War Memorial Clean up


Cleaning the Shawford Down War Memorial
Painting the inscriptions

To be ready for for the commemoration of the centenary of the First World War, the Parish Council has had the War Memorials on Shawford Down steam cleaned and repointed. They were also treated with an approved biocide spray to deter fungal regrowth.

There will be a rededication ceremony for the two memorials at the close of the Parish’s Great War Day on Sunday 3 August.

The work was done with the aid of a grant from the War Memorials Trust.

To the right, you can see Jack Sills of IMI (Independent Memorial Inspection) touching up the lettering around the base of the War Memorial. In the photo, the War Memorial is already gleaming after its steam clean.

IMI made several recommendations for the future wellbeing of these two memorials, including:

  • The memorials should be inspected at least annually.
  • As part of the clean up, IMI removed a large number of poppies that had been stapled to the wooden cross. The cross is already showing its age and staples are not good for it. IMI recommend that we provide another surface on which people may place their poppies.

You can download the full IMI reports using the links at the bottom of this page.

Click on any of the photos to see a larger version.

Wayside Cross inscription before cleanup
July 2013: Wayside Cross inscription before cleanup
Wayside Cross inscription after cleanup
April 2014: Wayside Cross inscription after cleanup

This article appears in the Parish Magazine for May 2014

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Wayside Cross Rededication Service Sheet November 1994120 KB811
Shawford Wayside Cross IMI Completion report 2014102 KB419
Shawford War Memorial IMI Completion report 2014110 KB801
Shawford Down War Memorial Inscription477 KB1257