July 2009 Meeting Report


Report of the meeting held on Tuesday 7 July 2009 in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall.

Police Report

PCSO Nolan informed the Council that there had been nine incidents reported to the police in the period 3 June – 7 July 2009. These included two reports of theft; two of criminal damage and three of rowdy behaviour. PCSO Nolan urged parishioners to take care of their valuables when relaxing beside the Itchen Canal, particularly on warm summer days.

Compton Village old Post Office

A planning application to convert the Old Post Office building to 2 x 2 bedrooms and 2 x 1 bedroom flats was expected to issue in the week beginning 6 July. In his capacity as a District Councillor, Councillor Beckett sought the views of councillors on whether WCC should:

  • Seek a social housing partner, which would allow the Council to retain allocation rights;
  • Sell to a private developer for a potential sum of £400,000, of which £200,000 could be allocated to social housing within the district and £200,000 to the maintenance of current social housing stock; or
  • Sell the property as a commercial entity for a potential price of £300,000.

Concern was expressed that four flats could result in parking problems in Attwoods Drove but, overall, councillors expressed a desire for WCC to seek a social housing partner and to retain allocation rights.

District Councillors' Reports

Councillor Beckett also announced that the opportunity to comment on the Core Strategy had closed on 4 July. Councillor Caffyn reported that, following consultation with councillors, Councillor M Bell had submitted a short comment supporting the principle of the development of a ‘science park’ but with reservations concerning landscaping, screening and visual intrusion.

District Councillor Eleanor Bell was pleased to report that WCC had been allocated a second representative on the Southampton Airport Consultative Committee, which is hosted by Eastleigh Borough Council. Together with County Councillor Bailey, she had attended a meeting at Veolia to discuss the proposed variation to planning conditions to allow the siting of two food compactor units at the Otterbourne Waste Transfer Station. This would result in five extra lorry movements per week but a recent meeting of Otterbourne Parish Council had concluded that the effect on the parish would be minimal.

Speed limits

Councillor Caffyn reported that she had received a request from a resident in Otterbourne Road for the Parish Council to support a campaign to continue the 30 mph limit from Otterbourne into Shawford. Initial inquiries with residents from other areas in the parish had produce mixed results. Based upon previous experience, Councillor Beckett believed that the police would be reluctant to support such a campaign, since the lower speed limit would be difficult to enforce. He suggested that it might be better to ask the police to enforce the current speed limit of 40mph. It was agreed that the Council should be willing in principle to support the campaign to reduce the speed limit but that further evidence of support from local residents should be obtained. In parallel the Clerk should write to Sgt E Port, Twyford Police Station, seeking the co-operation of the police in enforcing the current speed limit. Anyone wishing to join the debate should send their comments to me at or contact Councillor Caffyn direct.

Finance committee

Councillor Walmsley reported that the Council had received an inquiry from the manager of the Open Spaces Fund wondering whether the Parish Council would be prepared to release some of the funds allocated to Compton & Shawford to permit activity in other parishes. The proposal was not well received by councillors and was promptly rejected, especially since in the near future funding may be required to purchase sports training equipment at the Memorial Playing Fields. During the summer break, Councillors Millar and Evans will be inviting interested parties to produce a list of appropriate equipment.

Councillor Walmsley added that the Sports Club had insured the Jubilee Pavilion for £275,000, which was £100,000 less than the figure shown on the Council’s asset register. He recommended that an independent valuation of the property should be commissioned. Councillor Beckett suggested that the valuation should cover replacement at "today's costs" and that it would be appropriate to seek a name(s) of personnel capable of undertaking such a task from the Royal Institute of Charter Surveyors (RICS). It was agreed that Councillor Walmsley should approach RICS and commission the required valuation.

Street Lighting

Councillor Caffyn noted that the Council had received an email about the proposed HCC Street Lighting PFI contract. The project provides that, in general, any lights currently more than 15 years old will be replaced during the first five years of the project. This should ensure that they last for the 25 years of the contract and for at least five years after the end of the contract i.e. until 2039. There should be no direct cost to the Council, if lamps or columns are replaced, as this should be met from a government grant. The annual maintenance cost for each column, included in the project, is estimated at £35-£40, plus the cost of the energy used. The Clerk reported that the cost was very similar to the current budget. Following discussion, it was agreed that the Council should continue to pursue the PFI initiative.

Shawford Down

Councillor Caffyn reported that David Ball, HCC, had contacted Councillor Campbell-White about the creation of a bund at the bottom of Shawford Down to prevent further camping in this area. Councillor Campbell-White wondered whether HCC would consider taking the bund further back to create some parking in front of it. There was unanimous support for the proposal and Councillor Caffyn agreed to write to David Ball accordingly.

Civic Service – 18 October

The Clerk reported that the Mayor of Eastleigh and Deputy Mayor of Winchester had accepted invitations to attend the Civic Service on 18 October at All Saints Church, Compton. An invitation had also been extended to Hursley Parish Council. He requested that councillors provide him with suggestions for the guest list by 31 August, in order that invitations can issue in the first week of September. Councillor Walmsley agreed to liaise with the headmistress of Compton School over the arrangements for car parking and reception.

The next meeting will be held in the Compton Room, Shawford Parish Hall at 7.30pm Tuesday 1 September 2009.