New Pavilion Committee

May 2002

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The council decided not to continue the New Pavilion committee. Progress on the new pavilion project will be reported under Paul Murray’s Pavilion Building Committee. The Finance Committee will deal with expenditure and leases.

April 2002

See report of Finance and Admin subcommittee

February 2002

New Pavilion subcommittee

Councillor Adrian Walmsley reported on progress of the New Pavilion Project. The necessary Planning Permission application had been submitted to Winchester City Council, Planning Department. As part of a Fund Raising activity, an Auction of Promises is to take place on the 23rd of February in Shawford Village Hall. The required 75 auction items had already been committed and promised to be an entertaining and well-supported event. Tickets are still available.

Discussion took place on the question of escalating costs of the New Pavilion Project and the (supposedly) increased funding that may be asked of the Parish Council. Whilst Councillors were concerned about this aspect of the project, it was considered far too early to be precise in what may or may not be requested from the Parish Council. The outcome of the Lottery application, the success of the fund raising initiatives and Tenders for the work had all yet to be established. Needless to say, this matter is being closely monitored.

January 2002

New Pavilion Subcommittee

Cllr. Mr. Adrian Walmsley reported on the progress of the New Pavilion Project. Paul Murray’s New Pavilion Building Committee had now completed satisfactorily all issues raised by Sport England and as a result the proposals are being submitted to Winchester City Council for Planning Permission.

Due to additional requirements imposed by Sport England, together with other factors such as inflation, the anticipated cost of the overall project has risen by £41,000-00. It is envisaged that these additional costs will be met by additional grants from Sport England together with various additional fund raising activities. There will be no additional funding from the Parish Council over and above that already committed. It was confirmed that the resultant total anticipated cost of the New Pavilion Project, now anticipated as being £271,500-00, is only the consultant’s estimate. Precise costings cannot be determined until the Tendering process has been completed.

December 2001

New Pavilion

Councillor Mr. Adrian Walmsley reported on the progress of the New Pavilion Project, and obtained the Parish Council’s approval for proceeding with the obtaining of Planning Permission for the current proposed New Pavilion. The inclusion of the new Tennis Court in this application was discussed, and the fact that Planning Permission was already held for this indicated that it need not be included in the present Application. This is being reviewed with a view for it to be included at a later date if found to be necessary.

November 2001

Sports Club Lease

Cllr. George Beckett reported on the deliberations concerning the proposed new Licence for the Sports Club, subsequent to the construction of the New Pavilion. It had been concluded that the Parish Council will have to subsidise the Sports Club as at present, but it is the wish of the Parish Council that ultimately the Sports Club will be self-funding, this being to the extent that no subsidy from the Parish Council will be required to cover the running costs of the New Pavilion. Beyond that, it is considered unlikely that the Parish Council can expect any income by way of rent from the Sports Club. However, discussions are continuing.

October 2001

New Pavilion Project

Work upon the New Pavilion Project continues with an agreement to authorise expenditure on professional and other fees in support of the Lottery Bid. This expenditure is capped at £2,000 and will be closely monitored by the Sub-committee as well as the New Pavilion Building Committee.

September 2001

New Pavilion Sub-committee

Cllr. Mr. A. Walmsley reported on the progress of the New Pavilion Building Committee. Work continues in respect of the Sport England funding application.

May 2001

New Pavilion subcommittee

Cllr. A.Walmsley reported that Sport England bid for funding for the New Pavilion had been submitted to Sport England after comments resultant from recent reviews had been included where appropriate. Whilst awaiting the outcome of the Sport England bid, the New Pavilion Sub-committee are considering “fallback plans”.

April 2001

New Pavilion

The New Pavilion Project progresses with the completion of Sport England Grant Application, which has been submitted to Sport England for review before final submission. A “News Update” leaflet has been produced by the Sub-committee which details the progress of the project. These leaflets will be distributed to all households within the Parish, together with notices for the Annual Parish Meeting. The Chairman expressed the Parish Council’s thanks to Paul Murray for his extensive work on the project so far.

