Election Fever

HAMPSHIRE CHRONICLE, Friday December 8, 2000

…news from the districts…


Election fever – Still ringing with the notoriety of the demise of Victor Meldrew, the divided communities of Compton and Shawford are once again locked in controversy as they re-enact the elections of last May. “Polling” takes place in Shawford Parish Hall at 8pm on December 16th, and 17th when the candidates will be cheered, hissed or booed. Young hopeful, Master Whittington – an Independent – will be making his pitch, but will have an uphill struggle against the other candidates from more traditional parties, which are not normally represented by rodents.

Posters now appearing for Kenrat, Frankrat, Geoffrat, Glendarat and Steverat are adding fuel to the flames. “In a head-on collision between the cosy world of pantomime and the Year 2000, there is bound to be some messy after-effects,” says Simon Theobalds, who accepts most of the blame for the consequences. “There was only one year that Dick Whittington could really strut his stuff and with so many elections in the news this year, we hope that no one will mind if we stole one of them for our theme.” In the many twists and turns of an outrageous plot, an innovative solution is also found for that troubled temporary building in Greenwich. Voting papers are available from Shawford Post Office.