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Parish Development Referendum

29 Hanover Lodge,
St. Cross Road,
SO23 9PQ

27 September 1996

Parish Development Referendum

Dear Parishioner,


Now that the responses to the referendum have been counted, I would like to thank everyone who took the trouble to send in their voting slips.

1996 poll resultsWe sent out voting papers to everyone on the Register of Electors, except those whom we knew were no longer here.

We sent envelopes to 509 houses. 347 were returned by the deadline of 15 August, for an impressive 68% turnout.

The sealed envelopes were delivered to the City Council Electoral Registration Officers for the votes to be counted.

In answer to the question: “Do you support the Parish Council’s plans to sell the land adjacent to the Parish Hall, refurbish the Parish Hall, and replace the present dilapidated pavilion?”, 535 voted in favour, 168 against, with 8 abstentions.

The Electoral Officers told us that comments or questions had been written on 26 of the voting slips. Because this has been a secret ballot these comments have not been seen by anyone except the counting officers.

If you had any comments or questions about the ballot and you would like a reply from the Parish Council, please write to the clerk at the above address or talk to one of the Parish Councillors.

What next? The Parish Council continues to work towards the sale of the Parish Hall land, improvements to the Parish Hall and a new pavilion. We will move as quickly as possible consistent with doing our best to preserve the long-term interests of the Parish. Watch the reports of our meetings in this magazine. And if you have any concerns or questions, or offers of help, please talk to me or to one of the other Parish Councillors.




Adrian Walmsley, Chairman.