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Parking Scam at Colden Common

A local resident reported yesterday that patients going to Colden Common for their Covid Vaccination have been targeted by scammers when they park their car in the Community Centre Car park behind the surgery. The scammers wear high vis gear and have charged people £5 each for parking there when it is actually free. I understand the Police have attended.

Please circulate far and wide.
Waine Lawton
Twyford Parish Council

Twyford Information - Compton Lock Dispersal Order
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With thanks to the Twyford Parish Clerk for permission to reprint this from the original Twyford Information email.

Remote support scam

A remote support scam that’s at least five years old has recently resurfaced locally.

In 2016, ThinkBroadband.com’s bulletin board reported a scam based on Anydesk remote computer freeware, and targeting BT and other broadband customers.

A well-spoken and very plausible person calls you, claiming to be from BT or Sky support with news about malware or performance problems. They offer to fix the problem if the subscriber downloads and installs Anydesk.

Anydesk is a legitimate remote support tool, but in the wrong hands bad actors can use it to steal information or install malware on your computer.

This is a reminder to be suspicious about unsolicited phone calls, whoever plausible they may sound.

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