July 2004 PC Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 6th July 2004, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall

The Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr. George Beckett was unable to attend this meeting and had submitted his apologies. The Vice Chairman, Cllr. Adrian Walmsley, therefore chaired the meeting.

Highland Cattle on Shawford Down?

The Countryside Services, Hampshire County Council, who own Shawford Down, gave the Parish Council a presentation concerning the future management of the Down. It is proposed to erect fencing around the northern part of the Down in order to graze Highland Cattle there for two to three months of the year. At risk species include the Chalkhill Blue butterfly, horseshoe vetch and the pyramidal and common spotted orchids. The reasons supporting this proposal are to protect the flora and fauna there in the most environmentally protective way possible. Cutting the grass on the down is considered not to be so effective and environmentally friendly as the grazing of cattle. It should be noted that the grazing of animals on the Down is something that historically has always been done. It is envisaged that by this means, the most effective management of the Down can be achieved.

Whilst this proposal requires a fence to keep the cattle in, the rights of the public to freely roam across the Down will be maintained by the installation of gates and styles in the proposed fencing. The only restrictions would be the need to keep dogs on a leash when inside the cattle enclosure.

These proposals are in the early stages of development and the support of the Parish Council and the Community at large is being sought. Leaflets, questionnaires and public meetings on the issue will be developed in due course. It is hoped that, subsequent to further consultations, work on erecting the required fencing could start in October 2005. Precise details of the size of the proposed enclosure and the location of the fencing are still open to discussion.

Pavilion Update

Cllr. Nick Campbell-White reported that the old Pavilion had at last been demolished and the site cleared. Progress can now be made for the construction of the third Tennis Court and proposals from the Tennis Club can be drawn up.


Cllr. Adrian Walmsley reported that an objection to the latest Planning Application concerning Longacre, Hurdle Way, had been submitted to Winchester City Council. This latest Planning Application was very similar to a previous Application and the reasons for previous refusals appeared not to have been addressed.
Cllr. George Beckett and Cllr Jean Millar reported that they had attended the Winchester District Local Plan Review Public Inquiry and it was understood that the points put to the Inspector by Cllr. Jean Millar were well received.

Cllr. Jean Millar attended the two day public inquiry concerning the development of 24 to 27 dwellings at Mountain Ash, Tilden Road. All of these proposed dwellings are intended to be classified as “affordable housing”. Although the Inspector heard all sides of the argument, it is thought that there is a risk that the Inspector will overturn Winchester City Council’s decision to refuse permission. It is feared that this would create a precedent for high density housing within the Parish.

Cllr. Adrian Walmsley reported that the new Parish Council Planning Committee had met with Winchester City Council Planning Department and received from them a detailed briefing of the Planning process as pursued by Winchester City Council. This had proved most informative and should assist in addressing planning issues in the future.


It was agreed that CASCA be allowed to place an additional notice board on the wall of the Parish Hall, next to the existing Parish Council notice board. It was considered by most Councillors that it is important for the Parish Council to retain a notice board at the Parish Hall.