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PC Meeting Report 3 July 2018

CSPC logo for PC Meeting Report 3 July 2018PC Meeting Report 3 July 2018

Report of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 3 July 2018 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.


Planning concerns and the replacement of the breeze block bus shelter in Otterbourne Road were the main issues of discussion.

County & District Councillors’ Reports

Councillor Warwick advised that Hampshire County Council (HCC) is seeking to make savings in its financial support for public services. Further information is available online (and an online questionnaire) via the following link: www.hants.gov.uk/aboutthecouncil/haveyoursay/consultations.

Councillor Warwick Reported that a meeting, of the Four Dells Farm & Brooke Energy Biomass Boiler Residents Liaison, had taken place on 14 June 2018. The purpose of the meeting had been to hear and explore residents’ issues about the Biomass boiler and Four Dells Farm in general. It was noted that, towards the end of the meeting, John Venn had stated that he did have further planning proposals for the site. The next meeting is currently scheduled for 24 January 2019.


During the public session, concern was raised by two residents of Otterbourne Road about excessive noise, dust and inconsiderate behaviour by contractors working on developments near their property. Vehicles frequently blocked driveways and pavements, necessitating pedestrians of all ages and disabilities to walk in the road. They had written to their MP, County Councillor, the Winchester City Council (WCC) Planning Department and the Parish Council for help in overcoming these problems.

District Councillor Laming explained that WCC was regulated by central government and that it had very little influence on planning matters. Councillor Warwick said that planning conditions on parked vehicles could be imposed in future planning permissions and that any potential harm to public health should be referred to the WCC Environment Department. Councillor Goulding said that it was difficult to enforce parking restrictions on a public road. He suggested that, when a vehicle was found to be obstructing a pavement, parishioners should take photographs and forward copies to the Clerk. He would then advise the PCSO at Alresford Police Station.

The Council discussed the proposal for an extra garage on the site known as Kirkstone. Although the garage would be concealed from the road, it would set a precedent for the area. The chairman asked Councillor Strange to produce a set of procedures for the processing of formal objections to planning applications. He suggested that consideration should be given to whether there is a significant number of local objections; the planning application is contrary to the guidelines expressed in the Village Design Statement (VDS) and would it create a precedent?

During a discussion on the revised terms of reference for the planning portfolio holder, the chairman thanked Councillor Strange for her efforts. He was broadly content with her proposals and suggested that the Clerk should hold a record of all Council objections and that the chairman should be consulted before a request is made for an application to be referred to the WCC Planning Committee.

The Council considered a paper produced by Councillor Strange on updating the VDS. She recommended that the Council should: amend any incorrect information; update maps to reflect the present situation and, once approval has been obtained from WCC, publish on the parish website. Since this would be a relatively simple exercise, it was agreed that the planning team should proceed as recommended and produce a draft for consideration at the next Council meeting on 4 September 2018.

The Council discussed Councillor Hunt’s tree report. Councillor Bell noted that the proposed work on a tree at Compton Mount could impact on external views and suggested that the Council should remind the WCC tree officer of the constraints outlined in the Local Area Design Statement. The Council agreed that, if the tree officer considered the tree at Amberley Lodge to be healthy, then it would support his decision that it should not be felled.

The Council considered a request from Footstep Living Ltd for a meeting with councillors about a proposal to build discounted houses for sale to local people on the site of Beckett’s Nursery. It was agreed that Councillor Strange should encourage the company to present its plans to the community at a public meeting.

Highways and Public Transport

There was considerable discussion on whether to repair, or replace, the breeze block bus shelter on Otterbourne Road, close to the junction with Place Lane. The cost of repairing the shelter would be £1635, less the insurance settlement of £1385 (there was an excess of £250). It was noted that the shelter was prone to flooding and had been vandalised twice in the past year. Although some councillors were concerned about the cost of replacing the shelter, it was eventually agreed that it should be replaced by a 2Bay Shelter from ACE Shelters costing £2,980. Taking the insurance settlement and the cost of demolition into consideration, the net cost would be nearer £2,000. The Council also agreed that three of the parish bus shelters should be given a ‘deep clean’. This would take place before the end of September.

Councillor Bell advised that he had re-established contact with the South Western Railways (SWR) liaison team and responded to a complaint about parking on white lines in Shawford village. He had also responded to a request about roadside advertising, which is illegal without planning consent. Following a discussion on aircraft noise, it was agreed that Councillor Bell would write to Southampton International Airport (SIA) to request that Compton & Shawford PC should be consulted about the company’s Noise Action Plan.

Annual Parish Meeting

Councillor Goulding thought that the meeting had gone well and thanked Councillor Hunt for arranging for a representative of Highways England, Andy Robinson-Morris, to give a presentation on plans for improvements to the M3. He was pleased to hear that CASCA had investigated the problems with the audio loop within the parish hall and noted that the Clerk had been in contact with a specialist company, which was prepared to undertake a review of the system at no initial cost. Councillor Wilkinson was working with Councillor Laming on improvements to the ‘no cycling’ signs.

Playing Fields Management

Councillor Wilkinson advised that the Council’s grass cutting contractor, Grass & Grounds Ltd had been taken over by Darren Griffith-Hayles. Both she and the Clerk had met the new owner, who was willing to undertake other projects, including repairs to play equipment. However, his bid to replace swing seats and chains at the MPF was unsuccessful. The contract was awarded to Dick Randall Services at a cost of £920.00.

Bouncy Castles on the Memorial Playing Field

Councillor Wilkinson advised that, following a request for permission to erect a bouncy castle and other inflatables on the MPF, both she and the Clerk had seen evidence of the supplying company’s public liability insurance. She had authorised the Clerk to advise the Sports Club and the applicant that the Council was content for the equipment to be erected for an event on 19 August 2018.

Footpaths and Environment

Councillor Wilkinson noted that the lengthsman had visited the parish in May and cleared the tarmac path from Southdown Road to the bottom of the Down; strimmed around the MeGA and cleared some vegetation along the footpath at the foot of Hurdle Way. He will be tasked in August with clearing vegetation and weeds along the southern end of Otterbourne Road from Beckett’s Nursery to the parish boundary with Otterbourne and along Shepherds Lane. She was extremely grateful to Darren Poulton, who had installed the ‘take your litter home sign’, at Compton Lock. (Since he was a member of the parish, Mr Poulton had refused to accept any payment for his services.)


Councillor Wilkinson reported that the current chairman had identified two suitable candidates to take over the roles of chairman and treasurer, when the current incumbents retire in November. Since the Parish Council is the landlord of the parish hall, both she and Councillor Goulding were in the process of arranging a meeting with the two candidates.

Finance and Administration

The Council noted that minutes for the year 2015/16 have been deposited in the Hampshire Records Office and that notices informing the public of its right to inspect the Council’s accounts, for the financial year 2017/18, were posted on parish noticeboards and the parish website on 4 June and will remain in place until Friday 13 July 2018.

Date and Venue of Next Meeting

7.30pm Tuesday 4 September 2018, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.

David Drake, Clerk

Please note:

The first defibrillator training session, in Shawford Parish Hall scheduled for Wednesday 11 July 2018 was postponed until a later date. The training session in the Reeves Scout Hall, Compton, on Tuesday 30 October 2018 will still proceed as planned.


  • See the Minutes page for minutes of the 3 July 2018 meeting (available as a draft until approved by the Council) and the report of the Annual Parish Meeting.