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PC Meeting Report January 2021

Report of the Parish Council online meeting held on Tuesday 5 January 2021 via ZOOM.

PC meeting 5 Jan 2021


Approval of the revised 2021/22 draft budget and discussions around Royaldown were the main items for discussion.

County & District Councillors Report

Councillor Williams discussed Royaldown and advised that the ward councillors are working with Parish Councils to make sure that people know the facts, as there is a lot of scaremongering fiction being spread.  She expressed the importance of knowing who is opposed to the site now and who will want to fight when/if things become official.  Councillor Williams explained that Winchester City Council (WCC) cannot fight directly now as there has been no planning application, but she explained that everyone can contribute to the consultations on Winchester Local Plan as it is developed in January/February. 

Public Session

No issues were raised by the public.


Councillor Strange reported that she attended the meetings of Compton Down Society, Compton Village Association and Southdown Residents Association to discuss the Royaldown development and circulated a note stating the planning position of the Parish Council, which is that in general principal the Parish Council are against the development.  Councillor Strange feels the best way to fight the development is to get the site withdrawn from the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA). Councillors Goulding and Strange drafted the Parish Councils response to Royaldown. This has been sent to Adrian Fox at Winchester City Council.

The Parish Council discussed a request from Hursley Parish Council for £600 of match funding to do some initial surveying as to why Royaldown is unsuitable on the proposed site.  The overall feeling was that the Parish Council has limited resources and that they should be targeted at the correct time.  Councillor Strange feels strongly that the best way to fight Royaldown is to get the site removed from the SHELAA.  The Parish Council voted not to fund the Hursley planning consultant out of their reserves.

Mark Jenkins, from The Friends of Shepherds Down Association (FOSDA), gave a report on Shepherds Down School, a special needs school and charity located in Compton and Shawford Parish.

The Friends of Shepherds Down Association (FOSDA) have not been able to fundraise as normal this past year and therefore there is a £15,000 shortfall of the £40.000 needed to fund all the wonderful things planned for 2021.  They are asking for help from neighbours in the Parish, friends and business contacts to help support our most vulnerable and needy local children – those with complex physical and learning disabilities.


Councillor Bell reported that he is looking into who is responsible for maintaining the lights in the subway under the M3, opposite Southdowns.  Currently Highways England and Hampshire County Council are going back and forth as to who is responsible for maintaining the lights.  

Playing Fields Management, Footpaths, and the Environment

Councillor Wilkinson noted that the state of the perimeter of the memorial playing field has become an issue that needs discussing. 

Along the edge on Field Way, towards the Shepherds Lane area and the small parking area adjacent to the post box and children’s play area, has had considerable damage due to recent building works, traffic, and vehicles parking. 

There have been complaints from the residents that live near and they have asked if something can be done such as putting stones or logs along the perimeter of the field. 

The Parish Council agrees that something should be done about the parking area adjacent to the children’s play area but would like to hear more opinions from local residents about what they would like to see done and has suggested that they come along to the next Parish Council meeting to discuss.

Finance and Administration

The Council approved the revised 2021/22 draft budget and precept of £28,263.

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Parish Council awarded the Compton and Shawford Pre-School a grant, from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) fund, of £2000.  The grant is to go towards the much-needed maintenance to the rear garden for safety measures. 


Councillor Wilkinson reported that CASCA had their AGM in November via Zoom.  Despite all the difficulties they are doing OK thanks to gaining grants for funding.  There is already interest for bookings in the future. 

Date and Venue of Next Meeting

7.30pm Tuesday 2 March 2021 via ZOOM. Gwen Heywood-Waddington, Clerk

Gwen Heywood-Waddington, Clerk


Councils may hold meetings remotely including via telephone conferencing, video conferencing, live webchat and live streaming. Remote attendance by members counts for other purposes such as the six month rule on attendance, and for allowances. Members of the public and press may also access meetings remotely rather than in person.