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PC Meeting Report September 2019

CSPC logo for PC Meeting Report Juy 2019PC Meeting Report September 2019

Report of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 3 September 2019 in the Compton Room Shawford Parish Hall.

Security in Winchester Car Parks
Concern was raised about the lack of CCTV cameras at the Chesil car park. A parishioner reported that having parked his car in the car park, he returned to find that someone had removed the catalytic converter. He took the vehicle to Kwik Fit and been informed that this was not an isolated incident. He subsequently spoke to the police and Winchester City Council (WCC) officials but was dismayed to discover that CCTV cameras are only installed at the entrance and exit of the Chesil car park: there was no evidence to indicate who was responsible for the incident. He asked the Parish Council to write to WCC requesting that CCTV cameras should be installed on all levels of the Chesil car park. The chairman agreed to do so. District Councillor Laming noted the parishioner’s comments.

Councillor Laming advised that it was difficult to obtain clear guidance, from the WCC planning department, on the weighting given to the Village Design Statement (VDS) and the Local Area Design Statement (LADS) in the decision-making process. He recommended close cooperation on both documents to ensure that they contain the same message. Councillor Strange reported that the updated VDS had been forwarded to WCC with a note indicating that a revised LADS was under consideration. She had liaised closely with Councillor Bell to ensure that the revised VDS text was compatible with that of the LADS.

Councillor Strange had also met representatives of Action Hampshire to consider a way forward on affordable housing (now referred to as Community-Led Housing). She was awaiting a quote from the organisation for a housing needs survey, which will help in establishing the requirement for affordable housing in the parish.

A meeting of the Winchester District Association of Local Councils was scheduled for 19 September 2019, at which there would be a discussion on the proposed parish charter between WCC and town and parish councils.

Councillor Bell noted that the application for a temporary classroom at Shepherd’s Down School had been approved but with conditions that “approval should not be considered as a precedent for domestic development on Compton Down”. He had held discussions with Hampshire County Council (HCC) safety engineers and been informed that all road accidents are monitored closely and that, if a pattern emerges, appropriate action is taken.

The council noted that there had been one, very positive response, from the public about the proposed bridleway between Shawford and Southdown. There was unanimous agreement that HCC should proceed with the proposal, which would be of benefit to parishioners in Shawford and Southdown.

Councillor Southgate agreed to represent the council at the meeting on 12 September 2019, with HCC and WCC councillors, to consider potential diversion routes when accidents occur on the M3 and result in its closure.

Councillor Bell reported that he had obtained a quote for the installation of a bench at the bus stop on the northbound side of Otterbourne Road. The council agreed that he could proceed with the installation.

Playing Fields Management
The Council considered Councillor Wilkinson’s proposal for a replacement multi-play unit at the Memorial Playing Field (MPF) play area. While it was accepted that it is difficult to obtain ‘like for like’ quotations, Councillor Wilkinson was asked to obtain at least one other quote for equipment, similar to that proposed by the supplier, Creative Design. The chairman suggested that the cost should be born equally between the council’s budget and community infrastructure levy (CIL) funds.

The council noted that work on the MPF pitch improvements had begun and would continue into October.

Councillor Southgate noted that signs of ‘ash die-back’ had been found at Sparrowgrove and Oakwood Copse. The Forestry Commission had issued guidance that no action should be taken in such instances, since the trees may recover. Councillor Strange reported that the contractor had replaced the tree that been felled at Parsonage Barn.

Finance and Administration
The Council noted that the External Auditor “had not found any cause for concern during the review of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR)” and that the Council’s insurance would be renewed on 1 October 2019. The council also noted that, following the revaluation of the parish hall, caretaker’s cottage and internal furnishings, CASCA had updated its insurance policy.

Councillor Webster reported that the Clerk had requested clarification, from the WCC Monitoring Officer, about the amount of personal data that needed to be included in the WCC Register of Interests. He advised that the CSPC Disclosure of Information document and the asset register had been updated; the three-year grass cutting contract with Grass & Grounds will expire in November and needs to be retendered in December and that the official minutes for the years 2016/17 and 2017/18 had been deposited with the Hampshire Record Office.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
Councillor Webster reported that a payment of £2000, towards the cost of pitch improvements and approved by the council on 8 January 2019, had been made to the Compton and Shawford Sports Club on 23 July 2019. He advised that, not including the sum of £2000 set aside for the Shepherd’s Down School adventure playground, the current CIL balance was £9374.56.

Councillor Wilkinson advised that meetings had taken place between the school, the church and local residents about the use of Church Field for school parking. Plans and costs were being drafted in advance of a meeting in late September. Approval of the plans by the Parish Council, in due course, and agreement to provide some financial support would be greatly appreciated.

Date and Venue of Next Meeting
Because of uncertainty regarding a future General Election and the use of the parish hall for such purposes, it was agreed that the November Parish Council meeting should be rescheduled for 7.30pm Tuesday 12 November 2019 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.


David Drake, Clerk


  • See the Minutes page for minutes of the 3 September 2019 meeting (available as a draft until approved by the Council).


Reports from our County and District Councillors.

  • HCC report includes Shawford Down-Southdown Road bridleway consultation, Shepherds Down temporary classroom, Otterbourne Road safety review,  Heritage Open Days in Winchester, eligibility for free school meals, M3 projects, and Police and Crime Panel public meeting,
  • District Council report also covers M3 safety concerns, WCC’s Climate Emergency Carbon Footprint reduction plans, plastic use reduction, and wildflower verges. Winchester is planning a car-free day on Sunday 22 September.

Parish Charter Proposal

  • To be tabled at the WDALC meeting on 19 September 2019.
    A Parish Charter would set out how Winchester District would work with and share information with parish councils.  Parish Charters have already been introduced in other parts of the county and country. For example, East Hants DC developed a Parish Charter in 1997. See East Hampshire Parish Charter
2019-09 Hampshire County Council Report
2019-09 Hampshire County Council Report
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2019-09 District Councillors Report
2019-09 District Councillors Report
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2019-09 Parish Charter Proposal
2019-09 Parish Charter Proposal
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