from the Countryside Service, Hampshire County Council, in respect of the maintenance and management of Shawford Down. Little, if any, work on keeping the down free from encroaching scrub and grass had been done due to the absence of Budgets and/or funds. It was concluded that this excuse is not acceptable in that Residents fund Hampshire County Council through the Council Tax and as such are entitled to expect Hampshire County Council to Manage those areas for which they are responsible. This argument concerning the lack of Budgets and Funds has been put forward for a number of years and is now no longer accepted. The matter will be escalated within Hampshire County Council.

May 2005

Highways and byways

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn reported that work on resurfacing the Main Road, Shawford, is due to commence 14th May 2005 and is expected to last for some twelve weeks. Due to the nature of the machinery to be used in this work, all busses and heavy goods vehicles will necessarily have to be re-routed to avoid the area. It is anticipated that such re-routing will be via Fairfield Road.

February 2005

Highways and Byways

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn highlighted the problems of damage being caused by contractor’s lorries to the road leading to the Malms development. It was requested that should anybody witness such damage being caused, a record should be kept so that eventual re-instatement of the road can be claimed from the Developer. Cllr. Nick Campbell-White will be documenting the Parish Council’s concerns on this issue to the developer, this to ensure that a record is held on file.

January 2005

Itchen Navigation

The matter of the Itchen Navigation overflowing its banks at the Malms was raised. It is understood that this is caused to a significant extent by the Navigation being overgrow by vegetation. It is the Department of the Environment’s responsibility to cut back such vegetation and Cllr Tom Threlfall will contact them to get the matter rectified and to emphasise the Council’s interest in maintaining a good flow in the navigation.

Victoria Jubilee Memorial

Cllr. Patricia Caffyn reported upon the progress in the project to refurbish the Victorian Jubilee Memorial in Shawford Village. The local residents are now happy with the proposed Tree works, covering the trees currently surrounding the Memorial and this work will now be progressed. A further quotation from an appropriate craftsmen to do the refurbishment work is being sought.

December 2004

Refuse Collection

There was some discussion concerning the alternate week refuse collection scheme, which Winchester City Council is currently piloting in the Southdown area of the Parish. It is understood that the trial scheme is running smoothly and there have been no objections or representations made to the Parish Council by the affected householders. It was commented that should there be any objections or complaints, such representations could be made to the Parish Council for collective representations to be made to Winchester City Council. It was pointed out that any objection or complaint would have to be significant in order for Winchester City Council to change their plans.

Annual Spring Clean

Councillor Patricia Caffyn advised the meeting that the annual Village Spring Clean is due to take place on the 13th March 2005. It is hoped that as many volunteers as possible will take part.

November 2004

Motorway Noise

Whilst discussing County Councillor Ann Bailey’s report on the M3 motorway noise issue, Councillor Patricia Caffyn advised that in her role as Chairman of Governors of Shepherds Down School, she had been in discussion with the Department of Transport about erecting Noise Barriers along the western side of the motorway to protect the School and surrounding fields. The noise from the motorway is a serious problem, especially for autistic children and any support that the Parish Council can give in this respect would be gratefully received. It was pointed out that Noise Barriers on the western side of the motorway would possibly accentuate the noise on the eastern side of the motorway, which would impact the residential areas there. It was felt that an in depth analysis of the effect of noise Barriers would have to be undertaken before the Parish Council could take a position on this specific issue.

Itchen Navigation

Councillor Tom Threlfall reported upon the water levels in the Itchen Navigation. The quoted 60% and 40% distribution of water between the Navigation and the river is understood to be very approximate; as there appears to be no way that accurate distribution can be made. With the advent of the Meads Project, the water in the Navigation is further under threat. It was considered that the Parish Council can do very little on this issue other than continue to make representations to the Department of the Environment and monitor the situation.

October 2004

Itchen Navigation

The matter of the fallen tree in the Itchen Navigation was discussed. It is considered that this matter is not something that the Parish Council should actively address. The local Landowner, in this case the Bridge Hotel, is responsible for the matter and the Parish Council will monitor the situation. It is hoped that the Landowner will do its duty and remove the tree.

Cllr Patricia Caffyn advised the meeting that the appropriate Authorities will be contacted concerning the very low water levels in the Itchen Navigation. The Parish Council was advised that the control of water being diverted to the Itchen Navigation, 60% to the river and 40% to the Navigation, are being monitored at the wrong point.

