Bushfield Camp Public Briefings

Bushfield Camp
Bushfield Camp

Bushfield Camp Public Briefings July 2018

Bushfield Camp Public Briefings
Site of Bushfield Camp

Press release from Deloitte acting on behalf of the church commissioners

The Church Commissioners for England are to host two Bushfield Camp Public Briefings. During 2016/2017 the Commissioners undertook a period of early stage engagement with key stakeholders, which included several workshops and a public exhibition, to understand more about the site.

To deliver a scheme befitting the Winchester location, the Commissioners, who are not developers, will require the expertise of a development partner. They have instructed Knight Frank to lead the marketing of the site to find a partner with the right skills to work with the Commissioners to bring forward a scheme appropriate to its location. The process of finding a development partner will commence over the summer.

Once the Commissioners have found the right development partner they will harness this expertise to formulate a design and plan for the site. The Commissioners will continue to own the land and be engaged in its future development. This is the start of a series of events to engage with the Winchester community on the future of Bushfield Camp.

The Public Briefing will provide more detail around the feedback we have received, how we have used that information and what happens next. We will provide a short presentation and have time for your questions and to listen to your comments. The dates for a public briefing are as follows:

  • Thursday 12 July (7-8pm) Shawford Parish Hall, Pearson Road, Shawford, Hampshire, 5021 2AA
  • Monday 23 July (7-8pm) Badger Farm Community Centre, ‘The Bushfield Room’, Badger Farm Road, Winchester, 5022 4QB

Due to room capacity, if you are interested in attending one of the dates above we would be grateful if you could register your attendance in advance via email

If you don’t have an email facility please call Anna Gavriel on 0207 303 8976.

Editor’s Note:

This follows on from the Bushfield Camp Consultation drop-in event held in December 2016.