September 1996 PC Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 3 September, with Mr AD Walmsley in the Chair.

Acquisition of surplus M3 land adjoining the Memorial Playing Field.

Reported that all matters concerning terms and conditions are nearing conclusion and the land should be purchased by the Parish Council very soon. Concern was expressed over the state of weeds on the land and the chairman undertook to see that this was addressed before finalising the transfer.

Bus shelter opposite Southdown Road.

Work soon to commence following enquiries of companies regarding position of gas, water, electricity and telephone cables/pipes.

Winchester City Council funding of bus shelters.

Following a government initiative for councils to put forward bids for a specific projects, WCC has chosen bus shelters as such a project. The Parish Council made a submission for bus shelters to be provided at the stop in the new lay-by opposite Shepherds Lane Bridge, and at the new bus stops, opposite each other, just south of the new Shawford Bridge.

Suggested purchase of Village Marquee.

A letter had been received from a Parishioner asking the Parish Council to consider purchasing the marquee which has been used for village events over several years. After consideration of matters concerning maintenance and storage it was decided that, grateful as we are to Peter Moll for making the marquee available for Parish functions, this was not a responsibility to be undertaken by the Parish Council.

Use of parish hall premises as a sub-postoffice.

Reported that the sub-postoffice, run by the hall caretaker, Mrs VJ Smith, opened on Monday 5 August. It is open on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9am till noon. A meeting is to be arranged to agree a fair rent to be paid by Mrs Smith for use of the premises.

Results of Parish Referendum.

The Chairman reported that the result of the postal vote, after the sealed envelopes had been delivered to WCC and the voting papers counted by Electoral Registration Officers, was as follows:

‘Yes to sale of land for housing and proceeds to be spent on modernisation of hall and towards cost of replacement of sports pavilion’: 535; No 168 Abstentions 8 (Total 711)

The subcommittee is to consider what further action to take on this matter pending the publication of the Inspector’s Report (due in November) on the modified Winchester District Local Plan.

Chairman to summarise the results for the Parish Magazine

Sports Club Lease negotiations

Cllr. Campbell-White reported on the continuing negotiations with the Sports Club over details of a new lease and the design options for a new pavilion. (Editor’s Note: Minutes subsequently amended to cover offer from Tennis Club to take over the lease and management of a new pavilion and the playing fields)

Street lighting to garage compound Martins Fields

Hampshire County Council will install a street light facing the garages after checks have been made and design of the lamp standard has been agreed. The proposed lighting is part of the Community Safety Initiative scheme under which the estimated cost of £800.00 will be equally shared between the HCC and PC.

Street Nameplate -Otterbourne Road/Main Road

In view of past different names for the road from Bushfield Roundabout to Otterbourne, no decision has been made regarding the present names for this stretch of road pending result of researches being carried out by WCC.

Notice boards

at the comer of Compton Street and on the Playing Field are to be repaired.

Field Close footway

Following complaints about the condition of this footpath, a letter had been sent to the Area Surveyor, HCC, which has resulted in an very early inspection to be made and, if dangerous, emergency repairs shortly after.


Reported that the 6ft high chain link fence to Compton Street Playing Field had been cut completely from top to bottom and left gaping open; also, that the ‘School and Dog’ sign erected in Compton Street had been severely damaged and found in trees between Compton Street and Hurdle Way. Both matters are to be reported to the police. Graffiti has also appeared on the playing field safety surface.

Road Safety

Following the decision of the County Surveyor not to provide lighting to the island refuge at Compton Street junction, a further site meeting has been held with members of the County Surveyor’s Department, when they agreed some action could be taken to improve safety on the main road. Signing will be used on the approach from Bushfield Roundabout and additional warning signs will be introduced from the Otterbourne direction. Signing arrangements at other junctions on the main road are to be reviewed as it is considered that additional warning signs will help improve driver awareness and behaviour at the junctions. Also, signing will be shortly arranged to comply with the recently advertised Speed Limit Order in Compton Down, and the possible introduction of a 30 mph limit in Southdown is to be added to the speed limit schemes to be investigated in the future.

Playing Fields

It was reported that another tree had died and would be felled, after which all the stumps would be ground out. The Sports Club has voted on the location of the southernmost football pitch, which had been resited for a trial period of one year: it is to stay in its current position pending a decision on the lease negotiations and the overall layout of the field.


The footpaths representative reported all footpaths now open. The grass has been cut on footpath 37, between Hurdle Way and Clease Way.

Traffic Flows

Information from the County Surveyor regarding traffic flows on the main road through Compton and Shawford, in April 1993, before our section of the M3 was built, revealed that traffic was measured at 15500 vehicles two way flow over a twelve hour period. In October 1995, after completion of the M3 this had reduced to just over 6000 for a twelve hour period.

Approval of minutes of Annual Parish Meeting April 1996

Deferred until next meeting.