Annual Parish Meeting 2021

To all parishioners

Annual Parish Meeting 2021

7:30 pm Thursday 27 May 2021
to be held on Zoom


  1. Welcome address by Councillor Frances Strange, Chairman, Compton & Shawford Parish Council.
  2. Portfolio Holders’ reports
  3. Report on use of Community Infrastructure Levy monies
  4. School reports.
    • All Saints School
    • Shepherds Down Special School
  5. Question and answer session on reports
  6. Topics raised by the public
    • anyone wishing to raise a specific topic should inform the Clerk/Chairman so that the answer can be researched prior to the meeting

Frances Strange

Those wishing to attend should inform the Clerk so that a link can be sent to them.


This is the Annual Parish Meeting for all parishioners, which every parish must hold at this time of year.   See Annual Parish Meeting.