The recent notification in the Hampshire Chronicle of a Planning Application to discharge treated sewage from the Malms development into the Itchen Navigation caused some concern. The matter is being addressed by the Planning Department, Winchester City Council, and will be monitored by Cllr George Beckett in his capacity as City Councillor.

Bottle Bank

Requests from the Sports Club for the installation of a “Bottle Bank” in the car park at the Jubilee Pavilion are to be researched. Whilst this proposal was welcomed by some members because various Bottle Banks located in local Public House locations had recently been removed and also because of the need to encourage the recycling of waste. However, some members were opposed to the idea because facilities already exist in places such as the Sainsbury Car Park at Badger Farm and because such a facility may increase traffic to and from the Jubilee Pavilion.

May 2004

Public Session – Street Lighting

Mrs. Gillian Webster raised two issues during the session open to the Public; these were the re-instatement of the double yellow lines opposite the Bridge Hotel in Shawford and the question of Street Lighting in Bridge Lane. The Highways Authority had answered the matter of the double yellow lines in that they will be re-instated by the end of the year. With regard to Street Lighting in Bridge Lane, the Parish Council discussed this at length and there was a reluctance to progress the matter on the grounds of Bridge Lane being in a rural area in which Street Lighting is not expected together with reasons of significant initial and ongoing cost.

April 2004

Highways and Byways

During discussions concerning Highways and Byways, there was significant consideration given to the question of Street Lighting in Bridge Lane. This was an issue that had been raised by Mrs. Gillian Webster who had requested the installation of such Street Lighting. It was advocated that Compton and Shawford was essentially a rural area and as such Street Lighting on the scale of urban areas, was not to be expected. However, in order to fully consider this matter, the Clerk was tasked with finding out the appropriate Standards applicable to an area such as Bridge Lane, together with potential costs of installation and ongoing maintenance.

March 2004

Bridge Lane lighting

Discussions were held on the Petition organised by Mrs Gillian Webster for the installation of a Street Lamp in Bridge Lane. Further discussions with Mrs Webster on this issue will have to be undertaken by Councillor Threlfall for reporting back to the next Parish Council meeting.

Refuse Collection pilot scheme

Cllr. C.Simmons advised that there is a meeting on the 6th April 2004 at Winchester City Council, to discuss the proposals to introduce a fortnightly Refuse Collection pilot scheme in various areas early in 2005. One pilot area is the Southdown area of Shawford. District Councillor Charlotte Bailey will be attending and she felt it appropriate that a Parish Councillor should also attend. This is considered to be an important issue that may affect all Parishioners in due course.

February 2004

Bird Scarers

The subject of noise nuisance being caused by Bird Scarers was discussed at length. Enquiries with the Environmental Health Department by Cllr. Celia Simmons had revealed that new legislation concerning such matters is shortly to be introduced. Many complaints on this subject had been received from Parishioners and as a consequence discussions with the farmer concerned will be undertaken.

March 2003

M3 Noise campaign

Cllr. Mrs. Celia Simmons and County Councillor Ann Bailey both reported upon their work in respect of the M3 Noise project. Extensive work has been undertaken by the Committee in preparation of petitions. Additionally, numerous meetings have taken place with experts on this subject in order to compile the most effective action in achieving the aims of this project. It was emphasised that additional voluntary assistance is needed to help in the campaign for a quieter M3 motorway surface in the short term. (See their Spring Newsletter for more details)

Bus shelter – Atwoods Drove

Cllr. Mrs. Celia Simmons also reported that the Parish Council have been successful in their application for a grant from Hampshire County Council, Delegated Fund, for the installation of a new Bus Shelter at the end of Attwoods Drove. The grant obtained is for the sum of �2,600-00, the remainder of the necessary funds being contributed by the Parish Council. Cllr. Simmons will now proceed with discussions with the appropriate authorities and suppliers of a suitable bus shelter.

February 2003

Parking in Compton Street

Cllr. Mrs Celia Simmons reported upon her positive meeting with Mrs Sollom, Head Teacher of Compton Primary School, concerning the issue of Parking in Compton Street. At the start and end of the School day, car parking in Compton Street has become a significant problem, if not a danger. Various proposals were discussed with Mrs. Sollom, including the encouragement of “shared cars”, Children walking to School and the possibility of using the field opposite the School as a short-term car park. These matters will be pursued over the next few months with a view to achieving a satisfactory outcome.