March 2001

New Pavilion subcommittee

The New Pavilion project continues to make progress, the Sport England Bid has been completed in draft form and is to be reviewed by all councillors prior to submission at the end of March 2001.

February 2001

New Pavilion Subcommittee

The Parish Council ratified the report from the New Pavilion Sub-committee, concerning Paul Murray’s Committee’s efforts to date. A new scheme, overall cost £220,000, had been drawn up. Funding proposed was £100,000 from the Parish Council, £20,000 from the Sports Club, £10,000 from W.C.C. Open Spaces and £90,000 from the Lottery commission. The Parish Council authorised the Pavilion Building committee to prepare a grant application for submission to Sport England via the Parish Council, and also voted to contribute £100,000 from reserves to the Sport England Pavilion Project, and ask W.C.C. to contribute £10,000 from the Open Spaces Fund.

January 2001

New Pavilion:

With the establishment of Paul Murray’s Pavilion Building Committee, significant progress has been made in determining precisely what type of development and cost the Parish can pursue. Once all appropriate options have been fully evaluated, final decisions can be made. A separate fuller report on the Pavilion proposals will appear in the next Parish Magazine.

December 2000

New Pavilion Sub-committee

Paul Murray has volunteered to progress the new pavilion project in a similar manner to that of Mike Matthews and the successful Parish Hall project. The council unanimously accepted the subcommittee’s proposal for him to form an independent committee to cover all aspects of the project and report back as necessary to the subcommittee. The current proposal has broad agreement but costs would be in excess of available funds. A very positive meeting with Sport England discussed a smaller grant application than the previous submission.

November 2000

New Pavilion Sub-committee

Costings are being obtained to see whether a block built, wooden clad building could be afforded from funds available to the project. It is thought that this type of building, whilst more satisfactory, would be slightly beyond budget. Cllr. Wilmshurst expressed disappointment at the lack of progress achieved by the sub-committee and suggested that able parishioners could be co-opted onto the committee to get things moving. He also proposed that the Sport England bid be resubmitted.

October 2000

New Pavilion Sub-committee

A block built wooden clad pavilion will be costed to compare with the wooden option. Discussion continues on the best position for the building, either on the existing site or on a new site on the return land. Suggestions for public consultation should come before the next parish council meeting and accurate costings presented to the December meeting to allow an option to be chosen.

September 2000

New Pavilion Sub-committee

Councillor Bell made a proposal to pursue a self funded wooden pavilion. Councillor Ray Wilmshurst suggested the parish should apply for a lottery grant for a better building. Concern was expressed that car parking and tennis court position were not included in the proposal and it was amended to read “The Parish Council should pursue the construction of a self-funded wooden pavilion as part of an overall scheme involving car park and tennis court(s) leaving aside the Sport England funded project for the time being”. This was passed 7 for 2 against. A letter had been received from Bewley Homes offering funding towards the pavilion in return for considering their development plan, possibly requiring parish land. It was agreed that the parish would not sell any land or enter into correspondence with Bewley Homes.

July 2000

New Pavilion Sub-committee

Councillor Bell, in the absence of Councillor Walmsley, reported the current thinking on the proposed new pavilion was a wooden alternative.

He added that it may be possible for the Parish, with the help of the Sports Club and other grant bodies but not Sport England, to finance the project. He said that within two weeks it is planned to produce accurate financial figures for comparison with an alternative brick building. The Chairman pointed out that the Parish should not jump to a quick solution, should evaluate all options and should plan for the pavilion to last for at least fifty years.

June 2000

New Pavilion Sub-committee

Councillor Walmsley reported on the first meeting of the new sub-committee which has agreed that:

  • The current pavilion needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • The grant application document should be completed with the addition of the missing pieces because much of the content (sports development plans etc) would be applicable whatever design of pavilion was finally agreed.
  • A review of alternative designs is undertaken. In the first instance the sub-committee would review the designs – prefabricated wooden Scandinavian buildings – previously investigated by the Sports Club.

