May 2001 PC Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting Report

Report on the Annual Parish Meeting held 27th April 2001
The Parish Council Annual Meeting held 1st May 2001

Annual Parish Meeting

The Chairman, Mr. N.Campbell-White, welcomed 54 members of the Public to the meeting, at 7.30pm, which was exceptionally being held on a Friday evening.

In his report of the previous year, the Chairman made reference to the changes within the Parish Council, four new councillors being elected in the elections of May 2000 and the loss of another Clerk during the period. This caused additional administrative work on the council and a period of consolidation was necessitated. With the increase in experience of the New Councillors and Clerk, the Parish Council can now move forward again in a positive way to serve the Parish in the years to come. He paid tribute to Ray Wilmshurst who had resigned after 34 years on the Parish Council, 10 years as Chairman.

Reports were given by all the Sub-committee Convenors, each outlining the activities of their Sub-committee’s during the preceding year.

Questions from members of the Public were addressed, such questions ranging from the re-opening of Footpaths to Noise Measurement of the M3 Motorway. The general consensus view of the meeting was that it was both informative as well as enabling Parishioners to air their views. The meeting closed at 10.00pm after which refreshments were served during which numerous informal discussions were held.

Parish Council Annual Meeting.

The Chairman, Mr. N.Campbell-White opened the meeting at 7.15pm and welcomed four members of the Public.

Election of chairman

The main business of the meeting, being the Annual Meeting, was the election of Chairman and officers for the forthcoming year.

The Chairman, Mr. N. Campbell-White, was re-elected to the office of Chairman by a majority vote. The Vice-Chairman, Mr. M.Bell, was re-elected unanimously. All other Convenors, Members and Representatives were re-elected, with the exception of Convenor of the Finance and Administration Sub-committee. Mr. George Beckett was elected as Convenor to this Sub-committee.

City Councillor’s report

City Councilor Charlotte Bailey reported on the Winchester District Local Plan Review, the Organisation of Winchester City Council, and M3 motorway noise.

Transport representative

Cllr. C.Simmons continues to act on a temporary basis as Transport Representative whilst a permanent replacement is found. Any volunteers?


Cllr. S.Jennings reported on the strategy of Hampshire County Council in the process of re-opening some of the Footpaths, which have been closed due to potential Foot and Mouth disease. H.C.C. are requesting Parish Councils to suggest Footpaths for re-opening.

Finance subcommittee

This being the first meeting of the new Financial Year, the reformatted Parish Council Accounts were reported in the new format for the first time. This format will give Councilors far better information as to the state of the Parish Council funds. It was emphasised that funds are limited and deviation from budgets will be closely monitored and only accepted in cases of extreme need.

New Pavilion subcommittee

Cllr. A.Walmsley reported that Sport England bid for funding for the New Pavilion had been submitted to Sport England after comments resultant from recent reviews had been included where appropriate. Whilst awaiting the outcome of the Sport England bid, the New Pavilion Sub-committee are considering “fallback plans”.

Playing Fields

Cllr. M.Shaw reported on the exceptionally waterlogged condition of the Playing Fields. Remedial action such as spiking was considered, but rejected because it is thought that would not be effective. These exceptional weather conditions have prevented the new Children’s Play Equipment from being opened for use. The ground, being so waterlogged, prevents the contractor from completing the groundwork. The situation continues to be monitored.


Arrangements for the “Village Spring Clean” are being prepared by Cllr. C.Simmons. It is envisaged that this exercise will take place in June of this year, volunteers are being sought.

Much discussion was undertaken concerning the question of potential “Travellers” entering and occupying open spaces within the Parish. It was concluded that the Parish Council must be proactive in addressing this potential disruption to the lives of Parishioners.