Highways and Byeways

Due to the depositing of horse manure in the sub-way under the M3, Cllr. Simmons had been investigating the appropriateness of horses being allowed to use the sub-way. The sub-way under the M3 is classified as a footpath and therefore horses should not use it. However, the only other route horses can take to get over the M3 motorway would be the bridge. This was considered to be a far greater danger to both the horses and riders. Accordingly, Cllr. Simmons will monitor the situation to establish if horses using the sub-way is a significant problem.

December 2002

Parking in Compton Street

Councillor Simmons also reported that complaints had been received concerning parking in Compton Street by mothers/fathers involved in the morning and evening “School Run”. It is apparent that this street parking is not only creating a dangerous situation, it is causing difficulties to people using Compton Street at those times. Resolutions to this problem previously put forward by the Parish Council met with disapproval. However, views of the School and Parochial Church Council will be sought to establish if such proposals would now be acceptable and therefore pursued.

November 2002

County Councillor’s Report

County Councillor Ann Bailey reported on progress of the M3 noise project, developments proposed in Highways Road, a Waste Training Day and proposals for traffic speed limits in Poles Lane. Some Councillors expressed their objection to the imposition of yet more restrictions such as speed limits in Poles Lane. It was stated that such restriction are seen to be costly and unnecessary. The Parish Council would review the situation once they have received the proposals in writing and comment appropriately as Statutory Consultees.

June 2002

Highways and Byways

Councillor Mrs Celia Simmons reported on her investigations into the matter of providing additional street lighting in Martins Field. It was established that whilst six householders requested additional street lighting, seven householders were against the proposal. Accordingly, as there was no overwhelming majority requesting additional street lighting, the Parish Council consider that the matter should not be taken any further. Councillor Simmons will write to the Tenants Association advising them of the Parish Council’s position on this matter.

May 2002

Highways and Byways

Cllr. Celia Simmons reported on the discussions with Hampshire County Council in connection with the road junction at Shepherds Lane and School Road. It has been agreed that there will be no change in road priorities. However, part of the solution to the safety issues is new white lining, which in itself presents a problem. Hampshire County Council have said that the part of Shepherds Lane in question is a private road, despite the fact that they have been maintaining it. As such they would not be in a position to install white lines. Representations to Hampshire County Council will be made to resolve the question of ownership of this road.

Street Lighting

Cllr. Celia Simmons also reported on the issue of additional Street Lighting in Martins Field. She has received a number of telephone calls from local residents who say that they do not want additional Street Lighting. To resolve this issue, it is proposed to discuss the matter with each and every householder in the immediate vicinity and establish an acceptable way forward.

April 2002

Street Lighting

Discussions concerning Street Lighting took place from which it was agreed that Cllr. Mrs Celia Simmons would pursue the possibility of installing a Street Light in Martins Field with Winchester City Council. The request for Street Lighting in the unlit part of Otterbourne Road was discounted as the need could not be justified on the basis of past road accidents, together with the view that some residents do not want such Street Lighting. Even with a possible 50% grant from Hampshire County Council, there is no way that the resultant huge cost could be met by the Parish Council.

December 2001

Highways and Byways

Councillor Mrs. Celia Simmons reported upon her investigations into the proposal of “walking busses”. It appears that many parents of children attending Compton Primary School are enthusiastic about such a concept. The subject is to be pursued in consultation with the Head Teacher

November 2001

Traffic – Old Shepherds Lane

The proposed change in road priorities at the end of Shepherds Lane, at the junction with the access to Southdown School, was a major topic for discussion. The result of which is that more detailed information is to be sought from Hampshire County Council, particularly on the safety issues. With this information, the Sub-committee will convene a meeting with local Residents and 2 Residents Associations to discuss further the matter and list their objections.

October 2001

M3 Noise

It was reported that the Public Meeting concerning the M3 noise levels is to be held in Otterbourne Parish Hall on Monday 8th November starting at 7.30pm. Mark Oaten, the local Member of Parliament, will be in attendance. All interested parties are invited to attend.

July 2001

County Councillor’s Report

County Councillor Ann Bailey reported on the Sub-committees she now serves on since the recent County Council elections. She also reported on the Southdown School development, indicating that up to fifteen dwelling units are being proposed. Additionally, the access proposals to this development have resulted in a change in priority for the roads at the entrance of Shepherds Down School. This is something that the Parish Council is unhappy about and will be taking up with H.C.C. Roads Department.

