Spring Litter Pick

Spring Litter Pick

April 2008

Spring Clean Week

Councillor Patricia Caffyn reported upon the Village Spring Clean to be held during the week commencing 21st April 2008. Within the Parish Plan Questionnaire, approximately one hundred respondents thought that a Village Spring Clean was a good idea. Accordingly, it is anticipated that this year, at least one hundred people will volunteer to be involved with undertaking the Village Spring Clean. Black sacks, and possibly gloves, will be provided and the collection points will be the Parish Hall, outside the Play Area in Compton Street and just inside the entrance to the Jubilee Pavilion, Shepherds Lane. Posters advertising this event will be put up shortly.

April 2003

Village Spring Clean

Councillor Simmons also advised that the Village Spring Clean will take place on 11th May 2003. Notices to this effect, giving details and calling for volunteers, will be displayed on the village notice boards.

March 1999

National Spring Clean – April 1999

A Litter Pick is to be undertaken throughout the parish on Sunday 25th April. Letters with detailed information are to be sent to last year’s volunteer helpers seeking their support.

March 1998

National Spring Clean – Litter Pick.

Sunday 26 April chosen for a litter-pick throughout the parish. Parish groups will be invited to help – action during the week preceding would be welcomed if 26 April inconvenient. WCC to be contacted for the supply of plastic sacks and disposable gloves for distribution by Mrs VJ Smith, Caretakers Cottage, Shawford Parish Hall.

February 1998

National Spring Clean 1-30 April 1998.

Agreed to take part in this event with a litter pick during the last week in April. The Parish Council will seek the help of individuals and organisations who so kindly assisted last year.

May 1997

Litter Pick

Reported that the litter pick carried out in the parish over the weekend of 26/27 April had proved successful with many local organisations taking part whose efforts were greatly appreciated.

March 1997

Annual Litter Pick.

This year, the annual litter pick will be on Sunday 27 April. This is our chance to tidy up the village before the summer, taking advantage of refuse sacks provided by the City Council. If you are willing to help by picking litter in your part of the village we hope to have sacks available to hand out at the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 22 April.

March 1995

Winchester City Council has agreed to support the Parish Council in a litter pick on the weekend 20th and 21st May, when, hopefully, all M3 works will have been completed. A skip will be provided at the Parish Hall and plastic sacks supplied. The event will be run and organised by Cllr Barrie Hazlitt who will be happy to know of volunteer helpers to tidy up the Parish.

February 1995

It was decided to seek postponement of Spring Clean/Litter Pick event from the usual date in April until the weekend 20/21st May, when it is anticipated that the parish will need a tidy up following completion of M3 works.