December 2000 PC Meeting Report

Report on the November Meeting Tuesday, 5 December 2000, Shawford Parish Hall.

Councillor Mr N. Campbell-White was in the chair and welcomed 32 members of the public.

New Clerk

The Chairman welcomed Mr. Mike Langford who has now been appointed Clerk.


Mr Ray Wilmshurst’s resignation was announced. Having served the parish for 34 years, his contribution will be sadly missed.

Questions from the public

Questions were asked by the public concerning discrepancies in the parish council accounts and audit thereof, the money held at Julian Hodge Bank, expenditure on the cricket square, dog bins on Shawford Down, allocation of capital to projects, the proposed development at Longacre and 27 questions on the need, location and funding for the proposed children’s play equipment.

County Councillor’s Report

Cllr A. Bailey submitted a written report, including further work on M3 noise, difficulties recruiting police, waste lorry traffic and the Shepherds Down school scheme.

City Councillor’s Report

Cllr C. Bailey reported on the Shawford House appeal, M3 noise, Village Design Statements, maps for planning and flooding near Compton Street.

Finance and Administration Sub-committee

It was agreed to grant CASCA £1000 towards the refurbishment of the Heathcote Room. Mr Langford and his wife were thanked for the work done correcting the council’s books. The issue of reserves held at Julian Hodge Bank was raised again and it was decided to move the money to Eastleigh Borough Council. The decision to fund the work done on the cricket square and the arrangements for payment were unsatisfactory and will be investigated. In the absence of other volunteers, the chairman was appointed convenor of the subcommittee in place of Ray Wilmshurst who has resigned from the council.

Planning Sub-committee

It was reported that the Shawford House enquiry ran out of time and will be reconvened for summing up on January 23 at the Parish Hall. Site clearance at Longacre appears to have commenced prior to planning approval and the planning officer was informed.

New Pavilion Sub-committee

Paul Murray has volunteered to progress the new pavilion project in a similar manner to that of Mike Matthews and the successful Parish Hall project. The council unanimously accepted the subcommittee’s proposal for him to form an independent committee to cover all aspects of the project and report back as necessary to the subcommittee. The current proposal has broad agreement but costs would be in excess of available funds. A very positive meeting with Sport England discussed a smaller grant application than the previous submission.

Playing Fields Sub-committee

A change in contractors cutting the grass on our playing fields was agreed. A reduced rental was agreed with the Sports Club to take into account the condition of current pavilion facilities. There followed a long question and answer session about the proposed refurbishment of the play area on the Memorial Playing Fields. The needs survey was produced. The proposal to spend £19.625 was eventually agreed. Concern was voiced about the condition of the existing play equipment following engineer’s reports. Confirmation of third party liability insurance will be sought.

Highways, Byways, M3 & Environment Sub-committee

Otterbourne parish council will be approached to join the campaign for M3 noise reduction. Useful information on quiet surface was gathered at a meeting with the Kings Worthy City Councillor following a successful campaign to quieten the A34. The notice board review will be finalised in January.

Martin Bell