Councillor Bell said at the time of the referendum it was reported that should a smaller pavilion be built without a grant from Sport England, the parish would be taxed to pay for it. He said there are people in the parish who are still concerned about this possibility and he made a proposal that “This Parish Council does not support the idea of a one off tax to fund a new pavilion if other funding arrangements fail”. This did not preclude alternative funding arrangements over a longer period. After discussing the proposal the Parish Council passed the motion.

May 2000

New Pavilion subcommittee

Mr Staunton handed over the draft Lottery Bid to the Chairman at the meeting and it will now be copied and given to Councillors who will have it available for public viewing. It was agreed that the bid would be placed on the Parish Council’s website for viewing. Councillor Walmsley, the new convenor, said he would be consulting widely on the project but he did not want the subcommittee to become too large.

April 2000

New Pavilion

Work is progressing well with the revised grant application although the production of the document looks as if it will take 3 weeks longer than originally expected. Once completed the draft will be circulated to Councillors for comment. Parishioners who wish to view the submission can do so through one of the councillors. Winchester City Council has written to the Parish Council saying it is supportive of the Pavilion Bid.

March 2000

New Pavilion Project

The sub-committee has co-opted two new members to help with the grant application and is currently meeting every ten days in order to produce a draft submission for Sport England. The target is to have the draft ready for the next Council meeting when councillors can comment. It is after this stage that the final document will be made available for public viewing.

February 2000

New Pavilion project

A meeting with Sport England took place on 26 January attended by Councillor Staunton, Martin Dearlove (Sports Club) and Michael Weakley (Project Architect) to discuss the lottery bid for the new pavilion.

Considerable advice was given by Sport England and it was learnt that:

  • Much of the material from the original bid can be used for the new bid.
  • Stage 1 of the new bid is competitive. We will be vying with other organisations.
  • If we are successful in stage 1, money would be set aside for our project during a second stage in which we may be asked to refine certain elements of the bid.

Changes to the building design were agreed to bring it completely within Sport England guidelines. The changes mainly revolve around the positioning of and access to the toilets.

Sport England advised us to show a phased plan whereby snooker and table tennis are excluded from the application but shown as a potential future development to make good use of the roof void.

If all goes well the new bid document could be completed by the end of March.

January 2000

New pavilion project

Following the “soft refusal” letter from Sport England, (published in full in December’s edition of the Parish magazine), Councillors have been fully engaged in exploring how to improve the areas identified as being deficient in this letter, in order to maximise the chances that any improved or fresh grant application to Sport England would be successful. Councillors had met with Michael Weakley, (as reported in December’s edition of the Parish magazine), and meetings were being arranged with the City Council’s Sport Development Officer, and Jennie Owen, Lottery Co-ordinating Manager, (during the Council’ s first bid this was not permitted). Compton & Shawford Sports Club were also involved in this exercise by looking for ways in which the wider local community could benefit from any money invested by Sport England in this project. Questions from the public mostly centred around requiring clarification on points associated with the lottery bid and the new pavilion project in general. The Chairman, Cllr Mr N Campbell-White, made a commitment that, unlike the previous application, any improved or fresh application to Sport England would come before the full Council for approval. He confirmed that the New Pavilion Sub-Committee was authorized by the full Council to submit the previous application.

December 1999

New Pavilion questions

Discussion/explanation/public questions and answers centred around the rejection letter from Sport England in respect of the Parish Council’s lottery bid. It was agreed that points which must be addressed as a matter of urgency were:

  1. Consult with architect to assess why our application was rejected;
  2. Contact Jennie Owen, Southern Regional Lottery Co-ordinating Manager for advice;
  3. Obtain a new application pack and assess changes in rules, etc.
  4. New Sports Pavilion Sub-Committee to prepare report following meeting with architect and Lottery Co-ordinating Manager on steps forward to achieve our objective;
  5. Consult with local schools/community about involvement in the project;
  6. Decide whether the same committee and architect were the best way forward.

