September 2004 PC Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 7th September 2004, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall

The Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr. George Beckett welcomed members to the first Parish Council meeting after the summer recess.

Transport Representative

The issue of appointing a new Transport Representative, now that Mrs Charlotte Bailey had declined to continue in the role, was discussed. Councillor Jo Ford advised that she knew of two likely candidates and agreed to approach them to establish if either would like to take on the role.

Jubilee Pavilion

Councillor Nick Campbell-White reported on progress in respect of correcting outstanding issues that have become apparent subsequent to construction of the Jubilee Pavilion. Most, if not all, internal to the building issues have now been corrected, questions of drainage in the shower rooms having to be monitored during the commencement of the football season. External issues are envisaged to be rectified shortly and progress on the Car Park and its extension are to be addressed. Landscaping will be finalised when construction of the third Tennis Court is completed.

Tennis Club Lease

Discussions with the Tennis Club have resulted in a further draft Supplemental Lease being drawn up by the Parish Council’s Solicitor. This, together with the specification for the third Tennis Court, which was approved at this meeting, will enable the Tennis Club to progress the construction of the third Tennis Court.

Election Costs

The Parish Council had received an invoice for £672.86 from Winchester City Council in respect of the recent Election Costs allocated to the Parish Council. As this amount was deemed to be significantly higher than that expected, the Chairman, Councillor George Beckett, had queried the amount with the City Solicitors Office. An explanation had been received and the Parish Council felt they had no option but to pay it.


Councillor Adrian Walmsley reported on various Planning Issues. It was agreed that the Parish Council will speak at the Winchester City Council Planning Committee on the issue of Planning Applications covering development at Longacre, Hurdle Way, and the retrospective Planning Application concerning Kynance, Compton Street. The Parish Council objects to both these Applications. Additionally, the Parish Council will be objecting to the proposed development at Beechcroft, Compton Street.

Councillor Walmsley also commented that it was curious in that the Winchester City Council application to themselves for planning permission at Attwoods Drove has not been accompanied by the usual display of “Orange Notices” advising the public of the development. The Clerk was instructed to establish why this was.

Playing Fields

Councillor Mary Shaw put forward proposals for the installation of a new Children’s slide in the Compton Street Play Area and the provision of Cricket Nets on the Memorial Playing Field. The anticipated cost for these facilities is anticipated to be approximately £8,000-00 and £6,000-00 respectively. It is understood that these costs will be funded by the Open Spaces Fund held by Winchester City Council. The Parish Council approved these proposals and authorised Councillor Shaw to developing her proposals.


Correspondence received from the Chairman of CASCA indicates that difficulty is being experienced in identifying candidates for a new Chairman and Treasurer of CASCA. Councillor George Beckett will be discussing with Mr. Mike Matthews, the current Chairman of CASCA, the content of the jobs in question with a view to assist in identifying suitable candidates.

Shawford Down

General discussion was undertaken on the proposal to graze Highland Cattle on Shawford Down. The information on the proposals put forward by the Countryside Service, Hampshire County Council, was deemed insufficient to make any definite decisions on the subject. Whilst in general terms, the concept of grazing Highland Cattle is seen to be attractive when compared against alternative forms of management of the Down, negative comments received to date would appear to arise from not being fully conversant with all the issues involved. Further details of the proposal are being sought, primarily in respect of the proposed fencing and its permanence together with the possibility of only committing to a Trial Period. Additionally, it is apparent that a wider public consultation will necessarily have to be held in order for all interested parties to gain a detailed understanding of the proposal.