June 2001 PC Meeting Report

Report on the June Meeting
Tuesday 5th June 2001, Shawford Parish Hall

 The Chairman, Cllr. N.Campbell-White opened the meeting at 7.15pm and welcomed 12 members of the public.

City and County Councillors’ reports

Due to the current General Election and County Council Election, the County Councillor and City Councillor were both unable to attend on this occasion.

Police report

However, Police Constable Clive Barham was in attendance and he gave his usual comprehensive report on Crime in the area during the preceding month. P.C.Barham also advised that after seven years he is to take up new duties, still based at Twyford Police Station, and as a result will no longer be the “Beat Officer” for the Parish. A unanimous vote of thanks to Clive was expressed by the full Parish Council for the work he has undertaken within the Parish over those seven years. His replacement is yet to be identified.

Questions and submissions from the Public

These encompassed issues relating to the Tennis Club membership policy, maintenance of private roads within the Parish together with the sweeping of those roads.


With the relaxation of the restrictions, due to potential Foot and Mouth disease, on Public access to footpaths within the Parish, Cllr. Jennings was able to report that all Footpaths in the Parish were now re-opened. Similarly, Cllr. Threlfall confirmed that the Towpath along the Itchen is now open for walkers, the water levels having now subsided.

Tree Warden’s report

Cllr. Threlfall also reported that numerous trees within Shawford Close have had Tree Preservation Orders placed upon them.

Finance and admin subcommittee

Cllr. Beckett reported that whilst the Parish Council accounts are in a healthy state, there is very little spare capacity for un-budgeted expenditure. With the automated accounting process, tight control on Parish Council finances is being maintained.

With the need to compile new Leases for the Sports Club and the Tennis Club, it was necessary to determine the Parish Council’s position with regard to membership policy of those organisations. Significant discussion took place on this subject and it was concluded that Membership Policy is not an issue that the Parish Council should concern itself with. This was formally voted upon, the result being that the Parish Council is satisfied with the membership policy and practice of the Compton and Shawford Lawn Tennis Club.


Cllr. Millar reported upon Planning Applications/Decisions of the preceding month. Of particular interest are the plans covering the road access to the potential Southdown School development. To-date, no formal plans have been pursued, but the Parish Council continues to actively monitor the situation due to the possible implications to local residents.

Memorial Playing Field and Play equipment

Cllr. Shaw reported that the installation of the new Children’s Play Equipment at Memorial Playing Field is nearing completion with the turfing of the area. Watering of the new turf has been ongoing and the Parish Council gave a vote of thanks to Mrs. Joan Olsen for allowing use of her water supply in this respect. The new Children’s Play Area should be ready for use by the middle of the month. Cllr. Shaw also advised that Cllr Simmons is undertaking a survey in Compton Street to obtain local resident’s views for the proposed new Children’s Play Area in the Compton Street playing field. Complaints have been received by Cllr. Shaw concerning broken glass bottles on the Memorial Playing Field, the culprits are unknown.

Highways and Byways

Cllr. Simmons, whilst not able to attend the meeting, had submitted a written report in which, amongst other matters, she reported on the failure of Hampshire County Council to honour their commitment to resurface the pavements in Martins Field, Compton. This matter is now being actively pursued by the Parish Council.

Annual Parish Meeting

As a result of criticisms over the Friday date for the 2001 Annual Parish Meeting, Cllr. Campbell- White reported that for next year the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday 24th April 2002.