CS PC submission to Boundary Commission

CS PC submission to Boundary Commission
CS PC submission to Boundary Commission on Winchester City Council ward boundaries

This is the text of the Parish Council’s response to the draft recommendations about Winchester City Council ward boundaries.

The Boundary Commission’s  draft proposals would mean we become part of a large 14-parish ward to be known as Twyford & Upper Meon Valley. The draft recommendation overview leaflet shows a map.

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We were disappointed to see that your draft proposal does not reflect the points made in our submission to the first round of consultation.

We strongly believe that our original submission satisfies all of your legislative objectives much better than does your draft proposal.

Our proposal is to combine the existing Compton & Otterbourne ward with Olivers Battery & Badger Farm ward into a new 3-member ward wholly contained with the County’s Winchester Downlands Division.

It would

  • meet the requirement for electoral equality even better (to within about 0.1% of the target number of electors per councillor, using 2020 projections);
  • be well-connected by roads (A3090, Poles Lane and Otterbourne Road/Main Road) and footpaths
  • preserve existing ties
  • enhance community identity by reconnecting us with neighbouring parishes with whom we have shared interests and historic links, and thus
  • make it easier for our ward councillors to deliver effective and convenient local government.
  • sit nicely with the strong desire of Colden Common and Twyford that they remain together as a two-member ward. That ward would meet the requirement for electoral equality to within about 0.5%.

The attached document explains our reasons in more detail.

CSPC response to LGBCE draft recommendations
CSPC response to LGBCE draft recommendations
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Deadline: 6 April 2015

The Boundary Commission say:

We are asking local people and organisations to comment on our draft recommendations for new council ward boundaries across Winchester.

We have an open mind about further suggestions from local people to change and improve these recommendations. We will consider all the submissions we receive whoever they are from and whether your evidence applies to the whole city or just a part of it.

To submit your comments,  go the draft recommendations page and click on Have your say.


Initial comments to the first phase of consultation submitted in October 2014.

CSPC Boundary Review Initial Comments
CSPC Boundary Review Initial Comments
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