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Affordable Housing – FAQ

Hamsphire Alliance for Rural Affordable HousingFrequently asked questions about affordable housing

Following on from the Harah Exhibition in the Scout Hall on Friday 30 November 2012:


The whole point of the exhibition in the Scout Hall on Friday was to supply couples/families with local ‘roots’ accommodation in the village.
Why then was the accommodation which became available by conversion of the former Compton shop and post office very recently, and thus a very obvious way of demonstrating this new policy, not allocated in this way?


The accommodation which was provided as a result of converting the former Compton shop and post office was allocated according to the Hampshire Home Choice Allocations Framework.

Nominations for the properties were made by the Council based on housing need. The applicants with the greatest housing need who expressed an interest in the properties (i.e. who ‘made a bid’ ) and were eligible for the size of property were nominated for the homes.

On exception sites, residential development is only permitted as an exception to planning policy if the housing is affordable, is for local people (i.e. people with a local connection to the parish) and will remain so in perpetuity.

When such properties become available, either following completion of the homes or as a re-let, only people with a
local connection to the parish are able to ‘make a bid’.

The applicant’s local connection is the important factor and takes priority over the housing need.