Highways, Byways & Environment subcommittee

It was reported that the expected re-surfacing of the pavements in Martins Field have been delayed due to the cable laying by S.E.B., which is slow in achieving completion. Cllr. M.Bell will be contacting S.E.B. with a view to speeding up the cable laying and achieving an early completion and then bring an early resolution to the resurfacing issue promised by Hampshire County Council.

The contentious issue of “bonfires” was raised as a result of a communication from a Parishioner. This is a difficult issue to address, but it is hoped that people would act with consideration for others when intending to light bonfires. The Environmental Health Department, W.C.C., produce leaflets on the issue of bonfires and a supply of these will be obtained.

June 2001

Highways and Byways

Cllr. Simmons, whilst not able to attend the meeting, had submitted a written report in which, amongst other matters, she reported on the failure of Hampshire County Council to honour their commitment to resurface the pavements in Martins Field, Compton. This matter is now being actively pursued by the Parish Council.

May 2001


Arrangements for the “Village Spring Clean” are being prepared by Cllr. C.Simmons. It is envisaged that this exercise will take place in June of this year, volunteers are being sought.

Much discussion was undertaken concerning the question of potential “Travellers” entering and occupying open spaces within the Parish. It was concluded that the Parish Council must be proactive in addressing this potential disruption to the lives of Parishioners.

March 2001

County Councillor’s report:

Although County Councillor Ann Bailey could not attend the meeting, her report detailed her efforts in getting the verges along Otterbourne Road reinstated, subsequent to the recent Cable Laying work. It was generally agreed that the situation had been improved.

Highways and Byeways

Discussions concerning the proposal to reduce the speed limit along Otterbourne Road from 40mph to 30mph resulted in the view that it would be desirable, but un-enforceable.

February 2001

County Councillor’s report

County Councilor Mrs. A.Bailey Reported on the Cable laying that had been set in the length of Otterbourne Road/Main Road, Compton. She had written to the County Surveyor concerning unsatisfactory disruption, rubbish left on the verges, and the overall finished result. She had also had a meeting with the Highways Engineer concerning the new Shepherds Down School access, and had re-emphasised the Parish Council view that access improvement had to be complete before the developers commenced.

December 2000

Highways, Byways, M3 & Environment Sub-committee

Otterbourne parish council will be approached to join the campaign for M3 noise reduction. Useful information on quiet surface was gathered at a meeting with the Kings Worthy City Councillor following a successful campaign to quieten the A34. The notice board review will be finalised in January.

November 2000

Highways, Byways, M3 & Environment Sub-committee

Two replacement notice boards will be put up shortly. Existing positions will be reviewed. Following the recent decision to resurface the A34 passing the Worthys with “quiet surface”, contact will be established to investigate how our “quiet M3” campaign might benefit from their experience. The City and County Councillors are lobbying on our behalf.

October 2000

Highways, Byways, M3 & Environment Sub-committee

The ownership of the Shawford Down car park has been resolved. We are negotiating with the HCC to put up a height restriction to discourage lorry parking, etc. HCC are testing dog fouling prevention at Danebury Ring. If successful, it will be introduced to the Down. It was noted that the Bus Shelters are complete but already vandalised; costings for polycarbonate replacement will be obtained. The previous parish council ordered three new notice boards; this was reduced to two to keep within budget.

September 2000

Highways, Byways, M3 and Environmental Sub-committee

Progress on bus shelters continues. The City Council has agreed to place and maintain a dog bin on Park View. A request has been made for signing on Place Lane to stop inappropriate school run parking. Parish noticeboard replacement will continue.

July 2000

Highways and Byways Sub-committee

Councillor Simmons announced that the new bus shelter opposite the Shepherds Lane bridge should be installed within three to four weeks. The bus shelter outside Shawford Station, which had been requested by the bus company, was not considered necessary.

Councillor Simmons said she would be approaching Winchester City Council requesting speed limit signs along Shepherds Lane and would report back at the next meeting.

June 2000

Councillor Simmons agreed at the meeting to become the convenor of this sub-committee. She said that during the last month she has been having discussions with the Highways Agency concerning the laying of a quiet surface on the M3. The resurfacing of the parish section is not scheduled in the next 5 year plan. Mrs Simmons said she will eventually be putting her concerns in writing to the Agency and would be pleased to hear the views of parishioners. She can be contacted at The Hermitage, Shepherds Lane, Compton or on 01962 712622.