February 2011 PC Meeting Report

Report of the meeting held on Tuesday 1 February 2011 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.

Annual Parish Meeting

The council confirmed that the Annual Parish Meeting, an open meeting at which councillors will report on activity over the past and coming year, will take place at 7.30pm on Thursday 14 April 2011 in Shawford Village Hall.  Prior to the meeting each household within the parish will receive a copy of the annual report.  Distribution is scheduled for the final week of March.

Police Report

PCSO Cooper reported that there had been four incidents reported to the police in the past month.  These included one burglary from a house in Otterbourne Road during the period 12.00pm – 3.30pm; two reports of criminal damage (a nail found in the tyre of a vehicle parked in Attwoods Drove and vehicle damaged while parked in the Shawford Downs car park) and one suspicious incident of a person banging on the front and rear door of a property in Shawford Road, shortly after midnight.

The chairman reported that the Partners and Communities Together meeting, hosted by Sergeant Hills in Otterbourne Village Hall on 24 January 2011, was well attended. PCSO Cooper announced that the next meeting would be held in Shawford Village Hall in April.

District Councillors’ Reports

Councillor Beckett advised the council that the Liberal Democrats no longer had an absolute majority on Winchester City Council (WCC).  It was now a minority administration. The final budget proposals would not be available until the middle of February but it was expected that most grant funded bodies, e.g. the Theatre Royal and Citizens Advice Bureau, could expect cuts of up to 25%.

Councillor E Bell reported that there would be a meeting of Hampshire County Council (HCC) and WCC case officers, on 8 February 2011, to discuss the latest planning application at Four Dell Farm.  The Regulatory Committee will meet two days later, on 10 February 2011. Councillor Beckett stated that he will attend the latter and will raise objections on behalf of the Parish Council.  Following discussion, it was agreed that, currently, there was little to be gained from accepting the offer from Steven Brine MP to host a meeting of HCC, WCC and Parish Council representatives to discuss future developments at Four Dell Farm.  The chairman offered to write to Mr Brine to thank him for his offer.


The council discussed the planning application for four dwellings at Lundy, Ottebourne Road, and decided that it should object on grounds of over development.

Playing Fields

Councillor Millar advised the council that there was a provision within WCC’s Open Spaces Long Term Strategy Document for the construction of a play area in Shawford. A site had been identified at the base of the downs and she sought approval from the council to take the matter forward. Funding would be provided by the Open Spaces Fund. All agreed.

Councillor Millar also reported that an accommodation had been reached with the parishioner whose vehicle had been in collision with a bench on the Memorial Playing Fields.  She hoped that the bench, which would be relocated to a position nearer the MPF play area, would be repaired by the end of February.  She also confirmed that a letter about the forthcoming rabbit cull had been delivered to all households adjoining the MPF. Authority to shoot had been issued to two named individuals: only .22 air rifles would be used.

Following a discussion on the request for additional cricket nets at the MPF, it was agreed that, once Councillor Millar had received details of the third quote and the amount that the Sports Club was prepared to contribute towards the cost, she should approach the Open Spaces Fund for funding.  There were no objections to a request from the Sports Club for the use of a cricket hut and advertising boards, during the summer months.

Finally Councillor Millar reported that, because the work involved in removing the cherry tree at the MPF had been greater than anticipated, the Playing Fields Committee had decided to forgo the £60 discount on debris removal. This decision had been taken in consultation with the chairman of the Finance and Administration Committee and the clerk.  All work on cutting back overgrown vegetation at the MPF and Compton play area had now been completed.



The council’s footpaths representative, John Wilkinson described his proposals to permit disabled access to some of the parish footpaths, i.e. those in Shepherds Lane, Hurdle Way and the track which joins the two roads/bridle ways and the route from Shawford Down lower car park to Southdown Road.  He also described the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England’s proposed ‘access networks’, which will link various footpaths within the parish.  The council expressed its gratitude for the work undertaken by Mr Wilkinson and agreed that he should take both matters forward with the appropriate organisations.  It also agreed that he should engage with Hampshire County Council (HCC) to see who owns the track adjacent to the railway and behind gardens to the west of Southdown Road, with a view to re-opening the route to walkers.

Highways, Byways, M3 and Environment Committee

Councillor Broomfield advised the council that he was engaged in producing a parish works schedule and that he would be chasing HCC about the need to install kerb stones in Pearson Lane.  He would also be consulting the other parishes about the reliability of the flashing speed light batteries, which seemed to last just 2-3 days. Councillor Evans advised the council that construction of extra parking places in Attwoods Drove and Martins Fields should commence in April.


Councillor Southgate reported that the school was still trying to encourage parents to park more responsibly, when collecting their children.  A compromise had been reached on the use of the recently installed flood lighting around Shawford station. Time clocks are now being used on those lights nearest to residential properties and the station lights are being turned off once the last train has departed, shortly after midnight.  He has also had discussions with shopkeepers about introducing some form of parking regulations outside the shops in Shawford.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The chairman, Councillor Stevens, reported that Shepherds Down School and the WI had already responded positively to the letter about the possibility of organising a joint celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June 2012.  The deadline for replies was 28 February.

Finance and Administration

Following a recommendation from Councillor Walmsley, the council agreed to the appointment of John Murray as the council’s internal auditor for 2010/11.  Following discussion, it was also agreed that the purchase of Royal Wedding mugs for school children would not be an appropriate use of public funds. However the council did agree that the chairman should engage with both local schools about a tree planting programme to be funded by WCC’s Fieldfare Local Action Group. Councillor Beckett advised that the council should allow £60 for each ‘vandal proof’ tree.

Date of the Next Meeting

7.30pm Tuesday 1 March 2011 in the Compton Room, Shawford Village Hall. [The meeting on 5 April 2011 will be in the Reeves Scout Hall Compton.]

David Drake, Clerk