Scrub clearing on Shawford Down

War Memorial with spider webScrub clearing sessions on Shawford Down

[updated 14 December 2014]

Thanks to grants from Winchester City Council and the Parish Council, The Conservation Volunteers will be running six scrub clearing conservation sessions on Shawford Down.

They will be clearing dogwood, blackthorn and other scrub from the chalk downland to stop it from out-competing the ground flora species that are associated with the chalk downland.


The dates are:

  • Tuesday 16th December 2014
  • Tuesday 13th January 2015
  • Tuesday 3rd February 2015
  • Saturday 7th February 2015
  • Tuesday 17th February 2015
  • Saturday 7th March 2015


All session runs from 10am to 3pm, meeting at the foot of the Down.

Please come prepared in appropriate clothes, including strong boots and gloves. Some tools and safety guidance will be provided. Your participation would be appreciated. It is your Down.

More details in the leaflet below.


John Wilkinson,
Rights of Way and Environment Representative C&SPC



Shawford Down Task Programme 2014-5 (395 KB) , 611 hits

Shawford Down Task Programme 2014-5
Shawford Down Task Programme 2014-5
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