July 2002 PC Meeting Report

Report on the July Meeting
Tuesday 2nd July 2002 Shawford Parish Hall

City Councillors’ report

District Councillor Charlotte Bailey reported on behalf of herself and District Councillor Peter Mason on meetings covering the Winchester District Local Plan, the M3 noise project and preparation of a Newsletter on the issue, various planning issues and the Bar End Park and Ride. District Councillor Peter Mason spoke on the subject of Recycling and the need to raise the profile of the issue.

Transport Representative’s report

In her capacity of Transport representative, Charlotte Bailey reported on the Seminar that she had attended which was organised by CPRE, who are putting the Government and local Councils under greater pressure to make changes. Presentations were given on “Traffic Trends”, “Quiet Lanes” Hampshire County Council Transport Policy and “South Coast Multi Modal Study”.


Cllr. Tom Threlfall reported on Footpaths and advised the meeting that Mrs. Liz Giles, Hampshire County Council Rights of Way Officer, had informed him that a work-plan for repairs to Footpaths in the Parish was in hand.

Finance and Admin committee

In preparation for the new “Lighter Touch Audit” regime being imposed by the Audit Commission, Cllr. Nick Campbell-White submitted the Parish Council Accounts for the Financial year 2001/2 for adoption by the Parish Council. The Parish Council unanimously approved these accounts.

Cllr. Campbell-White also reported upon the Audit Commission Proposals, which are to result in the new “Lighter Touch Audit” regime. Preliminary investigations indicate that as a result of these new requirements, it is likely that Audit costs to the Parish Council will significantly increase and the degree of advice and guidance given to the Parish Council significantly decrease. Due to the lateness of receiving the directives from the Audit Commission, it was decided to write to the Audit Commission advising that it may not be possible to comply with their timescales and at the same time seek further guidance from HAPTC.

The issue of the Sports Club Licence, which is to be put in place to cover the New Pavilion, was discussed at length. It was considered essential that an acceptable agreement must be reached with the Sports Club before any contracts for the building of the New Pavilion are signed. Failure to reach such agreement will raise questions over the justification for building a New Pavilion.


Extensive discussion took place over the question of Planning and the interpretation of Government Planning Policy by Winchester City Council. The new guidelines, encapsulated within PPG3, appear to supercede the previous criteria of EN1. Whilst it is accepted that circumstances change in respect of development and the need for housing, such change must be in sympathy with the area in which development is proposed and must be in keeping with the character of that environment. The need to achieve certain Targets by high density development of so called brownfield sites (gardens), is causing many Parishioners considerable concern. The Parish Council will pursue a policy that maintains credibility with the Planners and acknowledges changes in housing requirements, but at the same time endeavour to maintain the character of the Parish and the interests of the Parishioners.

Jubilee Celebrations

Resultant from the very successful Jubilee Celebrations, a modest surplus of funds has arisen. The Jubilee Celebration Committee have suggested the purchase and installation of two public Bench Seats to act a permanent commemoration of the Queens Golden Jubilee. The Chairman, Cllr. George Beckett will discuss this very kind offer with the Jubilee celebration Committee.

War Memorial Vandalism

Cllr. Nick Campbell-White reported on two incidents of vandalism to the stone War Memorial on Shawford Down. It appears that somebody has tried to remove the stone tablet bearing the names of those killed in the Second World War. All that has been achieved is the breaking of the stone, not to mention the desecration of the memories of those who gave their lives. The police have been informed.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on 3rd September 2002, there being no meeting during the month of August.