Parish Councillor Vacancies January 2022

Parish Council Casual Vacancies January 2022

There are currently three vacancies on Compton and Shawford Parish Council. Information on the role and responsibilities of a parish councillor may be obtained:

The council currently meets on six occasions a year and participates in an annual parish meeting. Councillors are assigned portfolios which they are expected to report on at every meeting.

Parishioners interested in filling the vacancies are asked to send a short email application to the clerk highlighting their background, current occupation and what motivates them in becoming a councillor. They will also need to confirm that they meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • being at least 18 years old
  • being a British citizen or eligible Commonwealth citizen
  • being registered as a local elector for the parish and / or have lived or worked or occupied a land or premises as owner or tenant in the parish for at least the past 12 months
  • not being subject to any legal restriction

The co-option process takes place on a regular basis when vacancies are to be filled. To be considered at a meeting applications need to be received by the Wednesday prior to the meeting. 

Alexandra Bond, Clerk to the Council
4th January 2022


Council Vacancies – more information

For more information see, on this website

and these online booklets (follow the links below the images)

  • The Good Councillor’s Guide booklet (2018 edition). Here’s an extract from the Welcome section of the Guide
    • If you are reading this guide as a new councillor I congratulate you on joining the council and thank you for taking up a civic office that can make a real difference to the community that your council represents. Now that the excitement of being elected or co-opted has subsided you may well be wondering what you have done and perhaps feel a little daunted by the responsibility you have taken on. You are now part of the democratic framework of the country representing the interests of your community within a broad landscape of national governance. This guide will help you understand more about your role and the difference you can make..