October 1999

Usage of  new sports pavilion

In respect of proposals for the new sports pavilion, confirmation was requested as to whether some activities provided for were for formal sport participation or recreational only. Members were assured that Sport England was willing to accept some sport facilities for recreational purposes only. Receipt of the Lottery Fund Application has been acknowledged but it will be some time before a decision is reached owing to the heavy workload of the Board. s officers.

September 1999

New Sports pavilion

  1. Councillors were pleased to learn that their appeal (against Winchester City Council’s refusal to grant permission for the modified plans) has been allowed by the Inspector.
  2. A member of the public asked about the use of monies from the Open Space Fund. The Chairman explained that the money comes from new buildings in the Parish when a developer is required, as a condition of planning consent, to make a contribution to the Open Space Fund. At present, our parish’s share of the fund is about £17,000 of which £8,500 has been currently earmarked for the sports pavilion. The funds can be called on when we can convince Winchester City Council, who administer this fund, that we have a suitable project.

July 1999

Pavilion Referendum

The results as provided by the Electoral Returning Officer for Winchester City Council, who arranged the count, were reported as follows:

Number of envelopes received 658
Extra forms in envelopes 35
Yes votes 397
No votes 293
Rejected (no official number on forms) 3
Returned by Royal Mail undelivered 5

D H Cowan, Returning Officer, 6th July 1999

The vote was (just to remind you) “I support the Parish Council’s proposals for a new pavilion in terms of finding, position and design as described in the attached leaflet”.

The poll was approximately 56.5% of the electorate, disappointingly low in view of how easy the PC tried to make it.

Following questions from the floor, asking for the project to be reappraised or at least delayed, until a smaller (unspecified) pavilion be considered, the Chairman proposed that the matter be referred back to the New Pavilion Sub Committee for further consideration. Cllr Wilmshurst however proposed “in view of the yes vote in the referendum, this Council should proceed without any further delay to implement the current plans.” This was voted on and carried.

June 1999

New pavilion.

Following the decision to implement the motion carried at The Annual Parish Meeting to hold a referendum asking parishioners to vote on the Parish Council proposals for a new pavilion as regards size, funding, position and design, an approach has been made to WCC who have agreed to supervise the referendum and arrange an independent count. Voting papers will be posted to all registered electors in mid June. The voting papers should be sent back to the City Council in the envelopes provided, for verification and counting. (Note: after consultation with the City Council following the Parish Council meeting, the latest date for voting slips to be received by the City Council was set for July 5th. The votes will be counted on July 6th).

May 1999


At the Annual Parish Meeting on 29 April, following the submission of Ms A-M McCarthy that she was unaware of any formal decision to have a further referendum on the pavilion issue, it was proposed by Ann Kelly that a referendum be held, seconded by Mr E W Beckett, and carried by 35 in favour and 22 against. Following a proposal by Mr G Beckett, it was also resolved, by a vote of 49 for and 1 against, that the referendum ask parishioners to approve the Parish Council plans of the pavilion as regards size, funding, position and design as advised with a Yes’ or alternative ‘No’ only. An amendment to the proposal by Mr M Bell seeking an option on the size of the pavilion to be stated in the referendum was lost by a clear majority.

April 1999

New pavilion project update.

Following the commitment given at the January Parish Council meeting to provide detailed information about the plans for the new pavilion, a document was approved for distribution to each parish household, setting out the history of events concerning this project, together with design diagrams, cost estimates and sources of funding.

Sports Club Licence.

