July 2001 PC Meeting Report

Report on the July Meeting
Tuesday 3rd July 2001, Shawford Parish Hall

The Chairman, Cllr. N.Campbell-White opened the meeting at 7.15pm and welcomed 4 members of the public.

Previous Minutes

The initial part of the meeting was taken up with somewhat acrimonious exchanges between Councillors when considering the accuracy and content of the Minutes of the previous meeting. After careful consideration some of the requested changes were accepted which resulted in letters written last year being appended to the Minutes of this meeting. The purpose of this to enable the reader of this Meeting’s Minutes to obtain a clearer understanding of different Councillor’s points of view. It was hoped by all that the differences of opinion between Councillors can now be put behind them and that the Parish Council can move forward, addressing the issues that confront the Council now and in the future.

County Councillor’s Report

County Councillor Ann Bailey reported on the Sub-committees she now serves on since the recent County Council elections. She also reported on the Southdown School development, indicating that up to fifteen dwelling units are being proposed. Additionally, the access proposals to this development have resulted in a change in priority for the roads at the entrance of Shepherds Down School. This is something that the Parish Council is unhappy about and will be taking up with H.C.C. Roads Department.

City Councillor’s Report

City Councillor Charlotte Bailey reported on the M3 Noise Measuring, Telecommunication Masts and the Winchester Local Plan. With regard to the Telecommunication Mast applications, five had been submitted but one of these was a repeat application. Parishioners had made objections to these applications, but unfortunately, due to mis-information being circulated, some misunderstandings had occurred. Cllr. Jean Millar, who is handling this matter on behalf of the Parish Council, expressed her concern as to the lack of clarity emanating from W.C.C. Planning Department on these matters. She will be writing to the Planning Department expressing the Parish Council’s concerns. However, it appears that there is very little that can be done in objecting to the erection of Telecommunication Masts.

Finance & Admin subcommittee

Cllr. George Beckett reported upon the progress of the Finance and Administration Sub-committee in the development of a new lease/licence for the Sports Club and Tennis Club. Progress is good, but it is realised that the process must be completed before the proposed new Pavilion is built.

Playing Fields

Cllr. Mary Shaw reported that the new Children’s Play Equipment is now operational and is being utilised. A letter of thanks to the Parish Council for putting this new play equipment in place was received from a Parishioner. Cllr. Mary Shaw also reported upon complaints she had received concerning rowdy behavior in the early hours of the morning on Memorial Playing Fields. These are to be investigated and representations to responsible parties will be made.

Parish Hall

Cllr. Jean Millar, as representative on the Parish Hall Management Committee, reported that the Parish Hall is operating very satisfactorily. She also passed on a request from CASCA, the Parish Hall Management body, for councillors to consider whether there were other projects which might be suitable for CASCA to undertake on behalf of the community.

Highways, Byways & Environment subcommittee

It was reported that the expected re-surfacing of the pavements in Martins Field have been delayed due to the cable laying by S.E.B., which is slow in achieving completion. Cllr. M.Bell will be contacting S.E.B. with a view to speeding up the cable laying and achieving an early completion and then bring an early resolution to the resurfacing issue promised by Hampshire County Council.

The contentious issue of “bonfires” was raised as a result of a communication from a Parishioner. This is a difficult issue to address, but it is hoped that people would act with consideration for others when intending to light bonfires. The Environmental Health Department, W.C.C., produce leaflets on the issue of bonfires and a supply of these will be obtained.

Next meeting

The meeting closed at 10.15pm and the date for the next meeting was set at Tuesday 4th September 2001, there being no meeting during the month of August.