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Parish Council Co-Option Results – December 2012

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Two new Councillors co-opted

As the official notice period expired without an election being formally requested, the Parish Council was able to fill the two vacancies by co-option.

In an election year when, at the May 2012 election, there had been only eight candidates for the nine seats on the Council, it was especially pleasing that four excellent candidates had volunteered for co-option.

As required, the matter was put to the vote, at a specially convened meeting for all Councillors, immediately preceding the Parish Council meeting on 4 December 2012.

The two new Councillors are

  • Mike Goulding, a chartered accountant living in Otterbourne Road
  • Naomi Sadler, who runs an independent consultancy providing Sustainable Development Advice & Certification Services, and lives in Compton Street.

Their first Council meeting will be on Tuesday 5 February 2013.

The pages for councillor contact details and committee membership will be updated later.