The Parish Council had hoped to have signed a new licence with the Sports Club by now which would cover the terms of usage of the new pavilion. As the new licence had not yet been finalised, and following the resolution passed at the March Parish Council meeting, the notice to terminate the previous licence with effect from March 31st was withdrawn. The previous Licence will now continue until 31 March 2000 unless the Sports Club and Parish Council jointly agree to terminate it at an earlier date, presumably to be superseded by a new licence.

March 1999

New pavilion project

Following refusal of planning permission for the revised elevations to the permission that has been granted, it was decided that our architect proceed to appeal against the refusal, as a holding operation, with no expense to the Parish Council. In the meantime the Sports Club and Pavilion Sub-Committee propose to discuss the scaling down of the pavilion building and the grant of £88,000 to be made by the Parish Council.

February 1999

New Pavilion Sub-Committee

Cllr K Staunton working on a method of how to better inform parishioners on the project.

January 1999

New Pavilion Project.

Negotiations are still proceeding with the architect and planning department regarding amendments to the design of the approved plan. The subcommittee is due to meet with the Sports Club to finalise the terms of the new licence.

December 1998

New Pavilion.

The Council’s architect had drawn up amended plans to take into account several of the City Planning Department’s concerns. For example the clock tower had been removed at their request. Despite receiving several letters in support of the revised design, the planners still favour the original simple barn-like design for which we already have planning permission. More negotiations are needed and will take place.

November 1998

New Pavilion.

The architect’s revised plans were displayed showing amendments, principally elevation changes, and with omission of the clock tower and the Petanque court, also, provision of three disabled parking bays. A report of the New Pavilion Sub-Committee, dated 30th October, was unanimously adopted, which included the resolution that the Parish Council will contribute £88,000 towards the new pavilion project, as it stands.

October 1998

New pavilion.

Plans for the new pavilion, having been agreed with the Sports Club, had been submitted by the architects to the City Council for planning approval and were displayed at the council meeting for comments. Note: if anyone would like to see the new pavilion plans, we have several copies. The Planning Subcommittee holds a copy – contact Jean Millar on 712310 or Jo Lockett on 712118 who holds the Tennis Club’s copy. A draft revised Licence for the pavilion and Memorial Playing Fields had been drawn up following a discussion with the Sports Club and was distributed to Councillors for comments. We continue to hold regular meetings with the Sports Club and the architect to keep moving the project forward.

September 1998

New sports pavilion.

Architects, Michael Weakley Associates, are working on revised plans which should improve the interior layout and the external appearance of the pavilion. These plans and an updated licence to be reviewed at a meeting with the Sports Club on 10 September. PC Barham offered to contact the local Crime Reduction Officer on how to obtain “Secured By Design” status for the new pavilion.

July 1998

Proposed new pavilion.

After consideration of alternative quotations received, it was decided to confirm the appointment of architects Michael Weakley Associates because of their experience with several local pavilion projects and successful grant applications. Productive discussions with the architect and the Sports Club over the detailed interior layout and the overall project are well underway.

June 1998

Proposed New Pavilion.

Following constructive discussions with the Sports the Parish Council is looking to appoint an architect with a successful track record to refine our plans and submit a Sports Council grant application on behalf of the Parish Council for the new pavilion on the Memorial Playing Field. Everybody involved in this project – from the Parish Council and the Sports Club – is now much more optimistic. Cllr Walmsley will act as convenor of the New Pavilion subcommittee.

May 1998

Sports Club negotiations re new lease and proposed pavilion.

Still in negotiation but the Sports Club are to submit draft proposals by 9 May for a revised constitution providing for greater community involvement. We welcome the personal interest being taken by new Sports Club chairman and hope to make substantial progress.

March 1998

An extra Parish Council meeting was held on 30 March 1998 to discuss the

Sports Club Licence

The Sports Club currently runs on a licence from the Parish Council which rolls over annually a year at a time every March 31st, but will need a longer term lease on the new pavilion in order to be eligible for grants. After consideration of the apparent lack of progress in agreeing the new lease, the Parish Council decided to draw a line under the old licence with effect from 31 March 1999 by issuing a formal termination notice. We hope that this will focus both parties’ minds on agreeing a lease to replace the licence within the next few months.

