May 2002 PC Meeting Report

Report on the May Meeting
Tuesday 7 May 2002 Shawford Parish Hall

Annual Election of Chairman and committees

Being the Annual Parish Council Meeting, it was the duty of the Parish Council to elect a new Chairman, Officers and Members of Committees and Representatives of the Parish Council. To this end, Cllr George Beckett was elected Chairman of the Parish Council; Cllr. Nick Campbell-White elected Convenor of the Finance and Administration Committee, Cllr. Martin Bell elected Convenor of the Planning Committee and Cllr. Adrian Walmsley elected as the Sports Club Representative. All other positions remain as for the previous year.

On taking the Chair, Cllr. George Beckett thanked the Parish Council for giving him their unanimous support in his taking on the task ahead. He also wished it to be recorded that the Parish Council expressed their gratitude to Cllr. Nick Campbell-White for being Chairman for the last three years.

District Councillors

With the recent changes in District Councillor representation, Compton and Shawford have two District Councillors on Winchester City Council. As a result, this was seen as an opportunity to engage District Councillor Peter Mason as a representative of the Parish Council and to put the Parish Council’s views to Winchester City Council on matters relating to Planning. The Chairman will be writing to District Councillor Peter Mason in this regard as issues relating to Planning are assuming an ever-increasing importance to the Parish.

Finance and Admin Committee

Cllr. George Beckett reported on the extended Tennis Club Lease being produced by the Parish Council’s Solicitors, White and Bowker. A draft document has been received and distributed for comment.

Jubilee celebrations

Plans for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, to be held on the Memorial Playing Field, are proceeding well. It is understood that all tickets have sold out.

Memorial Playing Field Committee

Cllr. Mary Shaw reported that the new Children’s Play Equipment in the Compton Street Play Area is currently being installed.

Cllr Mary Shaw also reported upon her investigations concerning the proposed Landscaping/Screening of the Tennis Courts subsequent to their being resurfaced. This issue is causing some problems as agreement on the solution, acceptable to all parties, is proving to be difficult. Cllr. Shaw will continue with discussions.

Highways and Byways

Cllr. Celia Simmons reported on the discussions with Hampshire County Council in connection with the road junction at Shepherds Lane and School Road. It has been agreed that there will be no change in road priorities. However, part of the solution to the safety issues is new white lining, which in itself presents a problem. Hampshire County Council have said that the part of Shepherds Lane in question is a private road, despite the fact that they have been maintaining it. As such they would not be in a position to install white lines. Representations to Hampshire County Council will be made to resolve the question of ownership of this road.

Street Lighting

Cllr. Celia Simmons also reported on the issue of additional Street Lighting in Martins Field. She has received a number of telephone calls from local residents who say that they do not want additional Street Lighting. To resolve this issue, it is proposed to discuss the matter with each and every householder in the immediate vicinity and establish an acceptable way forward.

Annual Parish Assembly

A review of the Annual Parish Assembly resulted in a favourable opinion being expressed by all Councillors. The content of the Keynote Speaker, Mr. Steve Opacic of Winchester City Council, was considered informative. The Planning policy, however, expressed by Mr Opacic was questioned. The following in every case of Central Government guidelines in preference to following existing Local Plans, which have the backing of law, is something that the Parish Council will have to strongly resist. Representations to Winchester City Council on this issue will be made.

Parish Council meeting June 2002

In view of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations falling on the first Tuesday of June, the next Parish Council meeting has been moved, exceptionally, to Thursday 6th June 2002.