June 2004 PC Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 15th June 2004, Reeves Scout Hall, Martins Fields, Compton.

Election of officers and committees

Being the Annual Parish Council Meeting, the main issue to be addressed was the election of a Chairman and Officers of the Parish Council for the forthcoming year. Councillor Mr. George Becket was re-elected unanimously as Chairman. Councillor Beckett expressed his appreciation for the support shown him by members during the past two years and undertook to continue the Chairmanship to the best of his abilities for the next one year. He also advised that it would be unlikely that he would be able to continue his Chairmanship for more than one year.

Being the first Parish Council Meeting since the recent Elections, Cllr. George Beckett congratulated those members who were successful in their re-election and welcomed Cllr. Mr. Jeremy Dolphin and Cllr. Mrs. Patricia Caffyn as new Councillors on Compton and Shawford Parish Council.

Cllr. Adrian Walmsley was elected as Vice Chairman, Cllr. Nick Campbell-White continues as Convenor of the Finance and Administration Committee and Cllr Adrian Walmsley takes over as Convenor of the Planning Committee. Cllr. Mary Shaw continues as Convenor of the Playing Fields Management Committee, Cllr. Patricia Caffyn takes over as convenor of the Highways, Byways and Environment Committee and Cllr Tom Threlfall continues with Tree Warden, Footpaths and Compton Lock. Cllr. Tom Threlfall also looks after Tourism and Cllr. Jean Millar together with Cllr. Nick Campbell-White are the Parish Council representatives on the CASCA Management Committee. Cllr. Nick Campbell-White will continue to be the Parish Council’s representative for Winchester District Association of Parish Councils and Cllr. Adrian Walmsley will continue as the Parish Council’s representative on the Sports Club Management Committee.

Public question time

During the session open to members of the Public, Mrs Ros. Pugh, Chairman of the Compton and Shawford Lawn Tennis Club raised the matter of demolition of the Old Sports Pavilion. It was readily agreed that this matter has been significantly delayed and the site was considered now to be a danger in terms of health and safety. Mrs. Pugh was assured that this matter will be addressed with urgency and a date for demolition determined.

Finance and Administration Committee

Other business reported upon was the adoption of the Parish Council’s Risk Management Policy document; this was something that was needed in order to comply with the requirements of the Auditors.

The Clerk reported upon a successful audit of the Parish Council Accounts for the Financial Year 2003/2004 by the Internal Auditor, no problems were identified and no issues need to be specifically addressed by the Parish Council. The Annual Return, together with supporting documents can now be submitted to the Audit Commission for the External Audit process.


On Planning matters, Cllr. Jean Millar reported upon the latest Planning Application concerning the proposed development at Longacre. This will have to be reviewed by the new Planning Committee.

Concerns over the change in Planning Permission implemented by Winchester City Council without reference to the Parish Council or the neighbours at Silkstead Priors, Shepherds Lane, which are apparently to the detriment of the immediate neighbours was discussed. A review of the correspondence on this issue will be undertaken by the new Planning Committee with a view to establishing the way forward on this matter.