February 1998

Sports pavilion.

Emergency repairs to the leaking roof and changing rooms are needed.

Sports Club Lease/New Pavilion Building.

Draft lease of proposed pavilion awaiting Sports Club comments and final agreement.

January 1998

Sports Club Lease/New Pavilion Building.

Negotiations for a lease of the pavilion and playing areas are nearing conclusion but the Council still needs to finalise agreement on terms which will preserve parishioners’ interests while providing the Sports Club with a sound basis for grant applications and fund raising.

December 1997

Sports Club Lease/New Pavilion Building

The sub-committee met on 27 November, when the planning permission with 17 conditions were read through. An estimate had been received for building the pavilion and car park, which taken with the additional costs for services and a new tennis court would bring the total project cost to around £300,000.00. A further estimate is to be sought. The committee had reached broad agreement with the Sports Club on the terms of the Agreement to sign the lease and the pavilion lease itself. The Sub-committee is to meet again to consider the merging of the terms of the current Sports Field Licence into the new lease.

November 1997

Lease of proposed pavilion to Sports Club.

A draft lease drawn up by solicitors, which incorporates the Parish Council’s commitments to control noisy events and restrict subletting, had been circulated to members for comments. We hope to reach a final agreement with the Sports Club on the terms of the lease very soon.

September 1997

Pavilion Replacement.

Reported that, as resolved at the July meeting, the planning application had been submitted and would come before the City planning committee on 4th September, where a decision was expected to be deferred for site viewing.

Lease negotiations re Sports Club

A lease for the new pavilion and an agreement to sign the lease are being drafted by the Council’s solicitors for further discussion with the Sports Club.

July 1997

Lease Negotiations re Sports Club.

Councillors AD Walmsley and WJ West had had preliminary discussions with the Secretary of the Compton and Shawford Sports Club. It is suggested that the Parish Council continue the same level of financial input to the running of the field as today. In recognition of that financial input it is proposed that a 25 year lease be granted to the Sports Club for the new pavilion but that the playing field be occupied under terms of a Licence similar to that in force at present. The Parish Council would continue to be responsible for external repairs to the pavilion; the Sports Club would be responsible for internal repairs and fixtures and fittings. The lease would safeguard the interests of both parties and in particular, as promised earlier, would contain provisions regarding noisy events.

Pavilion Replacement.

Updated plans, based on those distributed in the Parish Matters leaflet, were examined. Apparently the Planning department’s rules call for 58 parking places based on the number of teams that use the field. After some discussion it was agreed to instruct the architect, Charles M Walker, to prepare and submit a planning application subject to the following provisos

  1. the appearance of the building from the rear to be improved
  2. to see whether the planners would agree to reduce the number of car parking spaces on the grounds that at peak times there is a car park at the other end of Shepherds Lane Bridge which could be used
  3. the pavilion to be located as far back from the field as possible consistent with allowing a reasonable view of the field from the terrace.

June 1997

Lease Negotiations/Pavilion Replacement

Following discussion with the Sports Club, the Heads of Agreement for a new Lease have been broadly agreed but need some refinements before reference to solicitors. The Sports Club had endorsed one of the architect’s sketch plans for the new pavilion but detailed adjustments need to be made to the interior arrangements. As agreed at the May Parish Council meeting, the council had prepared a leaflet explaining the plans for the pavilion and the playing field and how the Parish Council was addressing the various concerns that had been raised. The leaflet had been distributed with the June Parish Magazine and would be sent by post to non-subscribers, after which the Parish Council will consider any feedback received.

