September 2009 Meeting Report

Report of the meeting held on Tuesday 1 September 2009 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.

Police Report

PCSO Cooper informed the Council that there had been six reported incidents in the period 7 July – 1 September. These included one report of theft; one non-dwelling burglary; two suspicious incidents; one theft from a motor vehicle and one trespass. He strongly advised parishioners to ensure that valuables were not left inside cars, or car boots, when they are out walking.

County Councillor’s Report

County Councillor, Charlotte Bailey, briefed the Council on Hampshire County Council’s new gardening support service for the over 60s living in Hampshire. Parishioners, who receive a means tested benefit, are able to receive the basic service at a reduced rate but it is also available to others at the standard rate. Further information, including prices and details of how the service operates, can be obtained from the Shaw Trust on 0845 604 4643or via email .

Councillor Bailey was also pleased that the threatened temporary closure of the 63 bus service had been successfully rebuffed. Supported by the Council’s transport representative, Roger Lowman, she had raised the issue with HCC officers and the Stagecoach operations manager. It was subsequently agreed that, while the service would not serve Shawford, it could still serve Compton, Sainsbury, the hospital and city centre. The bridge works at Shawford are still due to be finished by mid November.

District Councillor’s Report

District Councillor Eleanor Bailey reported that Southampton Airport is currently consulting councils, local organisations and residents on noise nuisance levels associated with the existing flight paths and approaches. Winchester Air Group (WAG) (Chair Robin Tice) will coordinate a response on behalf of its constituent organisations whilst WCC (Environmental Protection) will also respond. Parish councils and local residents can make their own representations directly or through either of the above routes. A link to the consultation is provided on the WCC website.


Councillor Martin Bell noted that the planning application for Sherbrooke would be going to Committee and he hoped to attend. A new application had been received for Highdown, Cliff Way, which would be assessed. The re-submission for Lynchets, Hurdle Way had received adverse comment by WCC Landscape Dept. [Parishioners may be interested to hear that, in the week following the Council meeting, WCC has submitted plans to convert the Old Post Office building in Attwoods Drove into four separate flats. Details can be found on the WCC web site under ‘planning’: reference 09/01689/FUL.]

Welcome Pack

Councillor Walmsley reported that the Parochial Church Council had agreed that new residents would receive a free subscription to the parish magazine for the remainder of the current subscription year: this would form part of the Welcome Pack. The second half Precept had been received and also a £1,500 grant from HCC for the footpath between Cliff Way and MPF.

Highways and Byways

Although not present, Councillor Caffyn had noted in her report that the Rangers are considering several ways of dealing with the increase of Ragwort on Shawford Down. They are testing a spray, but its efficacy is not yet proven. It is likely that the area of the Down most affected will be mown before the return of the cattle. But she has been reliably informed by the Rangers that, contrary to inherited opinion, animals have to eat a considerable amount of the sprayed grass/ragwort before feeling any ill effects.

Discussions have also been taking place with HCC about the construction of a bund on the lower area of Shawford Down opposite the car park. Consideration is being given to leaving enough room between the bund and the road to the Malms for more parking. The chairman, Councillor Campbell-White, indicated that the Parish Council might support this financially but such support would be dependant on the possibility of a small play area being created. HCC seemed very supportive of this suggestion.

Councillor Caffyn also reported that 160 leaflets have been delivered by Steve Whitford, who lives in Grove Road, to houses on Otterbourne Road, Highways, Tilden and Grove roads requesting opinions on the possibility of reducing the speed limit in Otterbourne Road to 30mph.

Play Equipment

Councillors Millar and Evans continue to progress plans for the installation of adult play equipment at the Memorial Playing Fields. They have held a meeting with John Conyer of Hampshire Playing Fields Association and seen the equipment in use at Kingsworthy Play Ground. The next stage is to gather together representatives of young footballers, tennis players and cricketers for further discussion.

Civic Service

The annual Civic Service will be hosted this year by Compton & Shawford on Sunday 18 October in All Saints’ Church Compton. As well as Otterbourne Parish, Hursley Parish will be participating for the first time: invitations will issue in the week commencing 8 September. The Mayor of Eastleigh and Deputy Mayor of Winchester will be attending.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held in the Reeves Scout Hall Compton at 7.30pm Tuesday 6 October 2009.