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New Ward Boundaries Published

New Ward Boundaries reflect local feedback

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) has today published its final recommendations for new ward boundaries in Winchester District.

We are pleased to report that the final proposals reflect the Parish Council’s submission and the submissions of  our neighbouring parishes.

The new wards are expected to come into force for the 2016 local elections.

Excerpt from LGBCE final reportExcerpt from Parish Council submission March 2015

New five parish ward: Badger Farm and Olivers Battery

We received around 50 submissions relating to the rural parishes to the south and west of Winchester, including submissions from Badger Farm, Compton & Shawford, Oliver’s Battery, Otterbourne, Owslebury and Twyford parish councils.

We also received submissions from Winchester and Meon Valley Conservative Association, the Council and a number of local residents.

There was strong objection to the creation of a three-member Twyford & Upper Meon Valley ward, the main opposition being the separation of Twyford from Colden Common, which currently make up a two-member ward, and creation of a three-member ward in a predominantly rural area.

In response to the submissions received, we are persuaded that we have sufficient evidence to move away from a uniform pattern of three-member wards for this area, in order to better reflect our three statutory criteria.

We do propose a three- member ward of Badger Farm & Oliver’s Battery.

This ward was suggested by a number of parish councils in the area who consider that it better reflects the communities in this part of Winchester. As a consequence of the creation of this ward, we also propose a two-member Colden Common & Twyford ward that is identical to the current Winchester ward.

Our proposal is to combine the existing Compton & Otterbourne ward with Olivers Battery & Badger Farm ward into a new 3-member ward wholly contained with the County’s Winchester Downlands Division.

It would

  • meet the requirement for electoral equality
  • preserve existing ties
  • enhance community identity by reconnecting us with neighbouring parishes with whom we have shared interests and historic links, and thus
  • make it easier for our ward councillors to deliver effective and convenient local government.
  • sit nicely with the strong desire of Colden Common and Twyford that they remain together as a two-member ward. That ward would also meet the requirement for electoral equality.

Full details on the LGBCE website.