December 2007 Meeting Report

Report on the Meeting held
Tuesday 4th December 2007, Shawford Parish Hall, Shawford.

Police Report

Police Constable Emma Port, whilst not being able to stay for the meeting, submitted a written report. Compared with the previous month, police activity was quiet in that there were 1 incident of a Dwelling Burglary, 3 incidents of Suspicious Persons and 1 incident of a theft from a motor vehicle. Due to the recent thefts from motor vehicles in the area, the Police ask that anyone going for walks at local beauty spots not to leave valuables on display or even in the car boot. Anyone acting suspiciously should be reported to the police on 0845 0454545 or if a crime is in progress please telephone 999.

City Councillor’s Report

District Councillor George Beckett reported upon Winchester City Council’s work on the Budgets for the financial year 2008 to 2009. It is anticipated that there will be a below inflation increase of approximately 3.9% over the previous year. Whilst it is hoped to increase the Council’s income primarily through Car Parking charges and new charges for pre-application Planning Enquiries by professional developers, the major expense that Winchester City Council faces is the ½ million pound subsidy payable for subsidised bus transport for the elderly.

Councillor Beckett also reported on Winchester City Council’s work on the Local Development Framework document which is to be considered by Cabinet on 12th December 2007. Subsequent to this, a six month period of consultation on the document will ensue.

County Councillor’s Report

County Councillor Charlotte Bailey reported upon several issues covering the Shepherds Lane Junction, the Four Dell Farm meeting, the Tower Arts Centre, the Library, Post Office closures, the Climate Change Commission of Inquiry and the possible withdrawal of funding for the Police 101 contact telephone number.


Under Transport Matters, Councillor Adrian Walmsley reported on the new Train Timetable to be introduced 9th December 2007. The Shawford Rail User Group are putting together an article for publication in the January Parish Magazine outlining the detail of the changes.


Councillor John Richardson steered the Parish Council through the complexities of the proposed Budgets for the financial Year 2008 to 2009. It was unanimously agreed that this Parish Council will set its Budget for 2008/2009 at £26,272-00, an increase of only 1.37% over the previous year. Due to the increase in properties within the Parish, this 1.37% increase is anticipated to result in a reduction in tax payable to the Parish Council by each household.

Land Registration

Councillor Nick Campbell-White reported upon his work on the issue of registering the Parish Council owned Land at the Land Registry. All of the various required documents have now been collected together and the next stage is to formally submit the application to Register to the Land Registry. This will entail a significant amount of work by the Clerk, therefore it is anticipated to be undertaken after the Christmas period.


During the discussions on Planning, Councillor Adrian Walmsley outlined the recent meeting convened by County Councillor Charlotte Bailey, between Hampshire County Council, Winchester City Council and the appropriate Parishes, which discussed the numerous Planning Applications which centred on Four Dell Farm. During this very informative meeting, all parties were made aware of all the relevant Planning Applications and their current position. Whilst nothing new was revealed, the cumulative effect of the Planning Applications was realised, especially in respect of the cumulative effect of heavy lorry movements through the local Villages. Additionally, it was understood that the local Residents Association have been given leave to seek a Judicial Review over the planning consent given for a “concrete crusher” facility.

Car Parking in Shawford

Considerable discussion on the question of Car Parking in Shawford Village was prompted by an e-mail to the Parish Council from Mr. John Griffith, Chairman of CASCA. With the continuing success of Shawford Railway Station and Shawford Parish Hall, significant problems have been encountered by Residents in respect of Car Parking. Currently the local Residents are deciding whether they want Yellow Lines in order to restrict Car Parking or not. The Parish Council awaits their decision on this matter before taking the matter further.

Closure of Shawford Road

The Parish Council has been advised that Shawford Road will be closed for approximately 12 weeks sometime during the summer of 2008. This is because Shawford Mill Bridge needs rebuilding, and the contractors have therefore been asked to give as much notice of the road closure as is possible.