They Did Their Bit – Winchester and WW I

They Did Their Bit

Back by Popular demand-a further performance of ‘They did Their Bit’

If you missed it in March, you have a one-off chance to catch a repeat performance of the Winchester Rotary production which raised funds for the “To Honour a Promise Appeal”.

It will be held at the Discovery Centre on Sunday 15th June at 20.00hrs.

Tickets will be once again £12.50 for adults and £7.50 for concessions.

Tickets will be available soon. As the original fund raising target has already been exceeded, Rotary will be announcing shortly where any profits will go.

You may recognise some residents of our parish in the cast…


This is what Visit Winchester wrote about the first performance:

Come to be entertained, and hear the ACTUAL stories told of the city’s experience during the First World War and those of the soldiers billeted at Morn Hill Camp, a million or more who passed through Winchester between 1914-18. These stories will be brought to life in words and music in a dramatic way by an eclectic cast of thespians and some time singers, under the experienced direction of our very own Ronni Davis.