April 2008 Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 1st April 2008, Shawford Parish Hall

Police Report

Police Constable Mark Smith reported that there had been only four offences reported within the parish during the last month. These consisted of one non-dwelling burglary, one theft of a bicycle, one assault and one incident of criminal damage. PC Mark Smith also reported that the police had undertaken on site attendance outside the school in Compton Street in an attempt to alleviate some of the significant problems associated with car parking during the periods when the children arrive and depart from the school. The intention here was to discourage inconsiderate car parking. However, it is feared that when the police presence is absent, the situation will quickly revert to the problems currently encountered.

Car parking in Shawford Village continues to be a problem. Parking tickets are being issued by the police, but with the success of the services into and out of Shawford Railway Station, the situation will not be improved until a new car park in the locality is developed. The Parish Council recognises the need for a new car park, but it also recognises the need for some form of charging for such a car park. Without any form of charges, a new free car park will only attract more cars into the village and the current problems will re-emerge in greater numbers. PC Mark Smith also advised that car parking problems are beginning to arise in the Tilden Road area as a result of recent developments there.

PC Mark Smith has received reports of somebody living in the woods and consequently would like to be advised of any strangers within the village.

Itchen Navigation Project

Councillor Tom Threlfall reported on the Itchen Navigation Project and advised that volunteers are being sought to assist with various issues connected with the refurbishment and maintenance of the Itchen Navigation. To this end, Councillor Threlfall will publish an article in the Parish Magazine, giving the details of what is required.

Parish Council Records

Councillor Nick Campbell-White proposed that the Parish Council records covering the time before the current clerk was appointed be deposited with the Hampshire Records Office. Currently these records are located in the Parish Hall. When deposited, the Hampshire Records Office will sift through all the documents, retaining important items which will be easily accessed by the Records Office when requested. This proposal was unanimously agreed to.

Sparrowgrove Copse

With regard to the sale of Sparrowgrove Copse and Oakwood Copse by Southern Water, Councillor John Richardson reported that a private individual will undertake the making of an initial offer to purchase on behalf of the community group with a delayed completion date. This will facilitate the establishment of the community group which will seek charitable status and also complete the necessary fundraising If the collection of funding by the community group is unsuccessful, the purchase will be completed by the individual in their personal capacity. Subsequently parts of the woods may be sold off to other individuals and leases granted on any parts retained to community entities so that the public may continue to have access to at least part of the existing woodlands.

Spring Clean Week

Councillor Patricia Caffyn reported upon the Village Spring Clean to be held during the week commencing 21st April 2008. Within the Parish Plan Questionnaire, approximately one hundred respondents thought that a Village Spring Clean was a good idea. Accordingly, it is anticipated that this year, at least one hundred people will volunteer to be involved with undertaking the Village Spring Clean. Black sacks, and possibly gloves, will be provided and the collection points will be the Parish Hall, outside the Play Area in Compton Street and just inside the entrance to the Jubilee Pavilion, Shepherds Lane. Posters advertising this event will be put up shortly.

Annual Parish Assembly

On the 23rd April 2008, the Parish Council will be holding the Annual Parish Assembly at Shawford Parish Hall. Dr. Peter Betts will be the “Guest Speaker”, talking on the results of the Parish Plan Project. In addition, this Assembly is an opportunity for Parishioners to raise any questions on issues within the Parish. An “Annual Report” covering the work of the Parish Council together with an Agenda for the Annual Parish Assembly will be distributed to every household within the Parish two weeks before the Assembly.

This being the last council meeting of the current Parish Council, the Chairman, Councillor Adrian Walmsley, thanked the councillors for all of their work over the last four years. The Parish Council is due for re-election on 1st May 2008 and it is hoped that some new candidates will have put their names forward to serve the community as parish councillors.