Transport Matters

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July 2011


Councillor Beckett reported that District Councillor Jan Warwick had become Winchester City Council’s representative on the Winchester Air Group. He noted that the increased air traffic associated with the Olympics, especially those travelling to Weymouth, will result in alternative aircraft stacking procedures to the north of Winchester. This might result in less noise over the parish. Should careful monitoring confirm that this is the case, it might be worth considering a formal request that the alternative procedures be implemented on a permanent basis. Councillor Beckett also reported that WCC was about to discuss a proposal that the Hockley Viaduct should be transferred to SUSTRANS, an organisation intent on improving cycle tracks throughout the country. He hoped that, if approved, the Parish Council would be prepared to support the proposal.

February 2011


Councillor Southgate reported that the school was still trying to encourage parents to park more responsibly, when collecting their children. A compromise had been reached on the use of the recently installed flood lighting around Shawford station. Time clocks are now being used on those lights nearest to residential properties and the station lights are being turned off once the last train has departed, shortly after midnight. He has also had discussions with shopkeepers about introducing some form of parking regulations outside the shops in Shawford.

January 2011


Councillor Southgate reported that several local residents had requested that the security lights, recently installed by South West Trains around Shawford station, should be turned off but that others had welcomed the extra security produced by the floodlights. It had been agreed that, until a solution could be found that was acceptable to most residents, the lights would not be used. Councillor Southgate added that he had been informed that Network Rail intended to release part of the station house garden: this would provide up to 20 extra parking spaces.

September 2010

Shawford Station & Concessionary Bus Fares

Councillor Southgate advised the council that South West Trains intended to begin the construction of an extra 15 parking places at Shawford station, shortly. Discussions had also take place with Network Rail about using the garden for further parking but the cost of installing a retaining wall could be prohibitive. He added that Roger Lowman had attended the recent meeting on concessionary bus fares. Hampshire County Council (HCC) will assume responsibility for such fares with effect from 1 April 2011 and there are concerns that the current start time of 0900 may be delayed until 0930.

Discussions between WCC and HCC continue.

Councillor Southgate added that Mr Lowman had suggested that he (Councillor Southgate) should assume the role of the council’s Transport Representative. Mr Lowman would, however continue to provide him with support, when necessary. The council accepted this suggestion and the chairman agreed to write to Mr Lowman thanking him for his past, and continued, support to the parish on transport matters.

December 2007


Under Transport Matters, Councillor Adrian Walmsley reported on the new Train Timetable to be introduced 9th December 2007. The Shawford Rail User Group are putting together an article for publication in the January Parish Magazine outlining the detail of the changes.

February 2006

Station works

Councillor Patricia Caffyn had established the nature of the work currently being undertaken at Shawford Railway station. This work, commissioned by Network Rail, is purely refurbishment of the Station. There will be no extension of the platforms at the moment. The work is likely to take some three months, but is already running one month behind schedule.

January 2006

Shawford Station

It was reported by Councillor Tricia Caffyn that Residents in Shawford had been advised by Network Rail that refurbishment work on Shawford Railway Station is to commence on the 9th January 2006 and last until June 2006. Details are to be established by Councillor Caffyn and these will be published in the Parish Magazine.

January 2005


During the session concerning transport, it was reported that the Bus Service into and out of Compton Village is operating more to the timetable as a result of Complaints made by the Parish Council. No further complaints about this service have been received to-date. With regard to the new timetable for the Trains into and out of Shawford Station, it was reported that there has been some significant improvement. However, it was also requested that should any Parishioner have further complaints, such complaints should be e-mailed to the Shawford Rail User Group at the e-mail address for use in their very constructive dialogue with Southwest Trains.

December 2004

Train timetables

It was reported that new train timetables have been introduced covering trains into and out of Shawford railway station. It was stated that there are significant improvements for the Commuters, but there had also been a reduction in service for Schoolchildren and Students travelling to Winchester. Particularly affected are the Schoolchildren travelling to and from Peter Symonds College. It is understood that due to the change in timetables, such children now have approximately one hour to wait before being able to get a suitable train home. The Parish Council has not been directly involved in negotiations over the new timetable and, to-date, the Parish Council have not received any complaints or representations. However, should the Parish Council receive such representations on this matter, then the Parish Council will be in a position to enter into meaningful and constructive discussions with the appropriate authorities on behalf of the residents of Compton and Shawford and hopefully secure further improvements in service.

September 2004

Transport Representative

The issue of appointing a new Transport Representative, now that Mrs Charlotte Bailey had declined to continue in the role, was discussed. Councillor Jo Ford advised that she knew of two likely candidates and agreed to approach them to establish if either would like to take on the role.

July 2003

Train timetable

Discussions on the reduction in Train Services at Shawford were held; letters to the appropriate Authorities questioning the reductions had been sent. With full explanations for the reduction in services, the Parish Council will pursue the matter further in conjunction with local Action Groups established for this purpose.

December 2002

Transport report

As Transport Representative, Charlotte Bailey reported on the new arrangements for the day-to-day Roads Management whereby the subject has been passed from Hampshire County Council to Winchester City Council. District Councillor Peter Mason expressed his concerns over the effectiveness of this new arrangement, saying that only time will tell.

July 2002

Transport Representative’s report

In her capacity of Transport representative, Charlotte Bailey reported on the Seminar that she had attended which was organised by CPRE, who are putting the Government and local Councils under greater pressure to make changes. Presentations were given on “Traffic Trends”, “Quiet Lanes” Hampshire County Council Transport Policy and “South Coast Multi Modal Study”

April 2002

Transport Representative

Cllr. Mrs C.Simmons reported that Charlotte Bailey had agreed to take on the role of Transport Representative on behalf of the Parish Council. The grateful thanks to Charlotte Bailey for taking on this role, were expressed by the Chairman.

December 2001


Councillor Simmons also reported upon her attendance at the Annual Parish Transport Representatives Meeting, convened by Hampshire County Council. It was pleasing to note that Compton and Shawford are not too badly off, compared to other Parishes, when considering the frequency of Bus Services. However, it was made evident that the Bus Companies have difficulty in recruiting and retaining Bus drivers in the Winchester Area due to the high cost of housing.

May 2001

Transport representative

Cllr. C.Simmons continues to act on a temporary basis as Transport Representative whilst a permanent replacement is found. Any volunteers?

April 2001

Transport Representative’s report

The temporary Transport Representative reported that the planned Hampshire Rail Forum had been cancelled due to a lack of Speakers. This was unfortunate as it is considered within the Parish that the current problems at, and need for increased use of, Shawford Station needs to be raised with the train operator. This issue will be addressed at the forthcoming Annual Parish Meeting.

March 2001

Transport Representative

The Parish Transport Representative’s report resulted in agreement that the Parish Council will donate �100-00 to Eastleigh Borough Council in support of the Sunday Bus Service – Route 29/29a.

January 2001

Transport Representative:

Due to the resignation of the Transport Representative, Councillor Celia Simmons has agreed to take on this role on a temporary basis until a permanent replacement can be found.

September 2000

Parish Transport Representatives Report

Concerning the Real Time Display system at bus stops, the system is unlikely to function in the short term. The Parish Council will ask ROMANSE its intentions, with a view to removing the “gibbets” if the system is not to work.