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PC Meeting Report 1 May 2018

CSPC logo for PC Meeting Report 1 May 2018PC Meeting Report 1 May 2018

Report of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 1 May 2018 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall



At the Annual Council Meeting in May council appointments and governance documents are reviewed. The Portfolio Holders’ page shows council appointments for the coming council year.

County & District Councillors’ Reports

The council noted that Hampshire County Council (HCC) had been awarded ‘one-off’ funding of £3million towards fixing the county’s pot-holes and that work on the M3 could lead to disruption between 22:00 and 06:00 every day from 1 May to 5 May 2018.

Highways and Public Transport

The Council discussed the potential impact of motorway closures on diversion routes including Otterbourne Road. It was noted that a representative of Highways England had been invited to speak at the Annual Parish Meeting (APM) on 17 May 2018. Since Otterbourne Road was maintained by HCC highways department, it was suggested that it would be useful if a representative of that department could also be present: it would be interesting to hear whether both organisations were liaising over ways to minimise potential disruption.

Councillor Bell advised that the contract with Chris Sparkes, to clean four bus shelters, the M3 subway and the MeGA expired on 31 March 2018. Chris had proved to be a valuable council asset, since he had also undertaken other work on the playing fields and play areas at very competitive rates. It was agreed that his contract should be renewed.

Telephone Kiosks

Councillor Webster reported that defibrillators had been installed in the former BT telephone kiosks in Compton (adjacent to the Reeves Scout Hall) and Shawford (near to the steps leading to the railway station). Final signage to display the access code etc. will be completed shortly. Training, provided by the Community Heartbeat Trust, is planned for 11 July in Shawford Parish Hall and 30 October at the Reeves Scout Hall, Compton.

Footpaths and Environment

The chairman advised that he had had a discussion with Councillor Corcoran, Twyford Parish Council about the cost of the renovations at Compton Lock. He was now content that the Twyford Meads and Berry Meadow Management Committee (TMBMMC) had exhausted all other sources of funding and, since the council had received additional CIL funding from Winchester City Council (WCC), he recommended that it should provide TMBMMC with a grant of £500. All agreed.

It was noted that the short spell of hot weather had brought increased litter and incidences of antisocial behaviour at Compton Lock. Sarah Tuddenham, WCC, had suggested a collaborative effort by WCC, Twyford PC and Compton and Shawford PC to explore potential solutions. Councillors were unsure how such collaboration would work. Might it not be easier to consider a bye-law covering litter and antisocial behaviour at Compton Lock? Councillor Wilkinson agreed to suggest that WCC should consider this option.

Councillor Wilkinson advised that a new lengthsman contract had been signed and that he would be in the parish on 16 May. Suggestions for work included ‘horse poo alley’ and weeding the pavement from Comp-ton Street to Bushfield roundabout.

Playing Fields Management

Councillor Wilkinson advised that work was underway to improve the drainage at the MPF car park and that the sports pitches had been subjected to ‘verti-draining’, both projects should enable rainwater to disperse more readily. Chris Sparkes had cut back vegetation around both the MPF and QEII playing fields and removed mould from play area safety surfaces.

Annual Parish Meeting

The chairman confirmed that he was in the process of completing the annual report for distribution to all households within the parish. He proposed to start the meeting with a general introduction, followed by a presentation by the speaker from Highways England and reports by portfolio holders. There would be opportunities for parishioners to ask questions. The clerk confirmed that the police had been invited to attend but he had yet to receive a response.

Finance and Administration

The council noted the internal auditor’s letter of 16 April 2018, in which he stated: “There are no matters arising from my work that I need to bring to the attention of the council”. Councillor Webster thanked the clerk for his diligence in ensuring that the council had complied with governance and financial regulations during the past year.

The council approved the Annual Accounting Statements 2017/18. The clerk explained that the council had spent £6,089 more than it received in the financial year, mainly due to the unexpected cost of replacing play equipment and replacing the AstroTurf at the QEII Field. The council also noted that it had received additional Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds of £6263.04 from WCC. This was in connection with the development at Southgate, Cross Way.


Councillor Jordan briefed the council on the planning team’s meeting with WCC planning officers. The team had been advised that the Village Design Statement (VDS), which had been produced in 2011, needed updating. The chairman wondered what benefits would be accrued by updating the document, the risks of not doing so and the costs involved. Councillor Strange agreed to produce a briefing paper that would cover those issues. Councillor Strange also agreed to produce a draft paper on the planning team’s terms of reference.


Councillor Wilkinson was delighted to announce that Wi-Fi was now available in the parish hall. The council noted Councillor Southgate’s comments on CASCA’s current structure and that the chairman and treasurer were standing down in the autumn. Replacements would need to be found. Councillor Wilkinson noted that CASCA’s finances were in good health.

Village Agent

Councillor Strange briefed the council on the role of the village agent. Over the past two years, she had provided support to around 40 members of the parish but, unfortunately, Hampshire County Council was no longer providing financial support. Given that the project was beneficial to parishioners, the council considered it to be worthy of support and agreed that, initially, £250 per year, for two years, should be set aside to support the village agent. The commitment to be reviewed annually.

Bouncy Castles on the MPF

The chairman noted that the council had received a request for the deployment of a bouncy castle at an end of term party for pupils at Otterbourne Primary School. He was not opposed to the use of such equipment on the MPF but recommended that the clerk should speak to the organisers and inform them of the guidance that he had received from the council’s insurers.

Date and Venue of Next Meeting

7.30pm Tuesday 3 July 2018, Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.

David Drake, Clerk

PC Meeting Report 1 May 2018


  • See the Minutes page for minutes of the 1 May 2018 meeting (available as a draft until approved by the Council)