October 1996 PC Meeting Report

The monthly meeting of the Parish Council was held on 1 October, with Mr AD Walmsley in the Chair

Plans for the development of Bushfield Camp

The meeting was preceded by an address by Mr WJ Ronan, Chief Leisure Officer, Winchester City Council, indicating possible developments for a bid to be submitted to the Millennium Commission for grant. The suggested multi development included, amongst others, recreational use of land, park and ride, provision of a small hotel and a camp site. Members were critical of some of the suggested developments and expressed concern that no regard had been had to their submission to the Chief Planning Officer on 26 January 1995. Following discussion, and suggestions by the Parish Council, Mr Ronan agreed to consult with City Councillor Mrs M Campbell-White and Parish Councillor NJ Campbell-White.

Sports Club Lease negotiations

The minutes of the previous months’ meeting were amended to cover the offer from Tennis Club to take over the lease and management of a new pavilion and the playing fields. Matter deferred to await feedback from the Sports Club.

Car Park adjacent Shepherds Lane bridge

Members were pleased to learn that HCC propose to erect a height barrier at the car park on the western edge of Shawford Down to be secure against travellers and fly tipping.

Acquisition of surplus M3 land adjoining the Memorial Playing Field

Matter not yet finalised due to delay regarding date for signing Planting Agreement.

Shawford Station ticket office as Parish Office and Information Centre

In view of necessary refurbishment, anticipated high running costs and manning difficulties it was agreed that no further action be taken.

Use of Parish Hall premises as sub-postoffice

Reported that a sub-committee had met with Mrs VJ Smith and subsequently agreed the weekly rent to be paid.

Telephone kiosk at Shawford

The Council agreed to support the wishes of Shawford Village Residents’ Association, and seek the retention of the red K6 kiosk rather than a modern type of anodised aluminium and stainless steel with darkened windows.

Planning applications

Reports were submitted on various applications including that for a proposed house and garage on land adjoining Laurel Cottage, Southdown Road, to which objection had been made by the Parish Council and others. The PC were also very concerned and dissatisfied with the planning procedures adopted in respect of the application concerning land adjoining Laurel Cottage and had written to the Chairman of the City Planning Committee accordingly. Also, a letter is to be sent to the Chief Executive, WCC, questioning the planning procedures adopted following the site viewing sub-committee meeting. An invitation is to be sent to the Chief Planning Officer to attend a meeting of the Parish Council.

Parish Hall development site

The subcommittee had met Mr. Noel Mullins of the WDHA but agreed that no further progress can be made regarding the submission of a planning application for the site until the Inspector’s Report is published (due in November) on the modified Winchester District Local Plan which includes the proposal for extension of the development frontage line around the parish hall site.

Road safety

A letter and plan had been received from HCC with details of positions of new 30 mph speed limit road signs to be erected and of those signs to be removed including the unauthorised 20 mph sign in Hurdle Way, which will be replaced by a 30 mph sign, and the school sign with flashing beacon which will be replaced without a beacon. The effect of the proposals will be an increase of 16 30 mph signs of which 14 repeater signs will be on roads on Compton Down (Shepherds Lane, Field Way, Cliff Way and Hurdle Way) and 2 on Compton Street. The environmental impact of the proposed signing is to be fully considered with regard to unsightliness, position and visual intrusion, also, consideration to the possibility of a less number of signs being compatible with road safety and legislation..

Pavement ramps – junction of Shawford Road/Otterbourne Road

Following discussion with HCC regarding the position of these ramps, which have obstructed sight lines, HCC are to make further investigations and submit fresh proposals to the Parish Council.

Field Close footway

Temporary repairs have been carried out in the interest of safety and the Area Surveyor, HCC, has included re-surfacing in his Special Maintenance Budget for the next financial year.

Street Nameplate -Otterbourne Road/Main Road

Following discussion with Mr A Gutteridge, Engineers Department WCC, and in recognition of the majority view of affected residents, on the matter of names used for the stretch of road from Bushfield Roundabout to Otterbourne, it was agreed that the stretch of road should be continuously named Otterbourne Road and that WCC be advised accordingly. It was also agreed to request that the Southdown sign be moved to avoid giving the impression that it marked the end of Compton village.

Aircraft Noise

A report from the transport representative, Group Capt M Dawson, showed concern that aircraft approaching Southampton Airport were not adhering to the new flight paths. Group Capt Dawson is to take the matter up with Eastleigh Borough Council and with Colin Hobbs, who recently replaced Paul Barlow as airport Managing Director.