May 1997

Lease Negotiations/Pavilion Replacement

Letters from Mr and Mrs WI Acton and Mr JH Gray were reported to the Parish Council together with a list of 18 comments and suggestions that had been raised by other parishioners concerning the proposed pavilion, car park and two additional tennis courts. Following a wide discussion of the matters, and the availability of grants, with an input of concerns and suggestions from members of the public present, and the Parish Council’s responses, it was agreed to inform villagers of how the Parish Council intended to address the various concerns by producing a broadsheet, based on questions and answers, for distribution to all.

April 1997

Lease Negotiations/Pavilion Replacement.

Matters for a draft Heads of Agreement for a Lease were circulated for study and comments and for discussion by the Sports Club.
Two alternative draft sketch plans for a proposed pavilion, car park and two additional tennis courts were circulated on which comments were invited for the meeting to be held shortly with the Sports Club, and which are to be displayed at the Annual Parish Meeting.

October 1996

Sports Club Lease negotiations The minutes of the previous months’ meeting were amended to cover the offer from Tennis Club to take over the lease and management of a new pavilion and the playing fields. Matter deferred to await feedback from the Sports Club.

September 1996

Sports Club Lease negotiations.

Cllr. Campbell-White reported on the continuing negotiations with the Sports Club over details of a new lease and the design options for a new pavilion.

July 1996

New Sports Lease and Pavilion.

Cllr Campbell-White reported that the subcommittee was due to meet Sports Club representatives the following evening to agree the terms of reference for the architect who is to draw up outline plans for a new pavilion (as reported last month). He stressed that a final decision to proceed with a new pavilion depends on many factors including agreement on the lease and on funding.

June 1996

Sports Pavilion

It was agreed to accept an estimate £1500.00 for the services of an architect to prepare a scheme for outline planning application for a replacement sports pavilion.

February 1996

Sports Club Lease negotiation

The subcommittee met the sports club on 30 January and continue to work on a lottery grant application for a new pavilion.

March 1997

Lease negotiations/pavilion replacement.

In the absence of any feedback from the Sports Club regarding any requests for special provisions to be incorporated in a revised lease, the Parish Council Sub-Committee are to work on outline terms for the parish council’s solicitors to turn into a new formal lease. The architect will be briefed to prepare an improved plan for the new pavilion, with a more attractive exterior and a revised internal layout – based on input from the Sports Club. It was felt that a room in the roof should be retained, if feasible, where the snooker table (donated and in store) could be located together with a table and chairs for committee meetings which would ensure that the room could only be used for quiet activities and might also be usable as a children’s room. Consideration is to be given to a room for table tennis.

February 1997

Lease negotiations/pavilion replacement.

A meeting is planned to be held with the Sports Club within the next two weeks to assess feedback on the draft design and terms of a new lease. After some discussion it was unanimously agreed to aim to reach Heads of Agreement for a Lease within three months. Cllr Whitaker submitted, for the attention of the subcommittee, coloured photographs of the Royal Green Jackets’ new timber pavilion building, which has an area of 140 sq. metres (but no showers or changing room), and cost £40,000 (forty thousand pounds).

January 1997

Sports Club negotiations re new pavilion

The subcommittee had met sports club representatives on 2 January. The Sports Club have agreed to try to raise the suggested sum of £30,000 towards the new pavilion. The suggested site for the pavilion is to be marked out with stakes.

Sports Club representatives are to come back to the subcommittee within a month with comments on the first draft design so that the architect can be instructed to draw up a revised scheme as the next step in the preparation of a lottery grant application.

Once the subcommittee is ready to recommend a design to the full Council, the Council will decide on the most appropriate way to get public feedback.

December 1996

Sports Club negotiations re new pavilion.

It was agreed to defer detailed discussion until the PC Sports Club Negotiations Sub-Committee had received a report from the Sports Club on their proposals for fund-raising and had a chance to meet again with the Sports Club.

November 1996

Sports Club negotiations re new pavilion

The lease negotiation subcommittee had met the central Sports Club committee, and outlined the likely level of funds that the Sports Club would have to commit to raise before any grant application. We await a response from the Sports Club.